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15 Nov. 2007
The Stockton Project
Steven and Shelley Stockton want to add a hallway to their home. Currently they have to go through a bathroom, a bedroom and a closet to get to their daughter's bedroom. They plan to add an exterior hallway in 7 days on a budget of 2,5000 dollars.
13 Nov. 2008
The Cruze Project
Jason Cruze loves renovation projects, but he has a tendency to start them and leave them incomplete. As a Christmas present for his wife Allison, Jason wants to completely redo their bathroom in the short amount of time before the holiday. Will he be able to complete this construction project in only few days during the holiday season? Jason Cruze loves renovation projects, but he has a tendency to start them and leave them incomplete. As a Christmas present for his wife Allison, Jason wants to completely redo their bathroom in the short amount of time before the ...
24 Nov. 2008
The Gerlach Project
Tom Gerlach wants to replace his old, rotten deck for a fresh new one to open up the possibilities in his back yard. Tom has three days off of work to demolish his old deck and build a new one with the help of his friend Dave. With little knowledge of construction or deck architecture, Tom has $2000 to build himself a new backyard.
1 Dec. 2008
The Walker Project
A young couple, Russ and Ashley Walker, wants to remodel their grocery store turned home to allow more openness and light in before being featured on a historic home tour in four days. The problem is that because of work obligations they can only work at night, tightening their already rushed schedule. Will they be able to open up their home on their own in time for the tour?
4 Dec. 2010
The Martin Project
As a single man in a new home, Matt Martin wants to renovate his entire kitchen, but he only has the help of only his mother, Jan. Hoping to update his kitchen with only $3000, Matt wants his new space to function and impress the ladies.
1 Jan. 2009
The Bogartz Project
Bruce Bogartz wants to demolish his counter in his restaurant because it only seats 7 people and 7 is not an ideal number for people dining. People typically dine in even numbers, like 8 or 10 to a party. So Bruce Bogartz decides to tear down his counter and install one that seats more and that is more aesthetically pleasing to his clientèle. Bruce recruits his sous chef who is a very experienced builder and his business partner to help with the project. Jay, Bruce's partner is not an experienced builder.
The Lee's Project
Tony and Terri Lee are an artistic, fun loving couple who are frustrated with their out of date kitchen. They plan to completely renovate their lackluster kitchen themselves saving them money. Tony even plans to build the cabinets himself. But, can a tool naive Terri handle the challenge of a kitchen remodel?
The Willis Project
Todd and Jo Willis are a young couple wanting to increase the value to their 1920's eloquent home by adding a master bedroom and bathroom. They figure the best place to have a master suite is in the floored attic as it's very spacious. But, with an 80 year old home, who knows what surprises lurk in floors and ceilings. With only days to do the renovation, and plenty of problems, constructing their dream suite may be harder then they realize.
The Goode Project
Minnie Goode and Lauren Armstrong are best friends and roommates who are at risk of losing their deposit and apartment due to their pets "marking their territory" on their carpet. It's become a stained and smelly eyesore that has to be removed if the girls want to stay. They have only a couple of days to replace the disgusting carpet with hard wood floors before the landlord comes to inspect. Problems plague these two LA gals as they attempt to lay hard wood floors themselves. Can they avoid eviction and get to stay in the apartment they love?
The Morris Project
Roommates Barbara Morris and Cindy Higby are looking to transform an unused room into an art studio perfect for their paintings. The only time they have to build the art studio is when the rest of their house is being renovated. Barbara and Cindy are inexperienced builders, but are determined to get their dream art studio up and running themselves; without any input from the constructor workers who are adding on a new level to their home. Can the women handle a major renovation themselves, or will the workers have to save the day?
The England Project
Anna and Brad England recently purchased their 1950's home, and were surprised when they realized that the house already had some occupants, bees and thousands of them, invading underneath their outside porch for years. In order to build their dream deck, Brad and Anna try to figure out a way to relocate the bees. Once the bees have buzzed away, the real work begins. Anna and Brad have just a couple of days to build a large deck before a house warming party, which is being held in their backyard. With holes in the ground and tempers flaring, will this couple's dream ...
The Hinson Project
Shae Hinson has a major issue on his hands. He was tired of his kitchen, so he ripped out all of the cabinets, the stove and sink. The only problem is that Katie, Shae's wife, didn't know about the "project". After weeks of pleading with Shae to get the kitchen done, she and the kids have moved into his parent's house to get away from the mess. Determined to get his family under the same roof, Shae's decided that now's the time to finish the kitchen with Katie's help. So each morning she drives over, helps Shae and then leaves at night to take care of the kids. ...
The Wilson Project
Cave and his wife, Jen have grandiose plans for their kitchen. They live in an older home that was once a doctor's building, housing a cardiac clinic and a dentist's office. Cave's a drummer who makes a living by giving drum lessons and playing in various gigs around town. His livelihood will afford them to renovate their kitchen. Sadly, as in most home renovation projects, things don't go as expected. Cave is constantly interrupted by lessons, gigs, and other hurdles that occur when trying to tear into a 70-year-old house. Aside from wanting to install new counter ...

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