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Frozen delivers enough thrills and gory chills to satisfy the horror film crowd, but is not written, directed or acted well enough to be a first-rate thriller.
Chicago Tribune
The film moves along, in its paradoxically static way, at a pretty fair clip. I look forward to Green's follow-up.
While the actors are game, their characters are awfully generic.
A stuck chairlift just doesn't exert the same primal terror as a roiling sea, and to make up the difference, Green would need a better cast and sharper dialogue than he has here.
An effective, no-frills gruel-a-thon if that’s your cup of Swiss Miss, and it explores such burning questions as: What happens if you’re dumb enough to leave your bare hand on a metal safety bar overnight?
Don't be surprised if the movie's most wince-inducing moments come not from the "disturbing images" (as the MPAA describes the sight of a leg bone sticking six inches out of one character's ski pants) but rather of the bad acting and worse dialogue.
Village Voice
Green also can't maintain the suspension of disbelief necessary as we watch three charmlessly written characters bicker and attempt inane ideas. It's one thing to be scared with them, and quite another to feel trapped with them.
Better to defrost "Alive" or "The Edge" from the video icebox.
It's difficult to get into its "What would I do?" vibe, though, through so thick and transparent a barrier of contrivances.
Wall Street Journal
Adam Green's Frozen explores a tiny idea exhaustively, and I mean exhaustively.

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