"Little Dorrit" Episode #1.5 (TV Episode 2008) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)



[Mrs Merdle's son Edmund Sparkler has proposed to Fanny Dorrit. Mrs Merdle explains to Fanny why she does not approve]

Mrs. Merdle: Sadly the fact is we are all creatures of society in one way or another. And the society in which I move will *never* recognise the society in which you and your sister move. I'm afraid we should find ourselves compelled to look down upon you with contempt. We should feel obliged to recoil from you with abhorrence.

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Arthur Clennam: Ah, I uh... I had a talk with Mr. Chivery, today. Uh... He wanted to speak to me about his son.

Amy Dorrit: Oh.

[Turns away]

Amy Dorrit: I wish he had not.

Arthur Clennam: He made me promise that I would say something to you. I know what these affairs of the heart are like, how we... how we hesitate. There's someone I care about very much, but I've held back from declaring my love.

Amy Dorrit: [Turns back to him] Not Mrs. Finching!

Arthur Clennam: No! No, no. Not Flora. No, someone much younger than Flora. You don't know her. But this is not about me. All - all I wanted to say is that if you love John Chivery, if you truly do love him, then seize your chance of happiness. You shouldn't sacrifice yourself for your father's sake. He'll be well looked after whether you marry or not.

Amy Dorrit: Please. Please stop.

[Looks away]

Amy Dorrit: I don't love John. Oh, I wish I could. It distresses me to see him unhappy. But I can't love him. Not in that way. Not to be his wife. And now everyone is unhappy or angry with me. I wish you hadn't spoken to Mr. Chivery. I wish you hadn't spoken to me.

Arthur Clennam: You will never hear another word from me upon the subject. I promise you.

Amy Dorrit: Thank you.

Arthur Clennam: [Taps her on the shoulder] Are we still friends?

Amy Dorrit: Yes.

[Holds back sob]

Amy Dorrit: Still friends.

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