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22 Jun. 2009
Payson Keeler, Lauren Tanner, and Kaylie Cruz have been the top three for years at Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Training Center and are expected to compete at the Nationals in Boston. But then Emily Kmetko arrives and blows the tryouts away. Lauren begins to fear that Emily will knock one of them out of the top three, most likely, herself.
29 Jun. 2009
Where's Marty
With Marty gone, The Rock begins to fall apart. Kaylie and Paysen decide to go to Denver and confront Marty and Lauren, both, for leaving. Emily and Becca decide to go with them.
6 Jul. 2009
Blowing Off Steam
After Marty quits, Steve Tanner has to find a new head coach. He contacts Marty's old friend and former opponent, Sasha Beloff. Unfortunetly, Sasha will only take the job if Steve puts Lauren back at The Rock. Meanwhile, Payson, Kaylie, and Emily have been under a lot of stress, getting ready for the Nationals. When they hear about a big party being planned for Saturday night, they decide to go to blow off steam.
13 Jul. 2009
Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday
Sasha, somehow, finds out that Payson, Kaylie, Emily, and Lauren all went to the big party on Saturday night. He calls the girls to The Rock for personal training and he pushes them harder than they ever have been. Throughout the day, Sasha begins to notice that they have personal issues with each other and helps them to work them out. Emily also has another problem: she was supposed to work a double at her job and is on the verge of getting fired if she doesn't make her evening shift. Carter feels guilty about cheating on Kaylie with Lauren and tries to find a way to...
20 Jul. 2009
Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel
With Kim Keeler as the new manager of The Rock, she and the other moms decide to have a mother/daughter fashion show to raise money so that the girls can go to the Nationals. The only one who isn't okay with it is Payson.
27 Jul. 2009
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Sasha and Marty decide to have a competition between The Rock and Denver. Unfortunately, Kelly Parker, Payson's rival, has just joined Denver. Payson is determined to beat Kelly, so she trains harder than ever, which causes an old back wound to return.
3 Aug. 2009
Run, Emily, Run
Emily's slip up cost The Rock it's win over Denver. Furious with her for not following his orders, Sasha takes Emily out of the Nationals and kicks her out of The Rock. Now, Emily must prove to Sasha that he can trust her.
10 Aug. 2009
All's Fair in Love, War and Gymnastics
In order to break Kaylie and Carter up, Lauren sends pictures of them kissing to Kaylie's father.
17 Aug. 2009
Where's Kaylie?
Sasha suspends Carter from the Nationals for dating one of his female students, though he doesn't know which one. Kaylie decides to tell Sasha that it was her, but before she can, Carter tells her about his affair with Lauren.
24 Aug. 2009
All That Glitters
The National tryouts are here! But the girls are still suffering with their issues, which could cost them their spots on the national team.

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