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Season 2

23 Jan. 2009
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30 Jan. 2009
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6 Feb. 2009
Brazil: Piranha Soup
The guys reunite with Gisele, whom they had met on their previous trip to Jordan. A native to Brazil, Gisele shows them around Rio de Janeiro taking them hang gliding, to a football match, and into the Ghettos before they hit the road and head towards Cuiaba; to access the Pantanal - The world's largest marshland. Here they find poisonous plants, the worlds largest living rodents, and catch piranha for lunch - none of the reasons for why Justin ends up in the hospital. This is a chance for the guys to learn about Brazil's dangers before reaching the Amazon.
13 Feb. 2009
Brazil: Treading Water
There are so many things that can kill you in the Amazon rainforest. The guys rent a boat as protection and head down river to explore the rain forest. They find poisonous insects around every corner, angry snakes, and people living in huts built by hand. After getting stuck in a 70 meter high tree in an Amazonian thunderstorm, and getting attacked by vicious pink dolphins, the guys hop on a plane headed for the island of Fernando de Noronha to witness the hatching of close to 1000 sea turtles. The dynamic changes when Justin and Gisele know their time together will ...
20 Feb. 2009
Avoiding the resorts and the all-inclusive vacation, Scott and Justin rent a car and head towards the tobacco fields around Vinales. A friend who had visited Cuba a number of years back had stayed with a farmer while there and promised to bring photos back to him. Scott and Justin find the same farmer bringing him the photos and are invited into his home. From there they grab a couple of horses to head deep into the countryside to try some sugarcane and rum. Picking up hitchhikers along they way they arrive in Trinidad and are invited to take part in a traditional ...
27 Feb. 2009
Mongolia: Tribes and Tribulations
After being separated at the airport and put on different flights, Scott arrives late and his bag has gone missing. The guys prepare for a long trek out to the Nomadic Reindeer Tatsun tribe, but to get there, they will have to travel by van for a couple days before getting on horseback to finish the final leg of the journey. As nomads themselves, Scott and Justin find value in witnessing the tribes traditional way of life and the necessity of the nature around them.
6 Mar. 2009
Mongolia: Meals and Wheels
The guys stay with the Tsatsaan Reindeer tribe for a couple more days before the long trek back to Ulaan Bator. Scott and Justin stop along the way at a complete strangers ger (traditional Mongolian tent) where the three are invited in for fermented yaks-milk and some mix of goat organ soup. Craving adventure of a different variety, they rent ATV's and drive freely into the Gobi desert. Camping at night, and driving by day, the trio discover the ultimate idea of freedom, before running into various trouble on the road.
13 Mar. 2009
Iceland's raw nature, good hearted people and vast open spaces encourage Scott and Justin to brave the elements. From Reykajavik the guys rent a 4x4 truck and hit the open roads, no matter what the conditions. They encounter a family while sheep herding, and join in to help on their way to find adventure in the ice and glaciers . Active volcanoes, ice climbing and squeezing into an underground lava tube hint towards some of the personal strength needed to continue their world adventures.
20 Mar. 2009
Scott and Justin ultimately find themselves in the midst of some of the most wild roads and dangerous animals on the planet. Sleeping in a tree-blind while lions walk directly under them or taking a walking safari is no match to the real situation with the people they meet. The guys experience a way of life that is so drastically different than theirs, impoverished and battling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the guys witness the joy and sorrow at a small church ceremony and gain a fresh outlook from their new Zambian friends.
27 Mar. 2009
In order to meet the King in the village of Vohipeno, Scott and Justin have to take a long train ride through the rain forest and bring gifts for the kingdom. Along with a Rooster and Rabbit aptly named "Pancakes" and "Waffles", they make their way through Madagascar where they find lemurs, climb the jagged cliffs in Tsingy and develop friendships with a village full of chanting kids.
3 Apr. 2009
Chile: Ups and Downs
Despite Justin's difficulties with altitude sickness in India, they make their way up to 15,000 feet in the Altiplano of northern Chile. Justin gets sick and requires a hospital visit and oxygen. Beat down, he tries again, this time in the adventure mecca of San Pedro by biking down a mountain. They sleep in tents amongst the beautiful landscapes of active volcanoes, salt flats and pink flamingo reserves before heading to the mystical island of Chiloe. Here they experience life as it was one hundred years ago, and et strange and wonderful characters, including the ...
10 Apr. 2009
Chile: Ends of the Earth
History repeats itself as Scott and Justin push as far south as they can go. Adventure, fate, chance and the infestation of the travel bug all play a huge role. On one of the most remote islands on Earth, Easter Island, the guys experience the breath-taking awe of the infamous heads and try scuba diving again. They then head to Patagonia to help with Gaucho sheep-sheering and to visit a penguin island where a brave little penguin develops a crush on Scott. Their experiences in the southern-most town on Earth ultimately wins them a ticket to Antarctica, when by chance ...
17 Apr. 2009
The crew are headed to a place they never thought they would ever see in their lifetime - Antarctica.Claimed by some, owned by no one. A continent for peace and science, the betterment of all mankind. Scott and Justin are granted a rare opportunity to stay in the Chilean scientific base on King George Island. They spend a week learning about life on the continent, while visiting the nearby Russian and China bases, all perfect microcosms of their home countries. The three then get on a Russian expedition ship and head down the Antarctic peninsula to witness some of the...

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