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Going' on safari with Kad
dbdumonteil27 April 2011
A good potential ,and a very good lead,as talented in comedies as he is in drama.Plus Africa's superb wild life .But it does not make a good movie for all that .After a promising start ,the movie gets bogged down in unfunny situations (the customs officer)and repetitive tricks (Beauvais town ,it may be riotously funny the first time,but the third or fourth time,well...

This story of an inexperienced safari guide could have been a hilarious spoof on many adventures movie.But it falls short of its goal:the scene of the elephant attacking the "raiders" in their car is ponderous.Too bad ,it's really a missed opportunity!
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A watchable basic comedy
vincent_spano2 January 2010
Richard DACIER owns a tour agency specialized on organizing safaris for European tourists eager to confront the African wild life. Actually, he took the job after his father and never went into the savanna by himself. As he owes big money to some mobster, he is compelled to convey a fake tourist, with a suspicious suitcase, toward Mozambic. To avoid suspicion from the authorities, he is supposed to tour a group of tourists as usual. The only problem : he is completely unexperienced as a guide ! Hence follows a comedy which is basically a tour of Kruger park. Some funny moments, and if you do not expect too much, pretty watchable movie.
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