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Sex & Nudity

  • Gwen kisses Kevin on the cheek. Besides that, none at all. This is Ben 10 we're talking about.

Violence & Gore

  • In the beginning of the movie, there is a fight when the computer chips attack Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. Ben pushes a piece of lumber into a flying pile of drones. Gwen throws several magic bolts to destroy and blocks the drone attacks. Kevin absorbs the metal in one of the poles and kicks a pile of flying drones with both legs to knock them out of the air. Ben turns into Big Chill and gets punched once by a pile of drones shaped like a fist, and he freezes them all and destroys them. Then, he freezes the ledge where the villain is standing and the villain falls off after trying to throw a pile of flying drones to Gwen. Kevin then defends Gwen with his body. No gore or sight of any blood or anything like that.
  • Small fight the lab of Elena's father. Elena opens the fire escape door and there is a zombie there and Ben punches it in the face and Elena then kicks it and it falls off the stairs. Elena then has to abandon her bike and she gets onto Ben's and she stands up and punches a zombie in the face before they drive off.
  • Kevin and Gwen get into a battle with the drones. They form solid shapes and crack the glass on the windshield of Kevin's car, and they drive off, with the solid drones chasing them. The drones finally destroy one of Kevin's tires and Kevin and Gwen crash. Kevin's car, with Gwen in it, twists and tumble and when it stops, it is very bent up. Gwen comes out holding her side, but they do not have any scrapes or bruises. Ben and Elena then arrive just before the drones attack the defenseless Gwen and Kevin and Ben transforms into Humongosaur and trashes one spiked pile of drones, and gets shot with spikes from several others and the drones finally form a worm shaped form, and much to Kevin's anger and denial, Humongosaur uses Kevin's car to destroy the drones, destroying Kevin's car with it.
  • The climax battle of the movie begins at the warehouse when a zombie grabs Elena, and Elena punches him 4 times before he falls. Then, all the zombies come towards them after Ben transforms into Nanomech. Kevin, Gwen, and Elena rush away from them, and Kevin throws a zombie out of the way while Elena punches one in the face and he falls. She then grabs some pipes for combat. Gwen back flips over a group of zombies, then fires a beam of energy to blast the groups away. Kevin is surrounded by zombies, and he absorbs the floor and throws almost all of the zombies out of his way, and then he flicks the floor on him away and runs out. Elena is surrounded, and she hits a zombie twice with the pipes, and she hits and punches another. She hits another zombie twice, and then she hits another once, and he falls down, and she drops the pipes and goes away. Gwen is cornered. She throws a bolt of magic, and the zombie dodges it, and she then punches him in the face hard(then she hold her fist and says ouch).
  • Ben flies into Victor's nose and fights the Queen. The Queen tries to manipulate him, but he throws several green bolts of energy at the Queen, and the Queen responds with a beam of her own and hits Ben. He then punches the Queen up-close twice in the face, and adapts, and he destroys The Queen once and for all.
  • Not a big violence movie, but there is a lot of punching and violence like that. Overall, there is a little to some violence in this movie.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • None, unless you count Kevin drinking a bottle of grape soda. Ben 10, remember?

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The appearance of the villian and his drones may scare some younger viewers.
  • The appearance of Big Chill and Humongosaur might scare young viewers.
  • The appearance of The Queen in the climax fight may scare young viewers.

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