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A Complete Disappointment.
Pratik Jasani19 June 2009
A lot had been expected from this movie since it was the first to be released since the two month dispute ended but it was not to be as what had been expected. The only thing about the marketing for this movie was Vaishali Desai's interview on one of the TV channels and nothing else due to the dispute. A young man from the North goes to city to study but upon his arrival at the college, not many like him and slowly and gradually he starts to win them over. But one girl, who is rich and a brat, hates him.

Starring Rishi Kapoor, Archana Puransingh, Satish Shah, Farida Jalal, Riteish Deshmukh , Rahul Dev, the movie sees two new actors, Vaishali Desai, grand daughter of the legendary director, Manmohan Desai and Jacky Bhagnani. Juhi Chawla makes a special appearance only and is directed by Vivek Sharma, while Vishal – Shekhar provide the music score.

The only good thing was Riteish Deshmukh and his comedy. Vaishali Desai is also good but nothing else that is good can be said about this as plots out nowhere are thrown in. Firstly, love story and then terrorist. Unfortunately, nothing makes sense with this and is a complete disappointment and a waste of time – even after two months. And a lot of good talent was wasted.
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After 2 months, this is torturous.
jSk14 June 2009
Film starts - few instances of humor.

Film continues - old-age-Indian-cinema-brought-alive when NIHAL (lead character) knocks the hell out of 4 biggies all alone.

Film continues - Song after song, terrible songs.

Film continues - We realize Nihal has the power, to see the future. And wow! He happily tells everyone through the media after he foresaw a blast and prevented it. And guess what? The entire world does not doubt that he may be the culprit, but believes him straight ahead! Film continues - well, let me not spoil it for the few who may want to see it.

What really frustrates you is the performance, of all, the lead roles, the supporting roles, the criminals, and etc, etc.

You can never figure out what this is - a love story? A terrorist story? What is it? No idea...

And then the climax - again, 10 bad guys who beat him bad. And then? Well... some my-girl-inspires-me-thing gets into him and he beats 5 people as if they were kids - and 10 others run away. AMAZING BOLLYWOOD! GROW UP! Once again I disagree with Times of India. They gave this movie 2 stars. NO WAY! It deserves 1/2. 1/2 star. And only because there is nothing below that. Sad. This isn't what we've been waiting for since 2 months. No way.
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This is an average movie
sumanbarthakursmailbox19 December 2009
Yet another film that features a protagonist who can peep into the future, Kal Kissne Dekha stars newcomer Jackky Bhagnani as small-town bumpkin Nihaal Singh who arrives all wide-eyed in Mumbai to pursue his college education. Evidently the makers of this film haven't set foot on a Mumbai campus or they'd have known such sprawling universities have no address in Maximum City, sadly they only seem to exist in Karan Johar films – and even those are shot in London or Scotland. Anyway, Nihaal soon falls for spoilt little rich girl Misha (played by first-timer Vyshalee Desai) after he saves her from a bomb that would have blown her into bits if he hadn't 'seen' it with his special powers just minutes before. Next thing he knows, everyone from his buddies to the college principal is hounding him with questions about their future. A physics professor (played by Rishi Kapoor in a ridiculous grey wig) assigns Nihaal to a personal project he's been working on, and unwittingly gets the kid to help him create a device that could jam the city's communications network. What Nihaal doesn't know is that the Prof intends to use this jammer to allow his terrorist buddy to sneak in and plant bombs across the length and breadth of Mumbai. You don't need to be a genius to guess that in the end, Nihaal must use his special powers to locate each bomb before it goes off, and to rescue his sweetheart from the clutches of the bad guys. Directed by Vivek Sharma (of Bhootnath shame), Kal Kissne Dekha is your outdated B-grade potboiler whose sole ambition is to herald the arrival of a second-generation film kid – in this case Jackky, son of the film's producer, veteran Vashu Bhagnani. As an advert for the debutant, I suppose the film just about serves its purpose -- Jackky can dance, Jackky can fight. But can Jackky act? From this film you cannot tell. Convenient and incohesive, the script of Kal Kissne Dekha is filled with lazy lapses and holes so big you could drive a ship through them. You could forgive the absence of logic in this film and even the dozen-odd creative liberties that the script takes, if there was confidence in Sharma's direction. Problem is, Kal Kissne Dekha is anything but an assured effort. Supporting actors like Satish Shah, Farida Jalal and Archana Puran Singh ham through their scenes, and only Rishi Kapoor himself can enlighten us on why an actor of Rishi Kapoor's calibre would accept a thankless role like this. Your heart goes out to poor Ritesh Deshmukh who provides the film its gratuitous comic track, appearing as a guise-swapping don. If you look closely, you'll notice an overweight Sanjay Dutt show up like a junior artiste in precisely three shots in a song sequence, and even the charming Juhi Chawla makes an embarrassing one-scene cameo. None of this helps. Because Kal Kissne Dekha is made from the pocket and not the heart. The eye-watering foreign locations, the slick production values – they don't distract your attention from the painfully predictable script and the amateurish execution. Newbie Vyshalee Desai is too raw and fails to make any impression, and Jackie Bhagnani – for whom this film exists – has only his confidence going for him. Kal Kissne Dekha is much like those bad '90s potboilers that we'd be happy never to revisit again.Send your enemies to watch this one!
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The sincere effort of Jackie gets ditched by a baffled script.
bobbysing5 July 2009
Kal Kissne Dekha, is the first movie to be released after the patch up between the producers and cinema owners. It is considered to be a major venture, since it's the launching pad of Vashu Bhagnani' son, Jackie Bhagnani. The boy looks fresh and has impressive acting and dancing abilities to his merit. But unfortunately he becomes a victim of a below the mark execution of a weak and repetitive script. The film is based on a future gazing plot, also seen in some recent releases, such as "Aa Dekhen Zara" & "8 X 10 Tasveer". And like these two, Kal Kisne Dekha, also goes on the same path where the direction fails to execute & materialize the interesting plot on screen.

The movie starts off from a village in Punjab with all the characters speaking dialogues, in a deliberate mix of Punjabi & Hindi. This very scene brings down all the excitement level as using Punjab and its background in movies has now reached a saturation point. We have already seen the same kind of sequences and dialogues between a Punjabi mother and his son several times before. So it's time, Bollywood directors start thinking beyond Punjab.

From Punjab, the story moves on to Mumbai where, Nihaal (Jackie) joins his College and also gets to meet his lady love, Meesha (Vaishali Desai). Here we again are served with repetitive scenes of riffs between seniors and freshers, small fights between the lead couple, and then love emerging from both sides, as a requisite. As Nihaal and Meessha fall in love, we are also introduced to Rishi Kapoor, a Physics Professor in the College who in reality is the technical brain behind a dangerous Terrorist Group.

However, the main plot of the movie, revealed much later, is the Future Predicting power possessed by Jackie. He is gifted with a vision to predict the future events and thus is able to save many lives. Strangely, this plot of future gazing, which should have been given the main emphasis, is used in a very light and unimpressive manner by the director. You never feel excited knowing that the Hero can predict future. Neither there are any thrilling sequences which make you jump on to the corner of your seat. In fact, you feel sorry for Jackie, who keeps on trying hard to bring the viewer into the movie but gets ditched by the screenplay in a big way.

Particularly, the scene where Jackie discloses his precious gift of a vision in front of his college friends, Police & Media is filmed in a very childish manner. For example, on knowing about his futuristic vision, one of the reporters asks, "How do you see those visions, in black & white or in colour?" Quite funny! The climax sequence of Jackie, predicting the hidden bombs planted in different places is also directed in a very simple style, which fails to generate any curiosity in the viewer.

Director Vivek Sharma, did a good job in "Bhoothnath", where he came out with some good emotional scenes along with a pleasant comedy touch. But in "Kal Kissne Dekha" he seems to be confused between the love theme and thriller plot of the movie. The script tries to incorporate all the famous Bollywood ingredients into it, which in turn completely spoils the final product.

Performance wise, Jackie Bhagnani, definitely shows promise and has surely got the talent to watch out in future. Unluckily, he didn't get ample support from his director and writer in his debut movie, even when it was his own home production. His personality also has a slight resemblance with Uday Chopra, which should be worked upon for his next ventures. Vaishali, as his love interest, acts well with confidence, but looks more like a glamorous model in many sequences. They both look good together on the screen, especially in the song sequences shot brilliantly.

Interestingly there is a long list of reputed artists, wasted in the movie, doing unimportant things at regular intervals. Rishi Kapoor, plays a negative character of an insane scientist and doesn't seem to be natural in that. Ritesh Deshmukh, is there trying to make you laugh but fails to do so in an undefined role. Sanjay Dutt can be seen dancing as a DJ in a song, but you may not spot him, if not watching carefully. Juhi Chawla, gives a surprising cameo as a Stage Anchor in the Shopping Mall, who simply vanishes when a Bomb is reported under the stage.

Rahul Dev as the main terrorist, Satish Shah as Meesha' father, Farida Jalal as Meesha's caretaker & Archana Puran Singh as Jackie's mother, have nothing much to do in their under-written roles. Archna's character of a Punjabi mother, coming to the city for his son, also reminds me of a similar character of Sunny Deol's mother in "Jo Bole So Nihaal". Interestingly Jackie's name "Nihaal" is also the same as Sunny Deol's in the above mentioned flick.

Sajid-Wajid's music in the movie could only reach the average mark with no particular song as a front runner. And as usual the songs are placed at places where they were not required at all. Though, there are some great natural location canned beautifully by the cinematographer, but the locations also keep on jumping from local to foreign ones with no continuity as such.

Summing up, "Kal Kissne Dekha" is a victim of some baffled writing trying to incorporate both a love story and a thriller, into the same project. It has only Jackie Bhagnani sincerely trying his best to do the right things but everyone else doesn't seem to be interested.
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Much better than expected
math_wiz_00714 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie expecting a stupid wannabe movie about two people who fall in love with a pointless twist of having visions that is not really explored at all. When I saw the movie, I was very positively surprised. Both Jacky and Vaishali acted very well for their first movie and the story was nice as well. The first half of the movie is romantic with some action. The action was not very intense, but it was there. There was some drama and comedy as well. Both of the main characters did an excellent job establishing their character, and who can forget the hilarious and adorable Bebe played by Archana Puransingh? The story was well played out with a little touch of sci fi and lots of action. The second half was very much a thriller and it was definitely well played out. Overall, the movie had the perfect blend of genres and the actors acted very well. I'd love to see them again in new movies. The backdrop of college was youthful and entertaining and the soundtrack was upbeat and melodious at the same time. I would recommend this movie for sure.
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rocking movie!!!
reemathadhani12 June 2009
I went in the theatre with my expectations, well, not sky high, and I am coming back pleasantly surprised. Surrealistic genre is hardly tried in Indian cinema, and those who try it, make a mockery out of it, but Director Vivek Sharma has delivered a film that balances all the finer aspects of bollywood with the rare and wonderful concept of bollywood in one film. Jacky Bhagnani looks amazingly comfortable as an actor, and plays his role of an odd ball yet charming youngster quite well. The college scenes of the movie are real breeze, thoroughly enjoyable (I didn't think I would ever say that after watching 1000 movies with same college scenes), and the twist in the tale is well executed. At the end of it, I think this is going to be the surprise hit of the year, and I won't be surprised to see this new kid Jacky join the league
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