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Season 2

14 Jan. 2010
Club Kingpin
ICE Detective Tommy Kilbride has a big case with an all-star cast. Tommy gets word from a confidential informant that an exiled immigrant has illegally re-entered the United States, and has been spotted on Tommy's turf in New York City.
14 Jan. 2010
When Florida PD dig up a freezer and find a man's body inside, they immediately identify the suspect. Clues lead them to believe the suspect is hiding out in upstate NY. Deputy Sean McCluskey, Detective Roxanne Lopez and Inspector Dennis Tait take on the task of finding this brutal killer.
21 Jan. 2010
Hip Hop Homicide
A rising hip-hop star is gunned down in Orlando, Florida. His alleged killer flees to the Bronx. Commander Lenny DePaul, Deputy Roland Ubaldo, Sr. Inspector Mike Romani, Deputy Nick Ricigliano and Deputy Michy Mendez work around the clock to bring closure to the victim's mourning parents.
21 Jan. 2010
Needle in a Haystack
Detectives Barry Johnson and John Petroski work with Commander Lenny DePaul try to find a man who allegedly kidnapped and brutally raped a woman in New Jersey. The case takes them down to the rural back woods of Tennessee.
28 Jan. 2010
Commander Lenny Depaul along with Detective Kevin Searing and Detective Sergeant Luddie Austin go state-to-state to hunt down a man wanted for first degree murder and weapons possession.
4 Feb. 2010
The Last Dance
When an innocent Massachusetts family hears a knock on their door at six a.m., they assume it's a relative. But when they open the door, two armed and masked intruders allegedly barge in demanding money. When their demands aren't met, the intruders threaten to kill the children. Luckily the mother escapes, and her cries for help force the suspects to flee.
4 Feb. 2010
Catching a Predator
Senior Inspector Mike Romani and his partner Deputy Michelle "Michy" Mendez get a troubling case involving a Level three sex offender-the type of criminal classified as the most likely to re-offend. He's wanted on a probation violation for failing to register as a sex offender, and now he's sought after for questioning in the sexual assault of a 7-year-old boy.
11 Feb. 2010
Four Years in the Making
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11 Feb. 2010
Mother on the Run
Fugitive Task Force Detectives Barry Johnson and John "JP" Petroski meet with Commander Lenny DePaul to discuss a troubling new case involving a mother wanted for the brutal attack on her own two children. The children, ages 8 and 12, are now safe, but the mother is on the run. With no family ties and no work history, she goes off the grid and is nearly impossible to find.
18 Feb. 2010
Gimme Shelter
Commander Lenny DePaul and his team of Marshals from the Manhattan office of the Fugitive Task Force are in the midst of a sweep rounding up some of the regions most wanted sex offenders. Deputy U.S. Marshal Michelle "Michy" Mendez finds herself with a priority case: she's on the trail of a man wanted for sexual assault on a young girl.
18 Feb. 2010
The Streets Talk
When you know the streets, the streets know you. Just ask Detective Sergeant Luddie Austin, who grew up in the 7.2 square mile city of Trenton, NJ and continues to work there today on the Task Force. Luddie brings a priority case to the attention of Commander Lenny DePaul. A 20-year-old is on the run after allegedly holding someone up at knifepoint.
The Latin King
Commander Lenny DePaul's Fugitive Task Force members in South Jersey, Detective John Hayes and Detective Sergeant Mark Rowe, are working a marathon manhunt. Nine years ago, their fugitive, a high-ranking member of the violent Latin Kings gang, allegedly kidnapped a man and shot him 23 times.
The streets of Camden just got a little more dangerous when a well-known criminal is wanted on four counts of attempted murder in connection with a bloody home invasion. No ordinary criminal, he's also wanted for kidnapping and sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend.
Catch Me If You Can
ICE Supervisor Tommy Kilbride finds himself with a newly energized cold case. His rookie Deportation Officer, Bryan Flanagan, just worked up a new lead that puts Tommy and his team back on the trail of a dangerous fugitive who was convicted for armed robbery and assault and deported over ten years ago. Turns out their target has slipped back into the country illegally.
Just One Step Behind
Hunting down fugitives with ties to dangerous gangs is a high priority for Commander Lenny DePaul's Fugitive Task Force, especially when those fugitives are armed and dangerous. After a ranking member of the Bloods street gang flees a hospital in Trenton, NJ with a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound, Lenny asks two of his all-stars to lead the hunt.
Couple on the Run
Late one night, after a drug deal gone awry, a man is shot, fleeing the scene while running for his life. He ultimately collapses behind a dumpster and ends up on life support. Spring Valley Detective Roxanne Lopez puts on her US Marshal's hat as she tracks down the two key suspects--a boyfriend and girlfriend--wanted in connection to this attempted murder.

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