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Great short, very well done
jaxscript12 February 2010
This was one of my favorite shorts from this past years Atlanta Film Festival(2009). It was shot well, but this was from an FSU film student and that is to be expected from what is considered by many as the best Film school on the east coast. The film moved very well, the acting was believable and the story itself was very good. I don't even want to describe the excellent twist in this short for fear of ruining it for you, so lets just say everything is not always how it appears. The director lets us figure out the twist by showing, not telling and staying true to the art of film. (Although eventually one character states out loud what's happening for anyone who was still lost, but in a way that didn't feel spoon fed.) The writer/director did a good job of drawing us into his story and blindsiding us with a truth we didn't see coming. I'm looking forward to see what he produces next.
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