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Late Night TV Reacts to Scaramucci's Quick White House Exit — Watch

Late Night TV Reacts to Scaramucci's Quick White House Exit — Watch
The only people more broken up about Anthony Scaramucci’s White House departure than the man himself? The hosts of late night TV.

VideosColbert Says ‘F—k You’ to Trump, Disgusted by Transgender Military Ban

Late Show host Stephen Colbert got mock-emotional as he memorialized “The Mooch’s” ten-day tenure as President Trump’s communications director on Monday’s show, lamenting: “The front-stabber has been backstabbed.” Colbert also took a shot at the lightning-fast firing — “His going-away party can serve what’s left of his welcome cake” — and introduced Scaramucci’s rumored replacement: Emanuel Fruit Fly.

Tonight: A dejected Stephen Colbert
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Buzz Growing Around Hp Mendoza's I Am A Ghost

Receiving killer reviews from such sources as Variety Magazine, The Philadelphia Examiner and Sf Weekly, writer/director Hp Mendoza's indie film I Am A Ghost is definitely drawing interest.

With the majority of the film being shot in San Francisco, I Am A Ghost stars Anna Ishida and Jeannie Barroga. Ishida won the Special Jury Best Actress Award at this year's Mix Mexico Film Festival to go along with Mendoza's Sf Weekly Best New Director Award.

For more on the film, visit the official I Am A Ghost website, like I Am A Ghost on Facebook and follow I Am A Ghost on Twitter (@iamaghostfilm). Thanks to Avery G for the tip on this up and coming indie!


Taking place in a single Victorian house during an indeterminable time period, I Am A Ghost is a supernatural mystery that explores identity mixing experimental non-linear filmmaking with classic haunted house spookiness.
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"A-List: Dallas" Episode 102 Recap: "This. Is. Not. Oh. Ver."

  • The Backlot
Did you know that canaries were once used by coal miners to detect the presence of toxic gases in mines? If, for instance, the mine had a methane gas leak, its presence would kill the poor bird and alert the miners to get the hell out of there.

Bu now, I'm sure you're asking yourselves why in the world am I telling you all this?

Well… Welcome to the A-List: Dallas recap. I'll be taking you on a tour of these hellish gay mines. You can just call me Tweety Bird.

This week's episode begins with Chase and Ashley drinking wine and managing not to annoy each other (an accomplishment that, sadly, does not extend to the viewing public).

Turns out, Chase has an ulterior motive for the get-together. He's planning his yearly party. Because, according to Chase, Ashley has clever themes and "two extra brains in her boobs" he
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The Nine Best Gay Movies of 2010!

  • The Backlot
"Gay movies all suck!"

As a critic who regularly reviews movies of gay interest, I hear this a lot. And while it's undoubtedly true that there are gay movies that do suck, I'm not sure they suck at any higher rates than other genres. Do micro-budgeted gay indie movies tend to suck more? Not any more than all micro-budgeted indie movies, I'd argue. Most of us just don't watch that many micro-budgeted movies.

And even if some gay movies do suck, there are indisputably plenty of others that don't. In fact, when I sat down to make this annual list, I was surprised by how quickly I came up with a number of truly outstanding films. And what do you know? They all veered between "micro-budget" and "low-budget," with a smattering of "high-enough-budget-to-at-least-pay-a-caterer" (and there's also one studio movie).

All in all, it wasn't a bad year for gay film
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Review: "Fruit Fly" Deserves its Considerable Buzz

  • The Backlot
I have this theory that all movie criticism is complete bulls**t. Yes, I know that's an ironic position for a movie critic to take, but hear me out.

I believe that on some deep, emotional level, each of us either responds to a particular movie or we don't, and then after the fact, we come up with intellectual "reasons" to explain why we liked it (or didn't). But our "reasons" are all completely arbitrary, because we're never consistent in how we apply our standards. In the end, whether we "like" a movie is all about something we're not even aware of, something much deeper than intellect.

Case in point: the new fringe musical Fruit Fly, filmed and set in San Francisco and written and directed by H.P. Mendoza, who also wrote all the music. Mendoza previously wrote the songs and the screenplay for the 2007 cult classic, Colma: The Musical.
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Festival Diary: Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Fest 2010

Festival Diary: Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Fest 2010
The lights went off in the awaiting theatre room. The seat number on the ticket didn’t matter as people sat wherever they liked. To my left was a male couple, holding hands and waiting for the movie to start. To my right was a female couple also holding hands and waiting anxiously for the movie to begin. The row in front of me had a big bunch of guys not really bothered about the movie but who were, none the less, happy to be together.

It was the first day of the ‘Kashish’ Mumbai International Queer Film Festival. The venue was PVR cinemas in Juhu. The documentaries dominated the lineup. The theme was, as we all know, Lgbt movies. From documentaries of a queer photographer to exploring the artistic side of “alternative” gender artists, the product on screen was quite intriguing. And the (mostly queer) audience received the movies well.
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Aaaff Dispatch: Day Four

  • Slackerwood
Tonight the four-day Austin Asian American Film Festival ended its 2009 run with two documentaries: the short My Mother Said (Kuna ni nanang) and the feature Old Partner (Wonangsori).

My Mother Said, by filmmaker Jessica Sison, is the highly personal musings of her 99-year-old grandmother, recounting highlights from her life. Starting out with images of an old woman in a church, and the titular song, it's a documentary with an abstract feel as the woman recounts her history, such as being there for her own mother's death and lacking any mementos of her mother. My Mother Said was the second film in two days that used Ilacano, a language spoken in the Philippines, the other being Fruit Fly.

Old Partner, a South Korean documentary, is an uneven film with some powerful moments, but rambles on more than the film's complaining wife. An aging farmer who does everything by hand faces the
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'Overheard' to open Toronto's Reel Asian fest

Toronto -- The Hong Kong cop drama "Overheard" from co-directors Alan Mak and Felix Chong will open the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival on Nov. 11, organizers said Tuesday.

The 13th edition of the country's biggest Asian film festival will close Nov. 15 with the indie South Korean film "Breathless," Yang Ik-June's debut feature that has picked up a string of festival awards.

In all, 49 Asian and Asian-language films from 14 countries, including Canada, will unspool at the Reel Asian festival.

These include Toronto screenings for Malaysian director Mamat Khalid's "When the Full Moon Rises," which earned top prize at the Malaysian Film Festival, and Taiwanese director Chen Yu-Chieh's "Yang Yang," the audience choice winner at the Taipei Film Festival.

Also Toronto-bound is Japanese director Yoshihiro Nakamura's "Fish Story," the Rotterdam competition title "Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly," by Indonesian director Edwin, U.S. director H.P. Mendoza's "Fruit Fly,
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