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The movie's hide-and-seek attitude toward truth mirrors the intricacies of one lover getting to know another -- an arresting notion of the heart that's much more than paper-deep.
A quasi-documentary about love that is sweet, true and perhaps a little deceptive.
Enjoying this wondrous wisp of a something is easy, describing it is hard. Luckily, Charlyne Yi is an enchantress.
Doesn't always have a clear path, but that is part of its meandering appeal. It asks if true love exists, then renders it a rhetorical question.
The movie's a platypus: cute as the dickens but what the heck is it?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
This movie may be sickly sweet, but it's harmless; and as a handcrafted antidote to a toxic toy story like "G.I.Joe," Paper Heart has healing properties.
While Cera is adorable, Yi's faux ­naiveté is overplayed and her philosophical musings are underwhelming. But you won't soon forget the real-life couples she interviews.
The Hollywood Reporter
A "hybrid documentary" that bemusedly blurs the line between fact and fiction.
Paper Heart is like a really special five-minute YouTube clip that goes on for an hour and a half.
The end product feels trite and unfinished, with the romantic plot being awkwardly and unconvincingly shoehorned into a production that lacks focus.
A cute movie, a little too cute and a little too aware of its own cuteness.

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