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Sci-fi fantasy film.
Paul Andrews7 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Beyond Sherwood Forest is set during the year 1174 in England as King Richard is way fighting the Crusade, his brother Prince John (David Richmond-Peck) has been left in charge. In order to further international diplomatic relations with Norway the beautiful young Maid Marian (Erica Durance) is to be married of to some Prince, an idea on which Marian is not keen & runs away deep into Sherwood Forest where legendary thief Robin Hood (Robin Dunne) lives with his men who steal from the rich to give to the poor. Prince John is annoyed on both counts & orders Malcolm (Julian Sands) the Sheriff of Nottingham to find & hang Hood in a public display of power, Malcolm uses a cursed girl who can change into a ferocious Dragon to find Hood. Robin sets out on a quest to the Dark Woods to find a cure for the girl & stop her turning into a Dragon while trying to protect his friends & Maid Marian...

Also known under the title Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood (I saw it under that title) this Canadian production was directed by Peter DeLuise & is watchable Sci-Fi Channel fare but ultimately not that good. The biggest draw about Beyond Sherwood Forest is that it features the fictional British outlaw Robin Hood & gives the story a Lord of the Rings make over with Wizards, Dark Woods (so-called because they are woods & they are always dark...) & a huge Dragon. This whole film is fantasy, Robin Hood is as much fiction as any Dragon in any film & why the character of Robin was used her is a mystery, even more so considering the title was changed to Beyond Sherwood Forest & makes no mention of Robin Hood. At 90 odd minutes it feels longer, there's not much going on here & there's the typical romance between Robin & Marian, there's the bad guy, there's a few sword fights, a few arrows are fired & not that much else happens really. It's all rather bland & forgettable, it's watchable in a silly way but nothing that will stay with you for long. The mixing of adventure & fantasy has no real balance, Robin is seen stealing some money at the start but then doesn't again during the film while the Dragon seems rather random & doesn't quite sit that well alongside Robin Hood. At the end the bad guy is defeated & there's a happy ending for everyone as expected. This is maybe slightly better than the average Sci-Fi Channel creature feature but not by much.

The one thing tat did impress me about Beyond Sherwood Forest were the CGI computer effects, Sci-Fi Channel films are notorious for their awful CGI but the Dragon & growling Wolves effects are rather good all things considered. The fight scenes are bland as are the fantasy elements overall, there's just nothing here we haven't seen before & the novelty of Robin Hood appearing alongside a Dragon can only go so far before it becomes old. There's a few splashes of blood as the Dragon slashes a couple of people & rips one in half along with a ripped out heart but otherwise there's no gore here.

Filmed in Canada one forest looks much like another so it not being shot in England isn't a major problem although some of the accents are poor. I didn't recognise anyone in the cast myself apart from Julian Sands who is slumming it here.

Beyond Sherwood Forest is an OK time waster that has the gimmick of pairing notorious outlaw Robin Hood with Dragons, I've seen worse but I've seen better as well.
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Robin Hood vs. The Dragon
Ray Humphries30 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is better than an OK Sci Fi Channel flick. The basic story line is interestingly different, and the CGI dragon is awesome, repeatedly transforming into a naked chick (actress name not listed). Unfortunately for the male audience, since this is "for TV" fare, we have to use our imagination re: the nudity. Another "unfortunate" is casting Robin Dunne (Dr. Will Zimmerman of "Sanctuary") as Robin Hood. Name association is all this bad idea has going for it. Dunne does not look, act nor sound "heroic." Alan Ladd was short, but at least he had a voice. Julian Sands makes a serviceable sheriff -- Alan Rickman he ain't, but he'll do. Richard de Klerk as Will Scarlett and (another unlisted) as Little John both do well.

But there are some notable plot flops. Both good guys and bad guys often have bad guys and good guys at "ropes end" and seldom do anything about it. Robin, despite his rep, apparently can't hit the broad side of a barn with an arrow -- and maybe that's why he seldom tries. He is forever notching an arrow and bending his bow, but there is seldom any release (there may be an embedded gag here). When he does release (rarely) the arrow becomes an error and never hits its target. Near the end when Robin and his Merry Men are at swords point with the sheriff's posse, there are a couple of hangers-on with loaded crossbows standing around, just standing around. Shoot somebody for goodness sakes. Malcolm, the Sheriff of Nottingham, has his sword at Robin's throat for what seems like ages, but never makes the cut. Bad directing and/or scripting, I guess.

What this movie does have going for it is Erica Durance (Lois Lane of "Smallville") as Maid Marian. She's not much of an actress, and her "English" accent, amusingly, comes and goes like the tide, but she gets more beautiful every time we see her. Lovely, lovely to look at. (Did the Sheriff rape her or not?)
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Robin Hood with a Fantasy Twist
loveistheonlyway4 March 2010
Beyond Sherwood Forest is a great twist on the classic Robin Hood tale. All of your favorite characters are here, with one new character for you to fall in love with. (Can't tell you too much about her; don't want to ruin it.)

The reinvention of Sherwood Forest was mildly confusing as the gateway that resembles a Stargate separating the two worlds had some rules that were never explained explicitly, but this didn't make the movie any less enjoyable.

The best part of the film is getting to see to many local Vancouver actors. Peter Deluise directs, and Bill Dow (of SG-1), Julian Sands (of Ark of Truth), and Robin Dunne (of Santcuary) are among the stars.
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That rarest of beasts, a decent SyFy movie.
DevastationBob-37 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When it comes to SyFy even a half-baked idea is better than you'll usually get. So we have Beyond Sherwood, Robin Hood vs. Dragons. Robin, Little John, The Sheriff of Nottingham, Maid Marion, Friar Tuck, and Prince John, all well known characters so we're spared a lot of back story. Somewhere along the way, the Evil Sheriff captured a shape changing Dragon who turns into the girl from Ginger Snaps during the night. He decides to sic it on that pesky Robin Hood finally so that he can usurp Prince John and take over the throne, at least, I think that's what the plot was, it IS a SyFy channel flick. The cast knows their lines, the costumes and sets are pretty cool, and the monster CGI is definitely top of the heap for SyFy. My only problem is when the monster finally does intersect with the characters, we're given this plodding sort of back story about the Tree Keepers or somesuch who live behind a Stargate in the middle of the woods that oddly enough no one has stumbled across before. Can't it just be enough that the Sheriff sics a dragon on Robin Hood? All in all the life story of the monster isn't that important. No need to make it sympathetic. Were we sympathetic for Super Gator, or Mega Shark??? Also, the medieval peasantry seems to take dragon attacks in stride. I'd have liked a little more shock from the Merrymen when a freakin' monster drops outta the sky in their midst and takes a chunk outta Friar Tuck. However, if you're at home on Saturday and flipping channels with nothing to do, there are worse ways to spend a couple hours.
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Truly Horrible
John Noonan25 May 2014
Had a conversation with friends the other day where we discussed the worst film we had ever seen. I found it difficult to answer. Having seen this in the meantime the answer is obvious (to me at least). This is truly one of the worst films I have ever seen. Whoever threw money at this tripe really should know better

Acting is horrible, director sesms to not care, no effort at consistency. The script isn't good, full of stereotypical lines but any chance of it coming across better is ruined by the acting and directing. The special effects are horrible

Avoid at all costs. Its time of your life you will never get back.
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The Robin Hood legend with a sci-fi element- why not?!
GinevraMollyPotter2 May 2012
I have to say, I bought this film for two reasons after I stumbled upon it at a Silver Platters store. I am a self-professed Robin Hood junkie- every film adaption I can get my hands on, I willingly try to buy- ranging from the 1930's Errol Flynn version to the BBC series...I think I have about 10 different movie versions at the moment. Secondly, Erica Durance is in it as Marian and I absolutely loved her as Lois Lane on Smallville- she was everything in this that she is in Smallville: beautiful, feisty, spirited, yet compassionate. I have to say, I found this film very, very entertaining. Its not by any means an Oscar worthy movie with A-list acting and a Christopher Nolan script- but its entertainment value is endless, especially for a made-for-TV movie. I mean, come on, its Robin Hood vs. a dragon!? It's got adventure, romance, sci-fi, monsters, beautiful scenery, a fun cast- what's not to love? I thought the actors did a fine job, the special effects were good, and I thought the interplay between the characters was great- from the flirtation between Robin and Marian, to Little John complaining about being hungry, to the tense relationship between Robin and Will, to Alina's pleading to the unfeeling Malcolm. I think you have to give credit to the writer's too for creating a unique plot for such a frequently adapted tale; its definitely unlike any other Robin Hood adaption- it goes beyond (like the title) your typical rob-the-rich-to- feed-the-poor Robin Hood plot. They found a way to create a new twist and I really appreciate that about the film. Even the way Robin Hood questions himself (as do the other characters) is a bit different- in other adaptions, Robin usually has no qualms about what he's doing and is a bit roguish and cocky, and everyone is pleased with him, rather than angry with his provoking the monarchy. This Robin almost seeks approval in a way, while still maintaining those lovable snarky swashbuckler qualities. I have to say, Robin Dunne may be one of my favorite Robin Hood actors (and also one of the handsomest ;) )- up there with the likes of Richard Todd (the Disney live-action version), Errol Flynn, and Jonas Armstrong (of course, my opinion). So, if you are looking for just simple entertainment, this is for you. If you are expecting Inception or Gladiator- you will be disappointed.
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Do not waste your time.
Grassy129 August 2010
This was one of the worst movies I have seen. Must have been first time roles for the actors unless they just grabbed people off the street. The whole movie felt fake and very forced due to the poor acting.

The storyline was definitely usable albeit a twist of many movies such as Stargate etc... I don't even know if that part of the movie was needed. It was like 2 short films put together to make a full length film.

The cgi was average and the fight scenes were very obviously acted and not believable at all.

All in all I would say a huge disappointment. Do not waste your time watching this movie.
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A good movie for me.
Bojidar Danchev27 February 2010
Even though a lot of people didn't like the movie (probably because of their huge expectations for Robin Hood's new adventure) I'm glad to say that I liked the movie. I didn't say any problems with the acting (mentioned by some other people) & most of the effects looked good (except for some of the wounds). The story was kinda too short & simple. I think they could've made it a bit more complicated & exciting. It might have not pleased the people who really expected much from the movie, but it was definitely not a waste of time for me. I liked that movie & I highly recommend it to everyone. I think people shouldn't read the crappy reviews, written by most people & just watch the movie & see for themselves. :-)
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Pantomime nonsense
Leofwine_draca19 March 2015
The SyFy channel go all-out with fantasy nonsense for this virtually unwatchable Robin Hood epic. Like those dodgy Asylum films that came out a few years ago that had Sherlock Holmes fighting octopi and the like, BEYOND SHERWOOD FOREST takes a very loose grasp of the original legend and turns it into something completely unfamiliar - and, unfortunately, very bad indeed.

You know the film's off to a bad start when we're subjected to silly portals in the woods and a lame CGI dragon that looks like it's come from a computer game, but that's just the beginning of the problems. The worst thing about the film by far is the acting; the likes of Robin Dunne (as Robin Hood) and Erica Durance (Maid Marian) are astonishingly poor and some of the supporting cast were even worse. The worst thing about the acting? Those accents, which grated on my ear throughout. It doesn't help that the dialogue is reduced to the level of "Prithee, fair maiden" type nonsense.

The film muddles along, throwing in some half-hearted romance and plenty of scenes that copy the likes of ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES, with Julian Sands delivering another hammy turn as the villain of the piece. Then, thankfully, it's over, and I couldn't be happier because the only thing truly monstrous about this production is that horrible CGI.
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What a Waste
tjmorrill29 November 2009
What a waste of film and money. It is amazing that someone thought this was worth all the time and effort. UGH!!!!!! I cannot believe that any one associated with this production could actually add this to their resume. What worthlessness! Who came up with this dunderhead of a script and scenario to begin with? Perhaps we should condemn them to a lifetime of watching some of the worst movies ever (which would be endless loops of this sort of movie. I hope that the actors who were in this turkey take lessons and the production crew go back to film school and learn their craft all over again. If it comes on again turn the channel - QUICK.
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A couple gems in an otherwise misfire of a film.
David Edward Martin20 October 2010
There are four reasons to watching this film-- the CGI were-dragon, Katherine Isabelle as Alina the were-dragon, the CGI wolf-lions, and Erica Durance as Marian. The were-dragon sequences are incredibly well done and very realistic. The creature's design is distinctive, with a body like a winged puma. The transformations are very well done, limited only by Katherine Isabelle's refusal to do more than bare her shoulders or back for scenes where she should be nude. The animators get around this fairly well although it is obviously the nude Alina at the beginning of the transformation is a Poserette. Katherine Isabelle, who played the title character from the GINGER SNAPS series, is great at playing troubled, distressed, terminally sad characters. She's right up her alley here. She really does steal the film with her portrayal of the tragic Alina. Okay, her refusal to do nude scenes did limit the filmmakers somewhat. In scenes where she is ostensibly nude and vulnerable, Miss Isabelle is only shown from the shoulders up. The filmmakers couldn't afford to pay for her usual body double? The lion-like wolves in "Beyond" section of Sherwood Forest are quite believable as well. They are a nicely executed hybrid of natural wolf and magical hell-beast. Their interaction with their would-be human victims is spot-on. Erica Durance..... anything from her post-Smallville debut is worth watching just for a chance to watch her. She gets a few action scenes in, either practicing on a helpless dummy or fighting the were-dragon Alina. And she looks great in a medieval pantsuit.

Bad points? Robin Dunne, Robin Dunne, and Robin Dunne. He was at best phoning in his performance. Apparently no one taught him how to believably fire an arrow. The few times you see him fire an arrow, it is obvious the arrow only flew a dozen feet before dropping to the floor.

All in all, there was no reason to call this "Robin Hood" aside from the chance to skip over explaining who these various characters were. Friar Tuck for example shows up, talks to Robin and Marian a little, then gets killed. By calling him "Friar Tuck" the filmmakers spared themselves the five minutes or so of screen time they'd've needed to set him up as an original character.
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Tolerable, but nothing great
TheLittleSongbird13 July 2012
I wanted to see Beyond Sherwood Forest, as I did want to see what it would do as a twist on one of my childhood favourite legends growing up. I was also nervous, as it was SyFy, who have a notoriety for bad movies. I have to say that watching Beyond Sherwood Forest that it was not a great movie but it also could've been worse. In fact it is one of SyFy's more tolerable movies. It does have its faults, the script is weak with cheesy, stilted lines and references to insurance policies in a telling of a story that is meant to be 12th century, a story that is more solidly paced than most SyFy movies but at the end of the day felt like another of their monster and sorcery movies complete with a plodding Tree-Keepers subplot, the characters come across as standard and undeveloped fantasy clichés, the archery does not convince let alone thrill at all and the lead performance of Robin Dunne has none of the charm, heroism and charisma you'd associate with such a character. However, for SyFy it actually looks quite decent, the costumes and sets do look lovely and the effects are much better than most other SyFy movies that explore similar genres. The dragon is actually one of the best they've done to date for me. The music is suitably rousing in places, and there are good performances from Katherine Isabelle, whose troubled Alina makes for a performance of great poignancy and Julian Sands as a quite over-the-top but at the same time quite cool Malcolm the Sheriff of Nottingham. Erica Durance has an inconsistent accent but more than makes up for it by her sexiness and David Richmond-Peck is a devious Prince John, though he is not in enough of the film to make a bigger impression. Overall, a tolerable SyFy movie that could've been better I think. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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Not as bad as they say. But not that great either.
Thomas Ferreira16 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First off, it was a TV movie so I am easier on it than I would be if this had been a movie movie. Acting was bad among a lot of the cast. Robin as a boy was horrid. His father was horrid. I didn't like how Will Scarlet was portrayed. He wasn't bad acting just his character didn't fit his history. The guy whom portrayed Little John needs to go back to school. That was horrid. Prince John's character was different but interesting, Marian, Robin Hood, and Sheriff and the Dragon/Elena were not badly casted and tried to save a interesting plot with horrible dialogue. Some scenes were bad with those actors. Robin Dunne when he yelled Tuck! was just bad and after he gets stabbed in the shoulder. Now better dialogue may have changed these scenes as perhaps those lines would have been changed. I was impressed Robin Dunne's accent though. A better sub cast, better script with better dialogue and perhaps longer, would have possibly made this a better TV movie. Nonetheless it was not as bad as they say but anybody whom says the movie was excellent needs to see more movies.
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Terrible acting/dialogue, excellent plot basis, mediocre movie
Angus11 May 2010
I don't have any new Simon Cowell to add, so I'll only go into depth about what was good about this film: not a whole heck of a lot, but it was batting 1.000 when the guy came up with the idea. (I'm really interested in this genre since Origin Systems stopped producing Ultima) That idea was that a young woman who comes from another world (a murky one at that!) is somehow cursed for breaking a law and spends part of her day as a winged monster. A cynical government-actor captures her to use her as a weapon. This story is woven into a Robin Hood one. (How that last part works, I don't know, but I guess someone else does.) Unfortunately, the movie kept putting me to sleep (figuratively) so I missed some of the finer points of the plot.

The acting and English accents have a serious credibility problem, the dialogue isn't exactly chancy, and sometimes the seams show on the CGI. I don't think the plot was executed in a very good way either. There was a romantic dimension, but that looked like they remembered to throw it in at the last minute.

There are a couple of things that I can respect a movie like this for: one is that it didn't have a lot of silly modern slang (the worst was a single "a little help"). Also, while Katharine Isabelle does show a lot of skin, there is no bona fide nudity (possibly because Isabelle refuses to do any). A movie like this should be going for such cheap thrills, but it doesn't. Good for it!

I wish it was Steven Spielberg who'd gotten ahold of this idea. I think it would have made a fine story, but instead what we have is typical Canadian B.
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Who thought this movie was a good idea?
eagilmore1527 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie for about thirty minutes and had to change the channel. Calling this movie Robin Hood with a dragon is being nice. I have seen bad movies, but this is one of the worst. Perhaps the best part of this movie was the fact that Maid Marion was a strong, independent woman instead of being a helpless damsel in distress. I did not understand the point of putting a shape-shifting dragon in the movie. Robin Hood was a good enough story without the monster. I also did not understand why they made Robin Hood a lousy archer. The whole point is that Robin Hood is supposed to be the world's best archer. Perhaps this movie would be a good cure for insomnia, but I'm not willing to watch it long enough to find out. Too bad "1" is the lowest rating you can give a movie in these reviews, because this movies deserves a much lower review than that. Do not waste your time with this movie. If you can't find anything better on television, read a book.
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Robin Hood goes scifi, and it even works!!
johannes2000-112 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Oh, come on, it wasn't THAT bad!! Anyone who reads the story and sees the stills on the cover of this DVD, cannot seriously expect a Steven Spielberg blockbuster or a Shakespeare or any Oscar-winning material. Here you get exactly what you CAN expect: a far-fetched but amusing sci-fi version of an otherwise pretty worn-out theme, with which I seriously enjoyed myself for one and a half hour. Sure, the script was unbalanced and full of potholes, some of the English accents were crooked and the direction and editing were often awkward, to put it mildly. But it also had much to go for it.

To begin with, the acting was over-all pretty good. I didn't have any trouble with Robin Dunne as Robin Hood, I liked him, maybe he's no dashing Erroll Flynn or a deeply involved Kevin Costner, but he's cute enough and what he lacks in sheer heroism, is compensated by a boyish, tongue-in-cheek-like charm that worked well enough for me. Erica Durance is my favorite actress from the Smallville-series and as a rather emancipated version of Maid Marian she did a great job. Contrary to some reports here on IMDb I do think she's a solid actress, she has a very natural and down-to-earth way of acting which to me is very appealing, and apart from being absolutely beautiful to look at, she's also spicy and funny and her fighting skills (as in Smallville) are awesome. Julian Sands may have played his Sheriff of Nottingham a bit over the top, but that fitted the character fine. And David Richmond-Peck gave, in the limited space he got, a chilling performance of a devious and menacing Prince John. I only had troubles with Katherina Isabelle as the bewitched girl Alina, she seemed to think that her character's inner turmoils could be best shown by looking like a frightened rabbit all of the time.

The settings and the costumes were great and the CGI was (for this kind of non-pretentious film) surprisingly convincing: the dragon was top-notch, not only visually and in it's own movements but also in the interaction with the actors, everything looked very realistic.

The script and the storyline were the weakest parts of this production. I can live with a transplantation of Robin Hood to the realms of Fantasy (why not? Robin Hood is a legendary fantasy-figure to begin with!), but it all could have made a little bit more sense - now we were more or less drowned under a hotchpotch of Tolkien-like tids and bits, like a dragon that's really a cursed young lady, a mysterious Dark Forrest, some equally mysterious Keepers of the Trees, etcetera, etcetera. The dragon at least had a function throughout the whole story, but what on earth these bold weirdo's in the Dark Forest were doing in the movie was beyond me, in spite of their (over)long explanation to the (understandibly) baffled Robin and his comrades. The funny thing is, that they lived in some extremely secret dark place, but the portal to this place - a fluorescent version of the Stargate entrance to other dimensions - seemed to stand for ever wide open and in full view of everyone strolling through Sherwood Forest (there must have been hundreds of poor souls who have stumbled-in accidentally, when coming back from the local pub!). The whole section of Robin and his two friends searching the Dark Forrest was totally superfluous to the story and a waste of time. The story-line of the dragon being actually a cursed girl was okay as a premise, but the whole explanation behind it was way too complicated and far-fetched, and as to how the Sheriff (as far as we are made to understand he wasn't a magician or anything), was able to rip out her heart and stall it away, they didn't even bother to explain (probably because they hadn't got a clue themselves!).

But on the whole I was pretty well entertained. So I rank it 7 out of 10.
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Not even Richard Greene could have saved it
magreerflutes27 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so it's an awful script, poor acting, strange scene changes, bad dialog, and mildly amusing special effects, it was still worth the watch, if only to see how badly done a King Richard's subject could be handled. Agree with all former reviews, but I for one am thankful someone thinks Robin should be updated here. (even if it is to poor fantasy). The robbing the rich to give to the poor is not stated much here, but Robin's chivalry towards Marion is refreshing, (no leering sexual innuendos or sexy talk here), and the poor afflicted dragon-lady does her best to suffer through her malady. Julian Sands over acts and looks too remorseful all the time (maybe about his contract?), Robin Dunne is poorly cast as he appears more ready for 21 Jump Street his director already did. There's nothing wrong with poor, bland, baseless, badly written stories.. do better yourself and sell it. We're dealing with a good idea gone bad here, must've been some political/financial reason behind the attempt. Don't care to know. Still besides Erroll Flynn, Richard Greene, and Kevin Costner, what did you expect from a fresh face and story? Good thing we didn't have to pay at a movie house. I enjoyed microwave popcorn and a moment to relax in fantasy and adventure, albeit little of either...
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about nothing
Armand21 April 2015
the only question is why Julian Sands accept this role ? because it is only a poor film, with not inspired script, director or actors, using for transform a classic story old clichés and bad solutions. unconvincing, almost fake, a story about nothing, it is not a real surprise. only , maybe, waste of time. but that could not be a sin. the theme, the mixture of revenge, love story, fantastic in chaotic proportions is not a surprise. but it represents a good occasion to discover new forms of it. so, no Sherwood, no Robin Hood or Marian. only a kind of fairy tale who has not sense, humor or nice details. the choice of lead actors was not the best, the fight scenes are sketches, the technology is far to be decent. but, that is not a sin. except the high expectation.
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Robin Hood the Dragon Slayer
wes-connors6 March 2015
Once upon a time, in 1174 England, a flying dragon attacked a man before turning into a young woman's belly. As a result, Robin Hood's father is killed near a giant blue circle in Sherwood Forest. Possibly thinking of the blue hole causes handsome Robin Dunne (as Robin Hood) to wake up a few years later. The flying dragon is still causing problems for Mr. Dunne, along with dastardly Julian Sands (as Malcolm). The dragon turns in and out of attractive Katharine Isabelle (as Alina), probably due to a curse. Erica Durance (as Maid Marian) is also pretty...

This story, courtesy of actor-turned-director Peter DeLuise and Syfy Channel fantasy writer Chase Parker, is sometimes difficult to comprehend. The cast is very good looking and adding a dragon to the Robin Hood mythos is an interesting idea. We can't determine much about the giant blue hole. It could be the threshold to dragon world. We do know Dunne keeps the most perfectly trimmed beard in Sherwood Forest. And, everyone has excellent eye make-up. Modern eye make-up really counts for something, especially during the Middle Ages.

**** Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood (11/24/09) Peter DeLuise ~ Robin Dunne, Erica Durance, Julian Sands, Katharine Isabelle
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Not fit for "straight to DVD". Should be labeled, "High School Video Production!"
jonplauritzen2 October 2012
Not even a couple of hours of watching Erica Durance could save this movie. It had all the potential to be a fun and entertaining Sci-Fi flick but fell flat on its face. The actors gave credible performances, the accents weren't too distracting, and the story twist had some promise as well. None of it could breathe life into the amateur production levels. Action scenes looked like they were choreographed in a high school drama class. There's no flow to this movie. Sequences are choppy and the direction lacks vision, passion and accepts uncharacteristic shoddy work from cinematography, to lighting, to sound, etc., etc. Unless you have nothing productive to do with a couple of hours, this is one to be skipped.
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