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this wasn't that bad

Author: MairegChernet ( from United States
20 April 2009

420 wasn't really bad. Especially compared with other season seven episodes, this wasn't very bad at all.

After a couple of rather lame episodes, 420 revives the season as Brian goes out to legalize marijuana.

One striking feature of this episode is the musical, which hasn't been really used very well since the shipoopi episode.

Another feature of the episode that has improved since the last couple of episodes is the length of the flashbacks and the cutaway gags.

Dialogues are also quick and funny. Although still flawed, this episode is an improvement from the last ones


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Well, at least the song was nice...

Author: LannaDrewzetich from Serbia and Montenegro
20 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

...unlike everything else. I really can't say what kept me watching after it ended. This time the story revolves around Brian trying to legalize marijuana. The jokes were below average, and there was nothing funny about Peter killing Quagmires cat (the fact that he later took fifty dollars from him and said that he killed it was just a terrible way to end an episode). Maybe it was a little bit funny when Stewie said that he doesn't have to wear clothes when he was asked to give Brian a urine sample (also, there were a few more hints that he is homosexual, but none of them were particularly funny).

Better luck next time, and keep up the good songs.

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A Pot-Smoker's Dream, A Normal Person's Mediocre Comedy.

Author: Erik Unknown from United States
3 August 2009

Can't say I really cared for this episode. Season 7 isn't exactly their best, there is a few episodes, but this one really, like the Atheism one, overboard with political viewpoints. I miss the days when Family Guy wasn't so political based. Brian is just Seth in character, voicing opinions that nobody really cares to hear. Family Guy always has mocked religion and such, but lately it's been a little overboard.

Basically in this episode, Bryan crusades to get pot legalized. An intellectual such as himself should have seen the dangers in having it, but the idea is that behind the character is an idiot who wants his political viewpoints heard.

The ending was a bit crappy, because it's just a way of closing out the deal and having everything return to normal.

The only reason people really cared for this episode, was because the song and most pot users tend to love something that sticks up for something they like though the rest of us look and think it's stupid.

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It's understandable to use your characters as mouthpieces, but this was seriously preachy!

Author: Tommy Nelson from Long Beach, California
21 April 2009

When you have writers, they are obviously going to be people with opinions. Most shows, especially those that serve as social commentary (Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons) are going to express those opinions loud and clear, but, rarely are they as preachy as this, Seth MacFarlane's rationale of why marijuana should be legalized. It's as preachy as one of those old after school specials, but with the morals reversed.

Quagmire gets a new cat, and it changes him. Peter, Cleaveland, Joe and Brian go in to pull a prank on Quagmire's cat, but Peter ends up killing it. On the way back from disposing the cat, Peter is pulled over and Brian is caught with weed. Brian preaches to the man, and with Stewie's help gets pot legalized. Peter and Lois's dad Carter try to make an anti-pot campaign meanwhile. Mediocrity ensues.

Brian in recent years seems to have become, more than any other character, the mouthpiece for the writers. Brian makes some valid points, but every episode where Brian fights for or against something just seems like the writers hiding behind this character. Unlike in South Park, there is no cleverness involved in proving a point. Instead, it's as though someone is just telling us why something should be, and never is the opposite viewpoint given. This show, especially this episode, are becoming like Michael Moore documentaries. They have the passion behind them, but never any opposite views, and this episode just isn't very funny anyway.

"Family Guy" is a one sided show, and this episode shows how one sided it really is. Whether or not you're for the legalization of marijuana, you can still see how preachy this episode is. Maybe Mr. MacFarlane should release a documentary on why this issue is important to him instead of putting fans of his series through episodes like this.

My rating: * 1/2 out of ****. 30 mins. TV14

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