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Plot Summary

  • The team hopes to solve rehab-unwilling Nate's drinking problem by eliminating the root cause. So they want to go after Ian Blackpoole, CEO of the insurance company which denied Nate's son vital medical help. Blackpoole is a leading Renaissance art collector, so the scam is to sell to him a fake of one of the two models Michelangelo made for his David and have Ian 'exposed' as a fraud. Things get complicated first when Nate's ex-wife, a real art expert, volunteers to authenticate the fake. Worse follows when Nate's Nemesis Jim Sterling takes several team members hostage by surprise.

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • Nate needs revenge over rehab, so the team focuses on the man who disallowed young Sam Ford's treatment, IYS CEO, millionaire art collector, Ian Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe) for their next con. Nate will offer to sell a Michelangelo statue to Blackpoole and its authenticity will be verified by Eliot and Sophie, inserted as art experts. Maggie Ford nee Collins (Kari Matchett) appears unexpectedly. There are various complications, including the annoying Jim Sterling. Sophie always has her own agenda. Can one really con one's own crew and expect to be forgiven?

    - Written by LA-Lawyer
  • The team goes after the CEO of Nate's former insurance company, responsible for denying his late son's medical care, but the situation causes conflict among the crew.

    - Written by Anonymous


Nate stumbles out of a cab, pissed on two levels. There's a private function taking place at his old insurance company...

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