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Season 1

24 Feb. 2011
Unaired Pilot
Detectives Bruce Catelli and Madeline Maguire of the Vancouver Police Department's Priority Crime Unit investigate a mass shooting at a South Asian restaurant. The unknown gunmen shot five people dead, seriously wounded a now unconscious Jane Doe, but left one woman named Amita Sandhu, the restaurant owner, unharmed. Catelli and Maguire's initial thoughts are that it is a gang hit in a turf war. Catelli and Maguire are unaware that someone else is also investigating the murders, namely Kyle Loggins, an ex Vancouver police detective on disability leave. Kyle has ...
1 Sep. 2010
The Sins of Fathers
In the first moments of the series, Ben is bonded in blood to his tough, beautiful partner, Amy Lynch, when the two are involved in a shooting that they must cover up together.
8 Sep. 2010
Harry Has a Wife?
Terry and Holl investigate the death of Wendy Summers, a heart transplant recipient who died as a result of the transplant. They try to find out about the transplant, about which her husband Brian Summers doesn't seem to be totally truthful. Meanwhile, Ben and Amy investigate the murder of Dr. Wen Zhang, his body stuffed in a laundromat washing machine. Dr. Zhang, who was not yet accredited in Canada, was a prominent Chinese national with a wealthy Canadian wife, Amanda Fleming. Because of his status, the Chinese Embassy wants to be involved peripherally in the ...
29 Sep. 2010
Sound of a Strap
The unit investigates the mass murder of a group of five young men found shot to death in a mobile home. All the deceased are members of a gang called the Unity Gang. The only survivor found at the scene of the crime is a young woman named Simone, who is found hiding in a car outside the home. Upon examining her, doctors confirm that Simone was raped by multiple persons and was slipped the date rape drug. Also found at the scene is the murder weapon with partial prints of an unknown person. The unit believes the perpetrator or perpetrators are members of a rival gang,...
6 Oct. 2010
Tears Bring Harry
A prostitute named Susan Collins is found murdered, she who is shot five times at point blank range. One of the key pieces of evidence is Susan's cell phone, the names off which the police conduct their initial questioning. Based on this questioning, the police believe that her murder has something to do with competing "escort services" and Susan's allegiance to a former pimp versus her current pimp. One of the names on the cell phone is of another prostitute named Sunshine. Amy and Ben's undercover meeting with Sunshine places Ben in a difficult situation. Another ...
22 Sep. 2010
Don't Wanna Die
A series of bombs have been detonated at large corporate targets such as oil companies and engineering firms, with no direct ties between the companies themselves. Gordon Banner is leading the investigation for the national security agency, which is in charge of the big picture aspects of the case, with the local police dealing with the detailed work, such as reviewing video surveillance and gathering witness statements. On the surface, the two agencies don't mesh well as Banner seems to be the type that has a theory and will try and fit the pieces to match that ...
31 Dec. 2010
She Had You Fooled
Ben visits with Ella's supplier friend, Linda Rousso, to see if Ella is back using drugs. During the visit, Ben blacks out, and awakens in her apartment surrounded by empty liquor bottles and Linda unconscious with a needle sticking out of her arm. Later, Vina receives a wrath of drug overdose cases in the morgue, all from the same supply of high grade heroin, the same supply that nearly killed Linda. As Ben and Amy investigate these deaths, they try and co-opt Linda into providing as much information as she can about the original source of the heroin. They have to ...
13 Oct. 2010
Where's the Line?
Eighteen year old Mark Sims is found shot to death in a dumpster. He has a petty crime sheet along with a friend named Rick Baker. Rick's father tells Ben and Amy about a cache of money of which Rick recently came into possession. Ben and Amy tie the case to gunshots and a robbery at an after hours club. TC approves an undercover operation at the club. While undercover, one of Ben's alter egos, Harry, appears, placing himself and Amy on tenuous ground. Ultimately, "Harry" befriends the club's owner, a wealthy German immigrant named Karl Alvert. Karl, a leading suspect...
3 Nov. 2010
In the Dark
Sixty-seven year old Sylvia Brody is found strangled to death in her bed. It looks as if she was raped before being killed. The initial suspect is Bernard Stokes, a young man whose car was seen parked outside Sylvia's home. The two would have known each other as Bernard works in the care facility where Sylvia's now deceased husband lived before his death from Alzheimer's. The detectives learn that Bernard loves women - all women - and is rumored to be sleeping with several of the facility's residents. As Terry and Holl follow up on the leads on Bernard, Amy is certain...
27 Oct. 2010
Everyone's a Hostage to Someone
Ben and Amy are each having a voluntary counseling session with Ryan following a shooting incident at the station, which resulted in some serious injuries and some fatalities. Two prisoners in lock-up were being transferred to jail when the incident occurred. The instigator of the incident was one of the prisoners, a drugged up Jimmy Tapert, who had a long rap sheet and was in custody for a pharmacy hold-up and shooting. The other prisoner was Paul Keefer, who was in custody for fatally beating up a fourteen year old boy named Glen Mason in a street fight. Although ...
28 Jan. 2011
Key with No Lock
The dead body of Charlotte Simms, an accountant, is found in her office by her fourteen year old daughter, Mia Simms. Charlotte was beaten and asphyxiated, with a clear plastic bag over her head. Beyond her mother's death, Mia is concerned for her own welfare since she is not on the greatest terms with either her older brother, Jonah Simms, or her absent father. Ben and Amy discover that Charlotte's murder may have something to do with one of her clients, Dante Ware who is the head of a biker gang. Because of the possible gang connection, Super calls in Tom Rutherford...
4 Feb. 2011
Finding the Boy
Five adults - three males and two females, all in their twenties - are found shot dead gangland style at what appears to be the wedding reception of Ramjit Kumar (one of the deceased) and Mohinder Sood (not among the deceased) in a restaurant that the two of them own. All the men sport the same scorpion tattoo, the trademark of a local gang of that name. Other evidence indicates that there was a baby at the scene, and that neither of the dead women is the mother. Mohinder Sood, who pretended to be dead while the shooting occurred, eventually comes into the police ...
10 Nov. 2010
Stairways to Perceptions
The homicide detectives investigate a twenty year closed case when twenty-five year old Sophia Bacic now believes she witnessed the murder of her older sister, Josie Bacic. Two youths, friends Gil Dobeck and Matthew Evans, who were present at the crime scene by the Fraser River, were convicted of the murder, and sentenced to life. The two have always professed their innocence. Dobeck recently committed suicide, Evans believing that he lost hope since the parole board denied him for the third time for not showing remorse. Sophia, now in therapy and feeling her own ...
17 Nov. 2010
Out of Sorrow
The Homicide Unit investigates the murder of Malcolm Jones, who was shot point blank inside his home. At the scene, they find a memory stick but no computer. When the detectives see the videos on the memory stick, TC immediately pulls Ben from the case. On the videos are images of a boy who they believe is Ben's missing son Adam being sexually abused by Malcolm. Ryan goes into intensive therapy with Ben, who has always believed that his stepfather, Roland Miller, who physically abused Ben as a child but who, when Ben last saw him, professed to being born again, ...

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