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425 out of 574 people found the following review useful:

The wife owes me big time!

Author: xenomorph_uk from United Kingdom
15 July 2010

It took my wife nearly a week of constant begging to take her to see Eclipse. After having endured the first two movies and the subsequent years of self therapy to erase the memory, it took a lot of persuasion to guilt trip me into seeing this one as well.

Needless to say, I entered the movie theatre mentally preparing myself for two hours of torture. Frankly, Eclipse was just as bad as I had expected despite reassurances from female co-workers that "It is much better than the last one... honest." I've never read the books nor do I plan to. I know nothing of the author however, I'm guessing she started writing this stuff when she was a twelve year old girl with delusions of what love should be.

This entire movie is nothing more than a very poorly written romantic dilemma, wrapped in a weak premise of vampire and werewolves in an attempt to lure extra interest. So far as stories go this one has no vigour or power what-so-ever. Depth? I've stepped in deeper puddles.

Approximately 80% of this movie is dedicated to examining the lead female's conflicting emotions. Does she want the vampire or the werewolf? Does she understand the lifestyle choice that comes with that decision? Is she willing to accept the risks? Does she understand the impact it will have on those around her? And finally... does anyone at all actually care? Yup, for two whole hours. (Six if you include the first two).

So surely this movie has some redeeming features? Perhaps the acting? Wrong. Stewart's (Bella), emotions range from mildly irritated to slightly concerned whilst trying to maintain an air of vulnerability that irritates instead of earning sympathy. For Pattinson (Edward), it's all about just looking pretty and his acting skills are reduced to nothing more bowing his head slightly so that he always appears to be gazing upwards in an attempt at looking intense. As for Lautner (Jabob), well we all know he can't act so he is reduced to a shameless and topless eye-candy prop.

In summary? Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. If you're a guy, you'll hate this. If you're a woman... you might like it. I'm not trying to belittle the sexes, it's just that type of movie.

Anyway, the wife can beg all she wants... there ain't no way I'm taking her to see the fourth one!

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589 out of 979 people found the following review useful:

I Don't Get It And I Never Will

Author: jluppek from United States
27 June 2010

It's just a plain awful movie and there is nothing good about it. The acting is weak, the visual effects are poor (the second one had better production value but the fact still remains that surely that is not a decisive factor in generating an audience), and the story itself is so mild. I'm not even going to harp on the issue that it holds completely untrue to all vampire rulings. There is nothing dark, enchanting, sad, nor even eternally romantic (mostly for femme auds granted) about this telling. Even the chemistry between Edward, Bella, and Jacob is so unapparent. Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson in no way sell that they are eternal arch enemies and Kristen Stewart is so uncharismatic and unable to connect to the character of Bella (I have read the books and they are far better). It's just a weak update on Romeo & Juliet aimed at generating teen female obsession. Anyone who is not a die-hard tween fan, that I've ever spoken too, concurs that they just don't get it.

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279 out of 427 people found the following review useful:

Tedious boring and meaningless

Author: Medacakathareal from Reading, PA
6 July 2010

As bad as the first Twilight was this is a whole new level. The bland and tedious characters lack chemistry, life, personality which sort of makes sense because most of them are undead.

The film continues Bella's meaningless coin flip decision between Jacob the skin-walker (I refuse to refer to these as werewolves) and Edward the fairy. Every sentence out each character's mouth, particularly the main characters, is stilted and stale. They can't even articulate their lines let alone deliver them with any depth - not that there is any depth to the script or story here, there isn't.

Even the fights are bland with vampires getting snapped apart like they were porcelain dolls and the only main threat of the movie - an army of New Born vampires - ending up being overcome with GREAT EASE. Also the division of the skin-walkers and "vampires" is suddenly bridged, there's no exploration of the issues between their kind or how to resolve them, just a randomly quick decision to work together despite the fact they hated each other a moment ago.

The film's focus, instead of the parts that might have proved interesting, is in the emotionless and empty romance between two obscenely pale individuals and the muscular third wheel. Any attraction I could have had to Kristen Stewart is erased by her terrible delivery, empty eyed stare and general lack of emotion.

Bland from start to finish and painful to anyone who genuinely likes good films. If you are brave enough to see it I recommend drinking something that will erase the memory and numb the pain afterward.

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149 out of 225 people found the following review useful:

I have never craved a bullet in my head so much in my life…

Author: nikki-folwell from New Zealand
1 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, my experience in seeing this movie was particularly excruciating because I was stuck in a theatre of people who kept either groaning, cooing, or yelling advice to the characters on screen at the top of their lungs. But even with that aside, what few other people will be likely to say still deserves to be said: this movie sucked big hairy werewolf balls. Unfortunately, trying to explain why would take up a lot more words than I've managed to cram in, so I can only focus on the main issues. For starters, Bella has become increasingly unlikeable since we saw her last, and as she's the central protagonist around whom all the ensuing events revolve, that's going to be a problem. Originally a great character in the first two films, her appeal here takes such a massive nosedive that, no joke, it actually becomes hard to fathom why exactly everybody around her is risking their lives for her safety. Her constant lack of consideration for certain people (particularly her long-suffering dad) is getting exceedingly grating. There were a number of moments in which I wanted to bite her neck myself just to shut her up. The scene (spoiler) in which she punches Jacob because he kissed her was the last straw for me - I hardly think that that warrants a punch considering that he can't help being in love with her, especially since, deep down, she loves him as well. The little trout deserved to get her hand sprained. But no, he still apologises, and not just for the kiss but for the fact that punching him sprained her hand. How predictable and how pathetic.

Bella's love affair with Edward - previously of the "I would die for you" calibre - is now peppered with so many inconsistencies that it's losing its enjoyment value. For example, as we've learned in movies 1 and 2, Bella is so in love with Edward that she's a) willing to overlook the fact that he's not human; b) willing to overlook the fact that he's killed people; and c) give her own life to save his as she did at the end of New Moon, but when he finally proposes marriage to her she's hesitant? And the reason? Well apparently because she's still young, being only 18. Funny, 'cause I would've thought that 18 is also a young age to contemplate relinquishing your mortality in favour of becoming a vampire for all eternity. But it's OK, because (another spoiler) she eventually accepts; and in doing so, says, "I will bind myself to you in every way humanly possible" - but when he addresses her as Mrs. Cullen she suddenly tells him that she wants to keep her own name? She'll sacrifice life and limb for him but not do THAT?

The cheesiness of this film was also a step up - everything is cheapened to the level of a corny soap opera. They ALL deserve Razzis. CONSTANT long silences, hard stares, and stupid dialogue. My sister actually turned to me at one point during the movie and said, "Shades of Wuthering Heights" because everything about this plot is so exasperating. Why doesn't Edward stay mad at Bella after she kisses Jacob? They have ONE discussion about it (actually it's not even a discussion, just a series of comments) and then by the end of the movie they're happily reunited without a single cross word. I would think that kissing Jacob would put Edward's nose out of joint just a LITTLE, considering that she's supposed to be his reason for living and future bride!

You should also be prepared for the fact that, as is typical in most of these cases, they try to shove far too much into the storyline. Simplify, guys: if you're going to take a few minutes to explain Rosalie's backstory to us to give us some more insight as to why she is the way that she is, then leave James' backstory until the next movie. The need to stop every once in a while to explain another supporting character's history is exceedingly disruptive, and doesn't really bring anything integral to the plot anyway (for example I found that I still didn't give a rat's ass about Rosalie even after finding out what happened to her). It just makes it longer, more tedious, and prone to losing your attention.

Maybe I'm just not this movie's core demographic. It IS for tweenies after all. But there's another problem: considering that this film is supposed to be for tweenies, the violence is sometimes surprisingly full-on. There's a scene involving a decapitation which I won't go into the gruesome details of, but let's just say that it could easily qualify as the "Holey s**t!" moment of the year. So even the movie itself seems to forget who it's for. The special effects are impressive of course, the visuals are creative and the direction is fine; but scratch beneath this glossy surface and there's just too much frustration at the hands of the script, the characters and their actions to make this movie tolerable to sit through. And, because the characters and their actions are the primary crux of this story, you never get a minute's peace.

Quite simply, I am so OVER Twilight man. I'm done. That's it. Up until this point I'd actually been quite enjoying the franchise, but the abomination of this third installment has soured my interest so much know what? I'm going to go watch Little Ashes, because the sight of Robert Pattinson making out with a guy is just what I need to shoot dead anything that reminds me of this idiotic movie. Awful.

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146 out of 236 people found the following review useful:

better but still lacking

Author: nguyencs2 from United States
30 June 2010

Eclipse was by far my favorite book in the saga. As a guy, I felt it had the perfect blend of action, romance, drama, and suspense. The movie did try to stay true to the book as much as possible but I feel it still lacked what made the book great.

The acting is definitely better over the last two. I still feel a little awkward watching Bella. Edward definitely has gotten better. I've gotten several good laughs out of the movie. Got some nice flashbacks of other characters. But it still lacked overall magic for me.

The things I feel is missing from the movie is suspense and chemistry. The love triangle is back and was a bit more entertaining now that all three of them are interacting more. But I still find the lack of chemistry between the characters glaringly obvious. I often had to think about my feelings back when I was reading the book to fortify what I saw on screen. In my opinion, they used too many words(and dialogue from the book) to describe what's going on instead of SHOWING(acting) us what's going on.

The climax in the book was what made Eclipse my favorite of the saga, however, I can't say the same for the movie. The climax was disappointing and anti-climatic. Such dramatics for a walk in the park.

I still feel the movie deserve the theater experience but I won't say boo to waiting for DVD release.

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148 out of 240 people found the following review useful:


Author: RalucaState from Romania
5 July 2010

These movies keep getting lamer and lamer. They should have stopped at Twilight, that's my fav from all of them.. and seriously now, Kristen Stewart desperately needs some acting lessons. I liked the books, easy reading, entertaining.. but the movies, oh man, so disappointing. The same expression on Robert's face throughout the entire movie, lame attempts from Kristen to act..

At least they did a bit better with the make-up this time around. And the wigs looked OK.

oh yeah, I love Dakota Fanning's acting, she is awesome. And Billy Burke is a God. Charlie is my favourite character. His lines in Eclipse (the movies) were pretty good as well.

Yeah.. but mainly, it sucked. I don't even want to think about how bad Breaking Dawn will suck.

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107 out of 163 people found the following review useful:


Author: Pante Sokhadze from Georgia
6 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's be honest - It's RUBBISH! All this saga was calculated on 12-15 years old teenager girls, which love to watch Crap like this. ,,OH what a Lovely screenplay, oh my god" - No, you are wrong, screenplay sucks, it's another romantic movie with special effects and billions of dollars. Like once David Duchovny said in ,,Californicatin" it's another ,,Twilight Boolsheet"! There are no Vampires, and no such awful Love stories between girl and vampire. if you want to watch movies exactly about Vampires watch ,,From Dusk Till Dawn", which is billion times better than this crap.

Acting - sucks, screenplay - sucks, story - sucks, music - sucks, effects- nice. I enjoyed only special effects in those moving pictures (somebody calls twilight movie :D ). So I must say, that if we give money which was spent to make this rubbish, to homeless people world will be good enough.

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106 out of 165 people found the following review useful:

Twilight Eclipse: An Improvement

Author: FatmanReviewing from United States
4 July 2010

When "Twilight" came out back in 2008 I became immensely curious in the franchise (even though I'd never read the books) due to the overwhelming hype from the fans. After the viewing I felt that the film was left very hollow and weighed down by the sub-standard acting, iffy directing, sloppy editing and overall adolescent melodrama. It felt incomplete but as though it wanted its creators to try harder and become a developed rendition of the books. Regardless, I saw the possibility of potential and found myself interested in seeing where the series would go in the future. "New Moon" was released last year and I had actually bubbled up a sense of excitement from watching the trailers. It came off as a new and improved version of the original with a much more interesting story; I couldn't have hit further from the mark if I tried. Completely immersed underneath terrible acting, absolutely sloppy editing, gut-wrenching writing, mediocre directing, god awful story development, empty CGI and a go-nowhere-at-all story only meant to tug at the heart strings of pre-teens, "New Moon" was instantly put on the list of worst films I had ever seen in my life. I had become completely turned off by the idea of seeing this franchise grow any further. Alas, my OCD personality refuses to let me start a film series and walk away from it so it was inevitable that I hesitantly saw "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse".

Almost immediately I realized that this film's atmosphere is a barricaded roundabout of re-hashed dialogue and one-track character directory. Nothing intellectual or invitingly new is dropped into this pot of love triangles, cardboard characters, and afterthought plot development. It's one of the largest problems with the film; nothing is unique. The seemingly "main story" is introduced slowly over the course of almost two hours through five to ten minute segments that feel like nothing more than meaningless bursts to keep people on their toes. These sporadic bursts of story come at you in between the same drivel we've heard in "New Moon". Bella (Kirsten Stewart) to Edward (Robert Pattinson) to Jacob (Taylor Lautner) back to Bella and Edward and Edward to Jacob and Jacob to Bella and Edward and Jacob and Bella to Edward. Continuously talking about fighting for their love and no sex before marriage and preparing for battle but really doing nothing and "She loves me but she's too afraid to admit it" and "She loves me more but I'm not sure about myself." It's this childlike, empty conversation between characters with similarly empty, childlike personalities that makes the entire movie feel like a giant fantasy advertisement; an enormous, over dramatic, pre-teen wet dream.

The characters are the second biggest issue with this film and even though in second place, it's by far the most irritating problem. I cannot recall the last time I cared for characters so little in a series of any sort. This movie has a running time of an hour and fifty-five minutes, minus the credits and not once do any of the characters deviate from the one-tone personalities that are painted for them. The same over the top emotions that cause the same loop-de-loop interactions that actually get so bad that you feel as though you're watching the same scene over and over and over and over again. It's cursed by a formula that should have been dropped after the first film because there was potential to create characters an audience would be interested in but that ship sailed and crashed; no survivors.

Alongside cookie cutter personalities and what tries to pass off as an in-depth story of revenge, love and redemption, is a near beautiful but one dimensional environment. I was really confused by this film's physical appearance and the tone it was attempting to create. The scenery is something to behold but is masked by too much use of blue tones, bloom lights and green washing. The werewolves have got some excellent CGI going for them and at first glance you wouldn't be able to guess that they aren't real. As the film progresses though, you begin to lose the feeling of reality with these creatures. It's almost as if they aren't there and there's no physical depth or strength to them. This weightlessness become very apparent during the overwhelmingly dull, cliché and emotionless fight scenes. Everything about the atmosphere contradicts itself and this became very frustrating to watch. I do have to give credit to the film makers for putting enough effort into making the environment look much more attractive than the previous installments.

Overall most of what made "New Moon" a total catastrophe has been worked on in "Eclipse" and it is indeed a better film than its predecessors. The problem with this analysis is you're comparing one personal experience with a train wreck to another; in the end it's still covered in smoke, fire, dismay and you're hoping to get out alive. The acting has improved but the delivery of almost the entirety of the film's dialogue is rubbish or cringe worthy. The editing has gotten better and the pacing feels more cinematic but the story itself completely veils this upgrade, making it nearly unnoticeable. Changing the directors was possibly the best choice made here because the film feels much more professional and mature; again though, we're talking train wrecks here. If you're a fan of the series thus far, I'm sure you'll enjoy this installment. If you're a fan of the books, maybe you will too. If you're anybody else I would highly suggest, at this point, steering clear of this series entirely and maybe picking up the books.

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134 out of 228 people found the following review useful:

Vampires do NOT sparkle

Author: robbieboy-90 from Netherlands
24 August 2010

I've always hated the twilight series, because its like a travesty to good vampire movies. but my sister asked me to go and watch this garbage with her, so i thought i would indulge her. and now let me say, Cinema has taken a turn for the worst.

Again this movie is about some pale girls choice between bestiality and necrophilia. it has no slightly interesting story or anything else. The acting is terrible, Vampire dude looks like a queer, chick looks like a corpse and Poochie looks like a douche, and they all have the acting talent of a hairdryer.


as you may well have noticed I'm not a fan of this movie, i am a fan of good vampire movies like, Nosferatu, Dracula and from dusk till dawn. and at least i still have those non sparkling epic vampire movies.

point is vampires don't sparkle.

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201 out of 364 people found the following review useful:

Way better than New Moon

Author: mkirkpatrick02 from United States
30 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's one thing if you don't like the storyline to begin with. Teen supernatural romances with love triangles aren't for everyone, so why people who went to see it who don't like that sort of movie and then decide to give it a crappy review, I don't know. After reading all the book, I'll admit I was worried for the movies, in my opinion Twilight was OK, New Moon was a disappointment so I was apprehensive about Eclipse.

The irony of this situation is a horror film director, David Slade, got it right. From the beginning one of the first things I noticed was the fact that the acting had drastically improved. Jacob's lines were much less cheesy or at least Taylor delivered them in such a way that they didn't come across that way. Bella's maturity also was apparent in this film. The darker parts of the movie were as dark as they could be while keeping the PG-13 rating. Charlie was the comic relief and always has been that way, but this time I was legitimately in stitches.

As far as some reviewers who are annoyed by the love triangle and say nothing changed with that in the movie are clearly missing a few marbles. Bella even explains why she hadn't chosen up until the end of movie to Edward. She was choosing between who she should be and who she is. Jacob obviously who she should be and what she should do and Edward is who she is and where she feels most herself. Plus Jacob and Edward have a moment of understanding in this film which never happened in Twilight or New Moon, and I don't understand how some people on here didn't notice that. Also I can tell you that things really change in Breaking Dawn.

Yes there is a lot of dialog in the film, but I don't really think that's a bad thing unless you wanted an interpretive dance. You're dealing with a very large and detailed book that's being squeezed into a two hour movie, something has to give and dialog is a huge part of keeping the viewer aware of what's going on and moving the story along and I really don't think there is too much of it.

Also the movie flew by for me and as always leaves it's own "cliffhanger" to be addressed in the next film.

The main point is you either love, like, or hate the Twilight Saga, if you hate it, don't see the movie, if you love it I can tell you you'll like (probably love) Eclipse.

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