Gangster Squad (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

police gangster
police officer judge
murder samba singer
police badge ends with narration
ends with biographical notes bloody face
thompson sub machine gun with drum magazine firefight
bullhorn throwing knife
reference to claude rains sledge hammer
shooting from a car shooting a can tossed in the air
using a match for light pump action shotgun
thompson sub machine gun with box magazine roulette
male in a bathtub threatened with a straight razor
fighting in an elevator bar shootout
nightclub shootout bathtub
card game police officer killed
shooting range love triangle
silencer neck breaking
garrote head butt
interrogation torture
informant threatened with a knife
gasoline barn
fire restaurant
prostitute brothel
crime lord money laundering
wisecrack humor target practice
black cop falling down stairs
beaten to death martial arts
hand to hand combat stylized violence
warrior anti hero
based on article good versus evil
car accident car crash
hand grenade assassination attempt
showdown maid
deception accidental killing
child murder gunslinger
police corruption freeze frame
jail break prison
ex boxer swimming pool
handcuffs arrest
rifle airport
crime boss mafia boss
newspaper headline news report
crime scene childbirth
pregnancy media coverage
premarital sex cigarette lighter
cigar smoking revenge
machismo dual wield
revolver gatling gun
wiretapping electronics expert
tough cop knife
police vigilantism police brutality
maverick cop detective
elevator torso cut in half
attempted rape driveby shooting
undercover cop undercover
exploding body exploding truck
bodyguard lawyer
voice over narration camera
gang violence g man
action violence sex in bed
love redhead
kissing while having sex kiss
police bust femme fatale
evil man police detective hero
fbi agent fbi
villain hero
fist fight critically bashed
neo noir police shootout
street shootout chicago illinois
opening action scene hitman
gunfight drugs
1940s tough guy
action hero no opening credits
fountain villain arrested
pulp fiction male in bathtub
fight machine gun
brutality slow motion scene
fistfight violence
death gore
blood reference to mickey mouse
pistol whip drill in the head
organized crime knife in hand
knife in the chest mob boss
hit with a chair person on fire
beating acid
casino dog
mansion reference to frank sinatra
world war two veteran ambush
burning money eavesdropping
grenade car chase
witness shot in the back
shot in the stomach christmas
chinatown los angeles heroin
drug dealer murder of a police officer
bare chested male boxer
ex soldier pregnant wife
bar title appears in writing
title spoken by narrator strangulation
escape from jail shootout
impalement knife throwing
husband wife relationship murder of a child
home invasion masked man
robbery gone awry character repeating someone else's dialogue
corruption corrupt cop
lens flare exploding car
explosion burned alive
finger gun shot to death
shot in the leg shot in the shoulder
shot in the chest shot in the forehead
shot in the head hollywood california
brawl punched in the face
police chief police detective
police sergeant murdered in an elevator
man slaps a woman pimp
hotel shotgun
pistol tommy gun
mobster red dress
cigarette smoking nightclub
burbank california blood splatter
torn in half police station
year 1949 los angeles police department
two word title mafia
los angeles california lapd
death of father death of friend
death of child based on true story
based on book character name in title
title spoken by character

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