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The best kind of horror film, about innocent people plunged into mind-boggling circumstances beyond their control.
Frozen delivers enough thrills and gory chills to satisfy the horror film crowd, but is not written, directed or acted well enough to be a first-rate thriller.
The film moves along, in its paradoxically static way, at a pretty fair clip. I look forward to Green's follow-up.
An effective, no-frills gruel-a-thon if that's your cup of Swiss Miss, and it explores such burning questions as: What happens if you're dumb enough to leave your bare hand on a metal safety bar overnight?
Frozen would get props for a novel plot, except that its storyline appears to be ski-lifted from the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode where Larry is stuck on a chairlift with an Orthodox Jewish woman who is terrified of being seen with a man after sunset.
It's difficult to get into its "What would I do?" vibe, though, through so thick and transparent a barrier of contrivances.
Time Out New York
Better to defrost "Alive" or "The Edge" from the video icebox.
Relies far too much on an overdose of gore and a pack of hungry wolves to deliver its chills.
Wall Street Journal
Adam Green's Frozen explores a tiny idea exhaustively, and I mean exhaustively.
If you actually sit through this enervating ordeal, you'll swear that time is Frozen.
Frozen is good for five minutes of "What would you do if?" games. Then it's just stiff as a board.

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