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179 out of 350 people found the following review useful:

Hands down the worst movie I've every seen!

Author: LouD77 from United States
25 January 2013

I can't believe how bad this movie was. It's amazing to me that they got such high quality actors to take part in this piece of garbage. I can usually find some redeeming quality in most movies no matter how bad they are, but this is just a pile of crap. I almost asked for my money back. There wasn't one good thing about this. How on Earth did this movie get made. I'm shocked at how bad it was. How did someone hold a gun to the heads of all these talented actors to get this movie made. I can't say enough bad things about this. Wow! It even mentioned "Howard the Duck" as a bad movie. So, they know about bad movies. This will probably take the place of "Howard the Duck" as the worst movie of all time.

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9 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Movie 00

Author: tomsview from Sydney, Australia
14 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To say that "Movie 43" is tasteless and likely to offend merely restates the claims of its own publicity – it actually seems proud of the fact. It is all of that and more. The one thing that was omitted from the blurb is that the movie isn't particularly funny.

The film is a series of episodes that play out as Dennis Quaid's character pitches them to a producer. There are over a dozen episodes each with a different director, although I didn't bother to count them. Some of the sequences feature high profile stars.

The first episode is actually mildly amusing in a "Monty Python" sort of way. Beth (Kate Winslet) and Davis (Hugh Jackman) are on a blind date when she notices that he has a pair of testicles growing out of his throat. All the humour is derived from her attempts to ignore the obvious, unnatural impediment.

That sequence is actually the high point, it's downhill after that, with very few real laughs to follow. There is an unfortunate emphasis on excrement in a number of the episodes and you know how it is with that substance – it's all in the timing. And that is one of the most alarming things about this movie; very few of the thirteen or so directors show much comedic timing at all. Either that or they just couldn't wring much out of the rather juvenile script.

I also think some of the stars who appeared in this have been ill served by their agents. Of course, as Hollywood history shows, actors famously don't always make the best choices, but surely, somewhere along the way, Hugh Jackman's agent or Halle Berry's should have said, "Hey, you don't need to do this one, I'll find you something better". The only reason that would explain why good stars would get caught up in a misfire like "Movie 43", other than being paid a lot of money for a small amount of work, which apparently they weren't, is that maybe they only ever saw their segment and were unaware of the content of the others – maybe?

With some of the more tasteless episodes in "Movie 43", I remembered a line in the far funnier "God Bless America", when Joel Murray's character, Frank Murdoch, makes a telling observation, "This is the, 'Oh no! You didn't say that' generation". I think that just about sums up the inspiration behind the making of this movie.

Anyway, why talk about "Movie 43" anymore? After the first couple of episodes, the whole thing is pretty obvious – nasty, but obvious. Enough said – it's "Movie 00" as far as I'm concerned.

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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Wow. Just...Wow.

Author: Jacob Thompson
23 March 2014

I have never experienced anything more uncomfortable and more disgusting than this piece of horse crap they call a movie. This isn't just one of the worst comedies to ever exist, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's so unfunny, I couldn't even pretend to laugh at it even if I tried. All it is just dirty humor. It's not even funny dirty humor. It's gross and sometimes just odd. I also wondered how they got so many big stars like Hugh Jackman and Emma Stone to star in this. My guess is they were just desperate for a paycheck. And believe me, you'd have to be pretty desperate to even be involved in this movie. Honestly, I feel embarrassed for the people involved in this movie. I'd be embarrassed to put this on my resume. Movie 43 is among one of the worst movies I've ever seen and hopefully should be forgotten in the next few years.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Words can not describe how terrible this is.

Author: BorneOnWingsOfSteel from United States
17 June 2014

The more I look around and see people chuckle at the most idiotic and unclever things these days, the more I marvel at the accuracy of RoboCop (1987) for its projection of how bad peoples sense of humor would become with time. "I'd buy that for a dollar!", but that quote actually has a lot of relevance at the moment, because to be truthful, I wouldn't buy/rent this movie for a dollar, it's so atrocious I'm offended by the fact that I have wasted seconds of my life witnessing how terrible it is. Ugh, just thinking about it brings me a sense of sorrow.

You know how some terrible jokes start off terrible and they go on for way too long because the writer(s) think that they're funny but they just become more and more unbearable? Well that's a great way to describe this piece of trash movie. I'm happy to see that everyone else has come to see this movie as the horrible feces that it is. In short, avoid it. Avoid it how you would an angry rattlesnake.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

What even is this?

Author: turnerlmchs
11 April 2014

I understand that everyone has different tastes. I understand that some people might enjoy serious, thought provoking films while others might enjoy the movies that are ridiculousness enough to make you laugh. It's even possible to like a mixture of these. But this is appalling.

There is a difference between mindless, silly comedy that is just so out there that you can't help but belly laugh for hours and a couple of hours of absolutely disgusting nonsense. This was just disgusting, lacked any sort of direction and was a waste of a good cast. I was interested in this movie because of the star studded cast. I kept watching praying it would get better but it didn't.

Maybe it was just something I didn't understand or see in the movie, I don't know. But my personal opinion (which I know not everyone will agree with) is that it is rubbish. I hope people don't waste their money or effort to watch it.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

The true story of my viewing of 'Movie 43'

Author: shadow051
15 February 2014

My friend begged me to watch this film. And I mean begged. He'd apparently been desperate to see it ever since the trailers first showed in cinemas. The idea of Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry etc. all in one film had him drooling at the mouth apparently. The all star cast intrigued me, so I quickly looked up some reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I was promptly told "RUN" by these reviews, so I refused to watch the film. However, after persistent nagging, I caved in, having nothing better to do.

I knew the flick would be near unbearable, seeing as this friend of mine is a lover of such classics as "Meet the Spartans" and "Disaster Movie" (Which literally was a disaster by the way), so I smuggled a bottle of vodka into the theater to get me through with less confrontation. And by god, was the movie terrible. Maybe crude humour isn't for me, or maybe this movie just straight up blows. I can't pass a straight judgement seeing as I never get along with these kind of films anyway, and by the end I was a little out of it (I had unintentionally finished the bottle), but I walked out of the cinema with a wretched taste in my mouth. (Once again, that may have been the vodka, not the film)

Every scene was redundant and unfunny, and the jokes were made early in the sketches, and then drawn out until they were painfully unfunny. The way they roped so many a-list actors into this utter tragedy is downright appalling. It tried to be offensive from start to finish, and believe it or not, being offensive does not equate to being funny. Although If you told the director this, I'd expect he'd collapse in paralytic shock. Actually this should be "directors" because each section was directed by a different person, which makes this even more shameful, seeing as 28 writers and 13 directors couldn't see how redundant and unfunny this thing is. Avoid with your life.

I then stumbled home and vomited my guts out.

The End.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

This Movie Poops on it's Audience

Author: paberry-1 from New York, NY
2 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was one big spoiler.


Hugh Jackman with balls on his neck. A mother asking her son to go all the way with her. Poop intended for Anna Farris's neck exploding over a mini. Men spitting on little kids. A 7th grade girl menstruating over various household items in front of men. A leprechaun cutting off a guys balls. Halle Berry making guacamole with her breast and putting hot sauce up her vagina. Oh and the one in the supermarket. Whatever. I gave up after that.

There, I've done you a favor, you don't have to watch it now.

I wonder how many people walked out of this..

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

This counts as a movie?!

Author: Seth Landers from California, United States
5 November 2014

Nothing can prepare you for "Movie 43". It fails on every conceivable level, not one laugh! I'm all for raunchy, crude, and stupid comedies....when they're done well. A way to summarize it is a bunch of random skits that go nowhere without a punchline or purpose.

It's stupid, offensive, unfunny, painful, mean-spirited, and pointless. Need I say more? You have a truly great ensemble of talented actors in Hollywood and the inept people who made this trash can't even put them to good use! There is no story, there is no character development, there is not a single joke that works, and the film becomes tedious. It makes me angry, to be honest. There are struggling filmmakers with worthy scripts that may never get made and yet somehow, a bunch of people write a movie that an 8 year old could write better. I seriously want to know how this got green-lighted. Unbelievable, just astonishing beyond lameness.

Remember, I watched it so you don't have to. Spare yourself time and money from this piece of crap. Let's just hope these kind of movies never get made again!

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

So shockingly unfunny and fundamentally misguided, I almost suspected it was aiming for "Anti-Humor", before realizing it wasn't smart enough for that, and is just awful.

Author: MaximumMadness from United States
8 February 2014

Comedy- A work intended to be humorous and/or to bring about laughter from the observer/audience.

In the dictionary, "Movie 43" should be an example of an antonym for comedy.

"Movie 43" is one of those special kinds of bad movies. One of those rarities that doesn't just fail... it fails so spectacularly on such a grand scale that it actually sort-of makes you angry as an audience member. It gives you the same sort-of sinking feeling and rage that you used to feel when the schoolyard bully would make fun of you and then beat you up on the playground. And the same sort-of embarrassment you'd feel afterwords, when you realized that everyone saw it happening.

Except here, the rage and sinking feeling isn't from a bully, it's from your intelligence being insulted. And the embarrassment isn't for you... it's the embarrassment you feel for the actors on-screen.

Produced by Peter Farrelly and directed by a fairly large group of filmmakers (each handling a specific scene or scenes), "Movie 43" is a failed attempt at making a sort-of classic "sketch/anthology comedy movie" along the same lines of "Kentucky Fried Movie" or "The Groove Tube." It puts a primary focus on scatological, crude and sexual comedy . Which can be done well and humorously in some cases, but here, it falls flat and feels uneven, undeveloped and contrived.

Encompassing around a dozen-or-so sketches, we are "treated" to some ghastly stories, inexplicably starring some of Hollywood's biggest names, including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Banks, Justin Long and Kate Winslet. Sketches range in focus from a man who unfortunately has a piece of male anatomy growing from his chin, to a woman with a Coprophilia fetish (don't google that, please), to a man capturing a leprechaun, to tampons. And while I will admit one or two of the more tasteful sketches do supply the occasional and very demented chuckle, on the whole, it's a completely humorless and frustrating experience. (Those occasional chuckles are few and far between... maybe three instances during the entire 90 or so minutes)

The thing with comedy is that the joke needs to make some semblance of sense, and needs to actually make an effort to have development and pay- off. Here, the filmmakers (including Steven Brill, Brett Ratner and James Gunn among many others) are so eager to prove that they can make over-the-top gross-out gags, that there's no real attention paid to the actual comedic set-up or timing. Each scene feels like a punch-line with no set-up, robbing them of their impact. And the overall adult-oriented crude humor combines with this to make the film just feel overly exploitative and aggressively unfunny. Simply seeing Hugh Jackman with male genitalia on his chin on its own is not a joke. Simply seeing human feces on its own is not a joke. Etc. Yet this film treats these sort-of scenarios as though they are fully developed gags, even though they clearly aren't. And that's where the film delves into the angering and embarrassment that I mentioned earlier.

At one point in my viewing experience, I paused the film to contemplate whether or not this film was actually a cleverly disguised example of "Anti-Humor"- a concept in which the jokes are purposely so unfunny, that they become funny as a result in a very ironic way. (Almost like "So bad, it's good", but on purpose) However, upon resuming the film and really paying attention, it becomes clear that this isn't an attempt at "Anti-Humor." These performers, directors and writers are honestly trying to tell good jokes. And to be blunt, I don't think they would be clever enough in these circumstances to even attempt purposeful "Anti- Humor."

"Movie 43" is one of those bad films that you won't soon forget. It's painful to watch and even frustrating. And it really is something I believe everyone involved will leave off of their résumé in the future. I know if I was making a movie, I wouldn't hire anyone who listed this film in the credits.

"Movie 43" is easily a 1 out of 10. One of the worst comedies of the decade.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Seriously? I'm embarrassed for our country and what it is producing.

Author: Anna Esther from US
4 May 2013

A mother kissing a son, pretending to be his girlfriend and a father simulating a crush on his son as if he is a male classmate? This movie is sick. I walked out after a woman requested that someone poop on her. I'm so disappointed that Hollywood movie stars would actually agree to star in a movie like this. Really, have they no heart at all? Do they not have children to which they feel responsible? Do any of us believe in God anymore? Everything is such trash now. If it's not graphic violence, it's disturbing nuances on sexuality....and we wonder why people are so "confused" and "messed up" that they would "randomly" bomb people in a marathon where there are innocent people? What about all the innocent eyes watching this filth on the big screen. Keep watching it America. We're going to hell in a hand-basket. Not EVEN in a hand-basket.

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