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Three Final Devil Clips

Well, the day of judgement is close at hand as Devil begins tonight at 11:59:59. Two Shyamalan films in one year – whodathunk it?? Devil is the first installment of The Night Chronicles, a series of terrifying stories conceived by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) that he now turns into movies with up-and coming filmmakers. As these talented writers and directors bring Shyamalan.s tales to life, he collaborates with them on new ways to scare us all.

From Yahoo! Movies, here are 3 final clips to get you ready for Devil.


Five strangers in Philadelphia begin their day with the most commonplace of routines. They walk into an office tower and enter an elevator. As they convene into this single place, they are forced to share a confined space with strangers. Nobody acknowledges anybody else. They.ll only be together for a few moments. But what appears
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