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The film was shot entirely practically, meaning no sound stage or green screen or CGI. The actors were truly suspended over fifty feet in the air on the side of a real mountain in Utah.
At Sundance Adam Green told a story about how the spot where they shot Frozen was supposedly haunted by a suicide victim who had killed himself in that very spot a year before. This was validated by an audience member during the Q&A at Sundance. She personally knew the victim.
Actor Kevin Zegers did the scene with the wolves starting to swarm around him (just before the actual attack) without a stunt double. When one of the wolves got too close for comfort, the trainers had to pull the wolves away and filming had to stop. In the film you can see a few frames of the black wolf walking right up into Kevin Zeger's face as Kevin tries to look away for help from the crew.
To get the shots of the chairlift moving with the actors speaking on it, director Adam Green and director of photography Will Barratt shot everything themselves as the film's hired camera crew was too nervous to dangle at those heights.
Ironically, Shawn Ashmore played Iceman in the first three X-Men movies.
Shawn Ashmore and Kevin Zegers are close friends in real life.
When trying to find the right spot to shoot the movie, some of the crew were scouting the area from one of the chairlifts. One suggested a spot 50 feet above the ground and the chairlift, almost magically, just stopped. They knew right then and there that this was the right one.
Where possible, Adam Green chose not to go to the bathroom when he needed to during most of the scenes, out of deference to his actors who didn't have that luxury.
In the scenes where you can see the actor's breath it is early in the night and they were still relatively warm in their costumes. If you can't see their breath it means it was a scene shot much later in the night when their body temperatures had dropped substantially.
The wolves were only on set for 4 days.
When the wolf takes down actor Shawn Ashmore, it is actually a boarder collie in that one shot. The German shepherd that was trained to do the stunt mysteriously died two nights before the scene was shot.
Actress Emma Bell was the very first person to audition for Frozen. After sitting through weeks of other auditions, Adam Green hired her for the role as she had set the bar too high for anyone else to compete with.
Every character in the film is named after a close friend of director Adam Green.
The first night Dan, Joe, and Parker are on the lift, Joe starts a conversation about the worst way to die. Dan says to him, it would be being eaten alive by a shark, which leads to a discussion of the movie Jaws (1975). One of the production companies for "Frozen" is called "A Bigger Boat", a name taken from Sheriff Brody's line from "Jaws" ("You're gonna need a bigger boat).
Amongst the many challenges that the production faced, one of the chief ones was the fact that writer-director Adam Green is terrified of heights.
The first time anyone ever saw Frozen was at Ain't It Cool News' Buttnumbathon event in Austin, TX in December of 2009. It was a surprise screening where Frozen played alongside Shutter Island, The Lovely Bones, and Avatar. One woman in the audience fainted and was carried out after watching Kevin Zegers' character jump from the lift to the ice fifty feet below.
Filmed at Snowbasin Ski Resort in Ogden, Utah though the story takes place at a fictitious New England mountain called "Mount Holliston". Holliston is the town where Adam Green grew up. There are no ski mountains there.
The main characters are named after Adam Green's real life friends "Joe Lynch", "Dave Parker", and "Spooky Dan Walker". Though the names were originally temp names in the first draft of the script, everyone got used to them and they stayed that way for the film. There is a moment when Lynch says to Dan "That's kind of spooky, Dan" as a shout-out to Spooky Dan Walker.
Frozen's UK Premiere was at FrightFest in Glasgow, Scotland, a festival that Adam Green is very fond of and attached to as he attends the London edition of FrightFest every summer whether he is promoting a film or not.
Twisted Sister's Dee Snider is the voice from the top of the mountain who announces "Last chair is through." Dee's son Cody was the director's assistant on the picture and cameos in the lodge wearing a Twisted Sister T-shirt.
Adam Green's old band "Haddonfield" performs on the soundtrack. After Parker strikes the deal with the lift operator, that is Green singing on the loudspeaker. The song is called "Among The Dogs".
The first take was used when Emma Bell removes her frozen hand from the safety bar of the chairlift.
An audience member fainted at the film's first showing at the Sundance Film Festival (though this could be attributed to the festival's high altitude).
Actor Joel David Moore (a frequent staple in Adam Green's films) is the voice from base who tells "Cody" (played by Kane Hodder) to turn around in the snow cat and come back.
There is a giant "Newbury Comics" billboard at the base of the mountain to help sell that the film takes place in New England. It is also a reference to Adam Green's first film Hatchet (2006) which featured the comic/DVD/music store's "tooth face" logo on lead actor 'Joel David Moore''s T-shirt.
Adam Green uses much of the same key crew positions in every project he does and chooses his projects based on whether or not he can work with his friends. The man on the "Missing" poster in the lodge is Green's usual camera operator BJ McDonnell who couldn't shoot Frozen because he had already booked work on Rob Zombie's Halloween II (2009). The poster is meant to be a shout-out and a dig at BJ for missing the shoot.
The production could only afford to light the first 4 cable car towers.
One of the chief influences on writer-director Adam Green for the look of the film was Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men (2006).
Adam Green hit on the idea for the film just prior to going to Canada to start production on the film Grace (2009). As he was only a producer, he could sit in a corner and work on the screenplay. He completed his first draft round about the time that filming wrapped.
Kevin Zegers was the first person cast for this film.
Rileah Vanderbilt is director Adam Green's wife.
Shawn Ashmore did his own stunt when he gets pushed down on the snow by Chris York.
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Will Barratt:  The Director of Photography cameos as "Sullivan" the employee who runs by pretending not to hear "Rifkin".

Director Cameo 

Adam Green:  Green and fellow genre director Joe Lynch cameo as two disgruntled patrons on the chairlift the first time the chairlift stops.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The script never revealed the exact way that Dan died as the full horror of the situation was supposed to be reflected in the reactions of his two friends. Nevertheless Kevin Zegers did enact a death scene where he gets savaged by the wolves on the off-chance it would be required for foreign sales.

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