The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:


Author: eline-hoskens
11 August 2013

This movie started off with a big surprise! After all these bad previous movies, Bella still has friends who come to her wedding!!! Wow, they must be saints! After the wedding Bella and Edward go on honeymoon and so do all the crew members of the movie... The main characters have sex and break a bed, the moment all the fans have been waiting for. I'm not spoiling anything as you couldn't possibly spoil this movie.

After so many slow minutes of boringness Bella turns into her real pale and skeleton-skinny self and the movie comes to a disturbing climax. The end.

When the movie was over I wondered: "What the hell is still going to happen in the last movie?!" Indeed, you probably wonder why I kept watching the movies after the first one and especially after the second) as I have rated them 6-3-3-2 so far. The truth is: I was curious! After all the bullshit that has happened and that hasn't happened, I simply wondered how the story would end! Plus they were really entertaining! The first one I thought okay, interesting, inspiring even (in a good or bad way, I leave that to you) and the next ones were so bad that they were hilarious! So I did watch the last part and, gee, that review is surprisingly different...

To Be Continued...

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Not worthy of any stars

Author: robfromfort from United Kingdom
26 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This should have been called Twilight: Boring Yawn.

Nothing happens and then some more nothing happens, followed by more of nothing finished with a little more nothing.

The other three films were all pretty good in their own right but this was frankly not worth the lost hours of my life.

My guess is this was just made reaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy loooonnnnnnngggggg so they could rip it into two films and make double at the box office when the last one comes along.

Avoid this film at all costs, if you need to know what happens to understand the next film I've added the plot below.

*SPOILER/ TIME AND MONEY SAVER* She gets married and preggers, Jake gets angry a lot and she dies. Then she becomes a vampire with red eyes. Credits roll.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) - We're Almost There!

Author: nickmesafilms ( from United States
12 February 2012

The fourth installment of the successful Twilight franchise takes place when Kristen Stewart's Bella is getting to married to Robert Pattinson's Edward. From then on, it's just a hit-and-miss story that leads to nowhere. Then, Taylor Lautner's Jacob is still jealous of the whole marriage idea. I just wish that he could finally get through his thick head that Bella does not want to be with him. I don't understand why Bill Condon would choose to direct a movie like this. All he adds is just musical montages, and worthless pop tunes. What we should need is thrills, chills, and a plot that needs to get to the point already. They get married, go on their honeymoon, and break the bed, but then these twerps start realizing that everything now goes haywire when Bella is now pregnant, and everybody starts freaking out. This is so sad, because it's like nobody has ever been scared about someone being pregnant before. The wolf gang is now trying to pack up to murder Bella, while talking to each other like cartoons, with wolf mind vision, or something like that. Now, poor Bella is starting to weaken as the fetus starts to grow, and now there's nothing that can happen. Since the first two movies were mediocre, and the third film was surprisingly good, I thought that this movie would have another chance to improve the series. But everything from the uncomfortable sex to the freaky birth scene, the movie just proves that this is leading the series to a dead end. Now, even if fans all over the world have to wait a year for the final chapter in the franchise, the cliffhanger itself ruins the whole series by proving that "Breaking Dawn" should never have a Part 2 conclusion. From start to finish, you don't know whether to laugh, be bored to sleep, or smash your head against a window. Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner try to do their best, but all they do is just stand there and wonder how many more of these movies do they have to make now. This is not better than the last minutes of the final "Harry Potter" for many reasons. This is the most freakiest, creepiest, and disappointing movie in the series by far. "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1", in my review, "a worthless finale build-up, surprisingly freaky throughout".

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

This series bottoms out into some of the worst cinema created

Author: Robert W. ( from Ontario, Canada
11 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have honestly tried very hard to see what the fans see in this series. The first film was bad, and then the second two I managed to find some redeemable aspects in and now this one, part one of the two part 'epic' finale and I am simply blown away. This series has to go down in the history books as a mind blowing mass hypnosis that makes people believe what they are watching is epic. This film especially, Breaking Dawn Part 1, was absolutely utter garbage. It literally had one saving grace and that was the wedding and the Honeymoon locale was lovely to look at. The rest is junk. It is boring, poorly acted (as they all have been), horrifyingly lacking any depth or action and just simply awful. I don't get it, I don't understand how anyone can look at this film or the entire series and rave about it, or how it has made a billion plus dollars. I've examined it from every angle, I've looked for every possible redemptive quality and I see nothing. I also see review after review after review harping on it, saying how terrible it is, and if this were true then WHY IS IT MAKING SO MUCH MONEY!! How did we let this crap get made for five movies?!?

I've said it before but I don't believe Robert Pattinson is necessarily a bad actor. I think this series will destroy any future career he has and same for the rest of them. He is awful, creepy, stupid looking, and boring in this film. He's a vampire that never does much of anything. Kristen Stewart's success in this film is how amazingly awful they make her look when she's suffering from her demon child. She actually looks quite beautiful in the first part of the film, the best she has ever looked but her character, as always, is boring and creepy. The chemistry between her and Pattinson is downright stupid and non-existent. Taylor Lautner returns to overact his way throughout the whole thing. Graciously he's in this film less and while he's always had better chemistry with Stewart than Pattinson, its still pointless. The rest of the Cullen/Swan/Wolf family all return in full vigor acting as bad as ever and keeping you barely awake through the whole film.

I don't understand how director Bill Condon who has worked on far more serious projects, though none outstanding, could look at this script and think, "Yes let's do this!" They have to know how completely awful this is. Maybe they just know that Twilight has millions of people mesmerized so it wouldn't matter what they'd do. As far as I'm concerned they could have played two hours of Edward picking Daisies and people would have reacted the same as they did to this film and it would have been equally as interesting. This was utter crap. Watch the first half hour for the wedding and some of the scenery and then turn it off and do yourself a favor and don't support this series anymore than it already is. This was really frightening at how bad a movie can be and still make money. 2/10

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

2 of 10

Author: Gre Mai
8 February 2012

Two points. One for comedic value and one for campness. It's hard not to make like Freud and keep seeing the author's stunted psychological growth in every juvenile plot turn and scene. The utter serious sincerity with which this deprived teenage fantasy is acted out is pretty Lynchean. The acting is too good for this film. This makes a trippy viewing. Imagine a third rate soap opera that is classically bad and cringe-worthy. But the actors treat it like a quality production. What also contributes to bizarreness is the rather unexpected turn to straight horror when the Thing is about to be born. Basically (although I'm now considering giving it another point for strangeness), this film is only worth seeing if you can make the most out of the campness and the unintended humour. Make it into a drinking game or something.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:


Author: jazzjazzjj from United States
28 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched about 5 minutes of this film before leaving the theater. There are a few things that immediately turned me off- 1) It seems like they try to use Jacob's body as a filler for a lack of plot substance. I mean in all of the movies the viewer sees Jacob half naked running around in the rain. :/ ...... so when he took his shirt of in the opening beat it was a big WTF moment.... :/ 2)What were Bella and Eddie talking about??????????? He started saying how Bella doesn't know the real him and how he killed child molesters and murderers at one point in his life. :/ really? this was a real concern for him? He is a vampire and he is having a conversation about him only killing murderers but he feels bad about it...... this movie is for the brain dead......

The End

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

What the hell?...just...just what the hell?

Author: LordDico from United States
5 January 2012

I guess before hand, i should talk about the other films just to get it out of the way. The first film, directed by Catherine Hardwick, was a boring schlock-fest, based on the book series that, for some UNEXPLAINED reason, has a cult following. But the first film was just boring, lousy, had no story, bland acting you'd find in an exploitation film, and effects that make Michael Bay fall into a coma with boredom. The Second film, New Moon, had gone lower, with it's effects even cheesier, the acting just as bland, and hundreds of unintentionally funny moments that make the film just as bad. And lastly, Eclipse, which has been considered the best by many, but considered the worst by others. I considered it the worst, due to it repeating the same conversations over and over again, and having a backstory from one of the villains be much more interesting to learn than the bullshit love-story that we have to listen to.

Now...Breaking honestly is the worst of them. I'm not kidding. I'm still trying to figure out how this is possible.

Breaking Dawn part 1 is nothing but a padded out mess of a film, that adapts from the book into 2 films, but in this case, THERE'S NO REASON FOR THERE TO BE 2 FILMS! Hell, there's literally no reason for this to be a film series at all! With what little story, character development, and acting, you could easily make the Twilight movies into 3 films at the least! They pad this movie constantly with montages, and yet it's rushed when by the end of this movie she has the baby and becomes a vampire. If you've rushed your movie to where it goes down to the final battle that's coming in part 2, what the hell's the point of even HAVING 2 films?! And plus, for them to mention such grizzly stuff that happens in the book, yet they don't have even decide to go all out on it, then why the hell didn't you just do THAT?! It still would've sucked, since this whole series is crap, but it would've been the least bad of them! Twilight doesn't even deserve to be called a saga, if it has nothing to offer! Story? It padded. Characters? What characters? Heart? It has none. Cinematography? Painful on all levels! If anything, the Harry Potter films are worthy of the name 'saga' because it has all. Story, characters, heart, and great cinematography. I will at least admit, that Stephanie Meyer had an interesting idea. It sounded interesting, but after watching these films, it makes me sick now. These films are butchering the vampire genre! Vampires don't sparkle! Werewolves do not change on their own! Why is Bella Swan considered the icon of teenage girls of this generation? If that's the case, then this is offending every teenage girl AND guy to a high level! For this series to be one of the highest grossing franchises around and MTV giving it the reward for Best Drama and Best Film is shameful. If this series wants to get some...SOME appreciation from everyone as what it's stated by people, then it should be rebooted and redone in a way that people would enjoy! The only characters that are sympathetic are Jake and Charles (Bella's dad). They're reasonable. They have character. They actually know how to do well!

Overall, Breaking Dawn part 1 is POINTLESS! The only reason these films are made are for money. That's all they are! They're cash-grabbers. If anything, these films should be put on trial for assault on the vampire and werewolf genre, and thievery on everyone's wallet and purse!

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:


Author: LeelouLO from Romania
15 December 2011

I had such high expectations before and such a disappointment after watching it. The actors played well their parts. I think Kristin played her best part ever, since the beginning of the Saga. Robert on the other hand, was quite plain. As if the attention was all focused on the Bella character and Edward was in the back. I did not like this. I expected them to be at their best moment, together. I expected the pair to equally share the spotlight or at least feel something when Edward was in the spotlight...

There are huge gaps in the storyline. I found that the moments are not glued well together. It's like, the movie is a brief description of the main moments from the last book and that is all. I cannot see or feel the movie as a whole but only as a collage of video clips.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

over hyped

Author: ged_2k3 from United Kingdom
14 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I should begin by qualifying my position in the Twilight 'spectrum' as being firmly in the centre of what is a hostile battle between the book loving uber-fans and the self righteous saga-snobs.

I haven't read any of Stephenie Meyer's novels but her success suggests that she's doing something right and, up until now, I have enjoyed the blockbuster adaptations. Sadly, I always suspected that the fourth instalment would struggle to live up to the emotionally charged hype of its legion of fans, and I was right.

Many have drawn comparisons between the Harry Potter series, which also split the last book into two films. Being in the book loving uber-fan category of Harry Potter fans, and given the rich complexity of the story in the final book, I understood this decision, however even I felt some cynicism towards the motivation behind it. In the case of Twilight, without actually knowing what is to come in the conclusion of the series, I can see no other reason for splitting the book than financial reward.

In my opinion, the entire content of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 can be condensed into about 40 minutes, less if you're really stuck: Wedding; Honeymoon; Pregnancy; Birth; Death; Red eyes. That's about the size of it; everything else is largely irrelevant filler. Most films like this start with a 'scene setting' phase before getting into the meat and bones of the story and then end with the climax, yet I found myself about 45 minutes in wondering when we were going to leave the 'scene setting' phase. That said, even the most content bursting follow up would have the space to accommodate the Part 1 preamble.

It had too much angst, not enough content, a worse than usual soundtrack, and cheesier than usual dialogue and was redeemed only by its exciting 30 minute climax (although the overly gory birth scene could have been toned down).

I can only hope that the saga will be saved by the final instalment, and who knows, I may even decide to read the books after all.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

More of the same trash that's populated the rest of the series

Author: Hellmant from United States
14 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


The first of a two part adaptation of the fourth (and final) book in the immensely popular vampire teen romance saga (by Stephenie Meyer). Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the cast all return to this excruciatingly drawn-out chapter. Melissa Rosenberg wrote the screenplay once again (she's written every film adaptation in the series) and Bill Condon (of 'DREAMGIRLS' fame) directed this time around. If you've hated the other chapters in the series you'll undoubtedly hate this one as well but oddly even a lot of fans are severely disappointed with this film (which surprises me because most of the things that are awful in it have been awful the entire franchise, so I didn't really notice anything that different.) It is undeniably the worst of the series though, for me it wasn't that much more painful to watch than any of the others.

This time around Bella (Stewart) marries Edward (Pattinson), much to Jacob's (Lautner) disappointment. Jacob is even more upset when he finds out, at the reception, that Bella plans to consummate her marriage to Edward while she's still human (which could hurt or even kill her). A great deal of the film is then spent with Bella and Edward on their honeymoon and the dangers of vampire/human sex become more and more apparent. Things especially become gloomy when Bella realizes she's pregnant with a nonhuman baby. This puts her in grave danger when the wolf pack learn of the pregnancy and decide they must stop it.

This film is pretty much just more of the same trash that's populated the rest of the series but things just drag on more. The dialogue and acting are atrocious and Stewart (the strongest actor of the series) is severely underused and her part is underwritten. There's a strong pro-life message, even at the risk of the mother's life and bringing a possible deadly demon in to the world, that a lot of people have a problem with and there's a lot of life threatening sex. The movie is a joke like all the others and like all the others it is extremely humorous in unintentional ways and entertaining just due to it's overwhelming cheese factor. Some fans of the series will enjoy it but most will hate it and no one should see it, unless you're just looking for a good laugh I guess.

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