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Charlie Swan: [seeing Edward & Jake close to physically fighting each other] Hey, hey, hey... Easy, guys, easy... Let's take it down a notch, all right? What's going on?

Jacob Black: [pause] I kissed Bella.


Jacob Black: And she broke her hand.


Jacob Black: Punching my face.


Jacob Black: It was a complete misunderstanding.

Jacob Black: [to Edward] Let's face it, I am hotter than you.

Emmett Cullen: Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Bella?

Bella Swan: I punched a werewolf in the face.

Emmett Cullen: Badass. You're going to be one tough little newborn.

Bella Swan: Tough enough to take you on.

[Rosalie throws newspaper down on table and storms out; Bella looks at Emmett]

Embry Call: Glad you're here Bella, maybe we can get a break from Jake's obsessive inner monologue.

Paul: I wish Bella would call!

Jared: I wish Bella wouldn't call!

Embry Call: Maybe I should call Bella!

Quil Ateara: Maybe I should call Bella and hang up!

Jacob Black: [laughs] Alright, you can shut up now.

Jessica: When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like, astronauts, president... or in my case, a princess.

[the students and parents chuckle lightly]

Jessica: When we were ten, they asked again. We answered, a rock star, cowboy, or in my case, a gold medalist. But now that we're grown up, they want a serious answer. Well, how about this. Who the hell knows?

[the other students cheer and applaud]

Jessica: This isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions; this is a time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love... a lot. Major in philosophy, because there's no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind, and change it again, because nothing's permanent. So, make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask what we want to be, we won't have to guess... we'll know.

Edward Cullen: I'm from a different era. Things were a lot less complicated.


Edward Cullen: And if I'd have met you back then, I would've... courted you. We'd have taken chaperone strolls, and ice tea on the porch...


Edward Cullen: [pause; stands up]

Edward Cullen: I may have stolen a kiss or two, but only after asking your father's permission. I would've got down on one knee...


Edward Cullen: and I would have presented you with a ring.

[opens box with the ring and places it in her hand]

Edward Cullen: This was my mother's.

[Bella smiles in spite of herself]

Edward Cullen: Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?

Bella Swan: [after a moment, smiling] Yes.

Bella Swan: [Jake just found out Bella plans to marry Edward] Jake, please!

Jacob Black: [seething with fury] I'm done! I am so done!

Bella Swan: [wanting to make things right] What can I do?

Jacob Black: You can't do anything. I can, by going out there and killing something!

[continues walking away]

Bella Swan: [shaky with intense emotion, stammers a little] No! You're not thinking clearly! Don't do that!

Jacob Black: Maybe I'll get myself killed and make it simple for you.

Bella Swan: No! Just, Jake, stay!

Jacob Black: Why?

[walks towards her]

Jacob Black: Give me one good reason.

Bella Swan: [starting to tear up] Because I don't want to lose you!

Jacob Black: [beat] That's not good enough.

Bella Swan: Because you're too important.

Jacob Black: [shakes his head] Still not good enough.

[turns and walks away quickly]

Bella Swan: [shouts, almost frantice] Jacob!

[he stops; Bella looks a little desperate as she searches for what to say or do; eventually]

Bella Swan: Kiss me!

[he turns around, surprised & disbelieving what he heard; Bella still shaking]

Bella Swan: I'm- asking you... to kiss me.

[beat, then he comes up to her; they kiss, at first tentative then more deeply; eventually they stop, but remain very close to each other]

Jacob Black: [puts his hands on her face & kisses her softly once more; after a few seconds, in a quiet voice] That should have been our first kiss.

[his head lingers near hers, no longer mad to the point of recklessness; eventually]

Jacob Black: I gotta go.

[looks her in the eyes, as if promising he'll be careful]

Jacob Black: I'll be back.

[walks away; she stands there a while longer, deep in thought]

Bella Swan: [about her kissing Jacob] You saw?

Edward Cullen: No. But Jacob's thoughts are pretty loud.

Bella Swan: I don't know what happened.

Edward Cullen: You love him.

Bella Swan: [pause, after thinking a moment] I love you more.

Edward Cullen: [beat] I know.

Jacob Black: Imprinting on someone is like... Like when you see her... Everything changes. All of a sudden, its not gravity holding you to the planet. It's her... Nothing else matters. You would do anything... be anything for her.

Edward Cullen: [about Jake in the tent] This might sound odd, but I'm glad you're here.

Jacob Black: [w/ a smile] Meaning, "As much as I'd love to kill you im glad she's warm."

Edward Cullen: If we weren't natural enemies, and you weren't trying to steal my reason for existing, I might actually like you.

Jacob Black: [beat] Well, if you weren't planning on sucking the life out of the girl I love, I might

[thinks about it; laughs]

Jacob Black: No. Not even then.

[Edward smiles]

Charlie Swan: Hey, you want a sandwhich?

Bella Swan: No, I'm good.

Charlie Swan: Well, his sister I like.

Bella Swan: Alice, yeah she's great.


Bella Swan: ... Hey dad, I was wondering... why didn't you get re-married, after mom?

Charlie Swan: Uh, I don't know... uh I guess I haven't met the right gal.


Charlie Swan: why?

Bella Swan: I don't know. I thought you just maybe gave up on the whole institution of it, of marriage... But do you think theres any value in it?

Charlie Swan: Yep. Yeah, marriage has value... when your older, much older. Like your mother, uh, seemed to work out fine for her the second time around, later in life.

Bella Swan: Yeah I guess.

Charlie Swan: I mean, you definitely don't want to have to get married cause your not... um careful.

Bella Swan: ...what?

Charlie Swan: Your know what I'm talking about. Theres... things that you need to think about if your going to be... physically intimate...

Bella Swan: Okay, don't have "the talk", please.

Charlie Swan: It's just as embarrassing for me as it is for you.

Bella Swan: I doubt that. And don't bother, cause mom bet you to it like ten years ago.

Charlie Swan: Well, you didn't have a boyfriend ten years ago.

Bella Swan: I'm sure things work the same way.

Charlie Swan: ...alright, so, you guys are taking precaution?

Bella Swan: Okay, dad, please just don't worry about... that. Edward is... old school.

Charlie Swan: Old school, great. What's that, like a code for something?

Bella Swan: Oh my God, dad, I'm a virgin!

Charlie Swan: Ah, di-di-di-di, okay... glad we covered that.

Bella Swan: [runs up stairs] Me too!

Charlie Swan: Virgin... I'm liking Edward a little more now.

[Bites sandwhich]

[last lines]

Bella Swan: And I wanna tie myself to you, in every way humanly possible.

Edward Cullen: [smiles] Starting with a wedding.

Bella Swan: [thoughtful] Actually, something a little more difficult first. And maybe even dangerous.

[stands up looking down at him]

Bella Swan: We have to tell Charlie.

Edward Cullen: [laughs a little] It's highly dangerous.

Bella Swan: [nods] It's a good thing you're bulletproof.


Bella Swan: I'm gonna need that ring.

Edward Cullen: [dropping her off; about Jacob] Doesn't he own a shirt?

Bella Swan: [smiling; after a few seconds, voice concerned] I'm good here, you should go.

Edward Cullen: I'm not gonna be gone long.

Bella Swan: Don't rush. You need to hunt.

[pause; they kiss intimately & Jake looks away; smiling]

Bella Swan: Ok, maybe rush a little bit.

[walks to Jake]

Jacob Black: [with a smile, coming to meet her] Hey beautiful.

Bella Swan: [she smiles briefly] Hey.

[they hug, Jake holding her a little more tightly]

Jasper Hale: The two most important things to remember are first, never let them get their arms around you, they'll crush you instantly. And second, never go for the obvious kill. They'll be expecting that. And you will lose. Emmett!

Edward Cullen: [to Jacob, whose holding Bella as she sleeps & looking at her tenderly] Can you at least *attempt* to control your thoughts?

Jacob Black: [beat; looking at Edward] I really get under that ice-cold skin of yours, don't I.

[tilts his head]

Jacob Black: What? Are you doubting her feelings for you?

[Edward says nothing, looks cross; Jake scoffs]

Jacob Black: Nice. So picking my brain is OK, but letting me into yours, forget it.

Bella Swan: I'm really sorry about last night. That couldn't have been easy on you.

Edward Cullen: It definitely won't make my list of top ten evenings.

Bella Swan: You have a list?

Edward Cullen: All 10 I spent with you.


Edward Cullen: Number one is when you said you'd marry me,


Edward Cullen: Mrs. Cullen.

Bella Swan: [small laugh; then] This is the 21st century. I at least want to hyphenate my name.

Jacob Black: [sounding both angry & torn] You're marrying him?

Bella Swan: [takes a step towards him] Jake, I...

[after a moment looks at Edward]

Bella Swan: You knew he was listening!

Edward Cullen: [shrugs; softly] He deserves to know.

[Jake walks away]

Bella Swan: [calls after him, walking towards him] Jake, stop!

Edward Cullen: [grabs her arm] Bella, let him...

Bella Swan: [to Edward, just as loud] Don't!

[turns back, chases after Jake]

Bella Swan: Jake, stop!

Bree: What did you do to me? I, I'm so

[clutches throat]

Riley: I know. We'll get you someone to drink. Just try not to get killed. I'm gonna need numbers.

Bella Swan: Edward?

Edward Cullen: If you ever touch her against her will again...

Bella Swan: Edward! Don't do this!

Jacob Black: She's not sure what she wants!

Bella Swan: Don't do this here!

Edward Cullen: Let me give you a clue: wait for her to say the words.

Jacob Black: Fine, and she will.

Bella Swan: Jacob, just go, okay?

Jacob Black: Something up?

Bella Swan: [shakes her head] Bunch of vampires trying to kill me?

Jacob Black: [smiles] Same old, same old.

Jacob Black: [from trailer] You have to consider the idea that I might be better for her than you are?

Bella Swan: Should I come back?

Jacob Black: I need some time, but I'll always be waiting.

Bella Swan: Until my heart stops beating.

Jacob Black: Maybe even then.

Rosalie Hale: [hearing Bella coming towards her] Go blather to someone else about the joys of becoming a newborn.

Bella Swan: [stops; eventually continues towards Rosalie] Ok. Rosalie, I don't understand what I did to make you hate me so much.

Rosalie Hale: [softly] Hate...

[smiles sadly, shakes her head; looks at Bella]

Rosalie Hale: I don't hate you.

[pause; looking back outside]

Rosalie Hale: I don't particularly *like* you but...

[looking down]

Rosalie Hale: Bella, I envy you.

Bella Swan: [surprised; barely a whisper] What?


Bella Swan: That's ridiculous.

Rosalie Hale: No it's not. You have a choice. I didn't. None of us did. But you do and you're choosing wrong! I don't care how miserable your human life is.

Bella Swan: My life is not miserable.

[comes up to her side, leaning on the railing, looking out]

Bella Swan: I mean, it's not perfect; but nobody's life is perfect.

Rosalie Hale: Mine was


Rosalie Hale: absolutely perfect.

Bella Swan: [after telling her why he doesn't want to turn her, & it's not what she expected] I thought- you were afraid I'd be too different. Like, I wouldn't be warm, or smell the same.

Edward Cullen: [he smiles; lays a hand on her cheek] You'll always be my Bella...

[pause; they kiss and he holds her close]

Edward Cullen: My Bella just less fragile.

[both smile]

Jasper Hale: Don't hold back.

Emmett Cullen: [Smiles] Not in my nature.

[Charges Jasper; once Jasper manages to take Emmett down]

Emmett Cullen: Never lose focus.

Edward Cullen: [to Victoria] You won't get another chance like this again! You want her! You want me to feel the pain you felt when I killed James! When I tore him to pieces. When I turned him into ash. When I turned him into nothing.

Rosalie Hale: [talking about the night she died, after she was assaulted by her fiance & his friends] They left me in the street, thinking I was dead. Believe me, I wanted to be.


Rosalie Hale: Carlisle found me. He smelled all the blood. Thought he was helping me.

Bella Swan: I'm sorry.

Rosalie Hale: [pause; eventually Rosalie continues with a slight smile] I got my revenge on them.


Rosalie Hale: One at a time.

[enters flashback]

Rosalie Hale: Save Royce for last, so he'd know I was coming.

[we see 3 policemen, standing outside Royce's door; cut to inside where Royce hears all the police get taken out; cowering in a corner, Rosalie breaks the door down, wearing a wedding dress, complete with veil; smiles menacingly]

Rosalie Hale: [back to Rosalie now; smiles at the memory] I was a little theatrical back then.

[long pause as a series of emotions play across her face; continues]

Rosalie Hale: Things got better after I found Emmett.

[nods briefly; beat]

Rosalie Hale: But we'll always be this... Frozen... Never moving forward. That's what I miss the most. Possibilities.

Bella Swan: This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob. It was between who I should be and who I am. I've always felt out of step. Like literally stumbling through my life. I've never felt normal, because I'm not normal, and I don't wanna be. I've had to face death and loss and pain in your world, but I've also never felt stronger, like more real, more myself, because it's my world too. It's where I belong.

Edward Cullen: So it's not just about me?

Bella Swan: No.


Bella Swan: Sorry...

Jacob Black: [Introducing Seth to Bella] Bella, this is Seth Clearwater. Newest member of the pack

Bella Swan: [shaking Seth's hand] Hi.

Seth Clearwater: Newest, bestest, brightest...

Jacob Black: [finishing Seth's sentence] And slowest.

[grabs Seth into a headlock]

Edward Cullen: [from trailer] Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever.

Edward Cullen: [on the bed, kissing passionately; as she starts unbuttoning her shirt] Stop trying to take your clothes off.

Bella Swan: [still close to each other] You want to do that part?

Edward Cullen: Not tonight.

[long pause; moves away; both sit up on the bed]

Bella Swan: [after a little while] You... You mean, you don't...

[sighs, disappointed and a little embarrassed]

Bella Swan: That's fine.

Edward Cullen: [looking at her intently] Believe me, I want to.


Edward Cullen: I just want to be married to you first.

Bella Swan: [pause] You really make me feel like I'm some sort of, like, villain trying to steal your virtue or something.

Edward Cullen: [he smiles] It's not *my* virtue I'm concerned about.

Alice Cullen: I've decided to throw a party.

Jasper Hale: After all, how many times are we going to graduate high school.

[Edward scoffs]

Angela: A party at your place?

Jessica: I've never seen your house.

Eric: No one's ever seen their house.

Edward Cullen: Another party Alice?

Alice Cullen: It'll be fun.

Bella Swan: Yeah. That's what you said last time.

[Alice slumps back, has a vision]

Bella Swan: [trying to distract her from Alice] Hey Angela.

Angela: Yeah?

Bella Swan: You need some help with those?

Bella Swan: [as Jake and Edward are about to fight again] Stop!


Bella Swan: I'm tired of this. From now on I'm Switzerland, OK?

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jacob. Do you think Sam would agree to... an understanding?

Jacob Black: So long as we get to kill *some* vampires.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jasper?

Jasper Hale: They'll give us the numbers. The newborns won't know they even exist. That'll give us an edge.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We'll need to coordinate.

Bella Swan: Carlisle! They're gonna get hurt!

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We'll all need some training. Fighting newborns requires knowledge Jasper has. You're welcome to join us.

Jacob Black: All right. Name the time and the place.

Bella Swan: Jake, you don't know what you're getting yourself into.

Jacob Black: Bella, this is what we do. You should be happy. Look at us, working together. You are the one who wanted us to get along, remember?

Bella Swan: Jasper? Are you sure there's nothing I can do to help?

Jasper Hale: Well just your presence alone, your scent, will distract the newborns. Their hunting instinct will take over, and drive 'em crazy.

Bella Swan: Good, I'm glad.

[Jasper nods and begins to walk away]

Bella Swan: Hey,

[Jasper turns around]

Bella Swan: how do you know so much about this?

Jasper Hale: I didn't have quite the same upbringing as my adopted siblings.

[Rolls up sleeves and shows Bella his arms, which have bite marks on them]

Bella Swan: [Hops off Jeep] Those bites are like mine.

Jasper Hale: [with a smirk] Battle scars. All the training the Confederate Army gave me was useless against the newborns, but still, I never lost a fight.

Bella Swan: [he walks away; after a beat she follows him] Hey, this - this happened during the Civil War?

Jasper Hale: [smiles] I was the youngest major in the Texas Calvary, all without having seen any real battle.

Bella Swan: Until...?

Jasper Hale: [suddenly serious] Till I met a certain immortal... Maria.

[enters a flashback]

Jasper Hale: [to Bella, voice shaky w/ emotion] I thought what Maria and I had was love.


Jasper Hale: But I was her puppet. She pulled the strings. I didn't know there was another way...

[smiles a tiny bit]

Jasper Hale: till I found Alice.


Jasper Hale: Now, she'd seen me coming, of course.

Alice Cullen: [suddenly at his side, light & playful] You kept me waiting long enough.

[beat, Jasper laughs a little; in full Texas drawl]

Jasper Hale: My apologies, ma'am.

[Bella smiles at the exchange]

Jasper Hale: I don't know what I'd have become without her.

Alice Cullen: Shhh...

[smiles reassuring]

Alice Cullen: You'll never have to be that again.

[beat; eventually moves closer & they kiss tenderly]

Edward Cullen: After a few decades, everyone you know will be dead. Problem Solved.

Jane: [from trailer] She's still human. The Volturi don't give second chances.

Jacob Black: [from trailer] You wouldn't have to change for me Bella. I'm in love with you, and I want you to pick me instead of him.

Jasper Hale: [after Carlisle knocks Edward on his back after their mock fight] One more thing. Never turn your back on your enemy.

[rolls eyes]

Jacob Black: Charlie said you left town.

Bella Swan: Yeah, to visit my mom. Why?

Edward Cullen: [with an ironic smile on his face] He's checking to see if you're still human.

Jacob Black: [beat; talking to Edward] Look, I'm here to warn you... If your kind come on our land again...

Bella Swan: [confused] Wait, what?

Jacob Black: [looks at Bella, then back at Edward] You didn't tell her?

Edward Cullen: Just leave it alone, Jacob.

Bella Swan: [to Edward] Tell me what?

Bella Swan: [after climbing on the back of his bike & noticing the look on her face] Hey lose the grin Jacob. We're just going for a ride.

Jacob Black: [still with a smile] Hold on tight!

Alice Cullen: They'll be here in four days.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: This could turn into a bloodbath.

Edward Cullen: Who's behind it?

Alice Cullen: I didn't see anyone I recognized... maybe one.

Edward Cullen: I know his face. He's a local. Riley Biers. He didn't start this.

Alice Cullen: Whoever did is staying out of the action.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: They must be playing with the blind spots in your vision.

Jasper Hale: Either way, the army's coming and there aren't enough of us to protect the town.

Jacob Black: Hold up. What damn army?

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Newborns. Our kind.

Embry Call: What are they after?

Alice Cullen: They were passing around Bella's scent. A red blouse.

Jacob Black: They're after Bella? What the hell does this mean?

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It means an ugly fight. With lives lost.

Jacob Black: [looking at his pack mates, then back at Carlisle] All right. We're in.

Bella Swan: No... you'll get yourself killed. No way.

Jacob Black: I wasn't asking for permission.

Edward Cullen: [from trailer] I know the consequences of the choice your making.

Bella Swan: [from trailer] You don't know what you're getting yourself into.

Edward Cullen: [from trailer] I know the consequences of the choices you're making. After a few decades, everyone you know will be dead.

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