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Don't Bother

Author: randallrayusa from United States
8 June 2009

SCI-FI Channel continues to go down hill. They take good actors and make stuff I can't make it all the way through without changing the channel. They kill decent shows like "Dresden Files" and deluge you with reality shows like "Ghost Hunters". Maybe they should change their name to Reality-FI :). Don't waste your time with this movie. The movie is slow paced with poor special effects. The story line is mediocre at best. None of the characters full develop. The move is a real bore with no substance or any real entertainment value. SCI-FI really need to rethink there approach to entertaining sci-fi fans. They have fallen off the mark and don't seem to be able to get on track.

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Wasn't good enough

Author: britmike-1 from United States
18 July 2009

The Arthur legend has led to some great movies and stories. This retelling of the story doesn't work. Not good mythology or good narrative. The script could have been pared down considerably. If Arthur is Celtic make the girl a red-head, not a Swedish blond. If Merlin is Welsh, he would have come from Noth Wales, not Swansea. What an accent. Merlin would have been more believable if he had used his beautiful spoken English. What are the Greek Gorgons doing in England, they belong in Greece. How did the sword get away from the Lady of the Lake? Try T.H. White's Once and Future King or try Geoffrey of Monmouth for better versions of this story. There is enough material in the Arthur legend without the Greek improvements. The Disney cartoon based on White was a much better story than this version.

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another variation on merlin and the round table

Author: tom-rusch from United States
20 July 2009

i'm a sucker these costume rehashes of Merlin and the knights of the Round Table. not much in the way of character development in this film - i guess you're required to know the general story well enough to understand who/what the characters reference.

Merlin, who i guess is supposed to be one of the leads, plays the character like a homeless person who's inhaled too many dangerous chemicals and is permanently deranged. 'daisy,' from Dead Like Me, tries to provide a moral center for the film, without success.

the rest of the cast stays in the background. even the 'bad guy' has minimal screen time and doesn't make much of an impact.

made it too the end only by using the 'fast forward' function of our DVR.

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Wow why does SciFi Channel put stuff out like this?

Author: meldaviszoo from United States
31 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Next question, why do I keep tuning in thinking they might actually do a good job with one of these movies? James Callis is cast into this role of Merlin and was made to use his voice in such a way that you want to smack the director. This is terrible... acting, the story could have been slightly interesting. But the acting, the direction, the music.. all of it horrendously reaching, indulgent crap. I feel terrible for the actors that signed on for this piece of network nightmare. It will now be reran on SciFi channel for the next few years, and now I know that when this is up on the TV's guide, I now how bad of a waste of time this is. This is as shallow as a drop of spit on a hot day in the desert.

SciFi needs to get someone to look at Eureka to see quality and try to scrape up a portion of it to get any future productions into any form of good film-making decency. The music... uggh I've heard video games with better soundtracks!

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Funny...but unintentionally

Author: pontram from Austria
25 April 2011

Despite this is a TV movie, I thought, it should have some quality, as James Callis, who was great as Gaius Balthar in Battlestar Galactica re-imagined, plays here the said Merlin.

It's the story of an old magician/warrior who turned his back on the world, but has to fight a last time against a young, but well-known enemy, together with the daughter and sons of his former comrades of the Artus-saga.

So far so bad, because it turns out that the plot, which has some potential for an entertaining fantasy movie (remember 'The Raven' with Vincent Price), is executed in a very cheap and unpleasant way, the directing has no feeling for unintentionally ridiculous moments, which are happening astonishing often.

James Callis as Merlin is completely out of place, he overacts far too much, maybe he tried to save the movie, but he hasn't yet the caliber to save a lost production, regardless how wide he opens his eyes, how heavy with meanings he dons his hood.

The rest of the crew is trying hard, but also fails against ridiculous dialogs, pathetic scenes and a script apparently from a children's book author or even his/her teen progeny - no pun intended.

From a children's view the movie may be entertaining, but I don't think it was intended for this audience, which should not be older than, say, 10 to 12 years. And if it did, I wouldn't welcome to see my children watching a movie made that sloppy...

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Not worth your time.

Author: Hodagz from United States
11 April 2010

So, I finished watching this movie today, and the only thing that was even half decent about it was the soundtrack. The acting was sub-par, the script was abhorrent, and the characters were more shallow than a kiddie pool. The effects were terrible, and all around I feel like I should be paid for even watching this movie. I was originally interested in this movie because the actor who plays Merlin was the actor for Baltar in Battlestar Galactica. I remembered how good of an actor he was in that television show, but sadly he was terrible in this movie, especially the accent he adopted for the role. All in all, don't waste your time.

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Unwatchably Bad

Author: Westcoastal from Vancouver, Canada
22 November 2012

I had to take the time to write a review of this movie, in the hope that it might save someone else who may be sucked into watching it. My clear advice here is to stay away from it - it's a dismal waste of time. I am someone who loves fantasy, who loves swords and sorcery, who loves Merlin and King Arthur, who should have loved this movie or at least found it enjoyable. I have no issues with low budget production or crude effects. I have imagination enough that stuff like that does not bother me at all. What I do have a problem with is bad writing and wooden, laughably bad acting. That is what killed this movie. The concept was fine, but the execution was terrible. I really felt like I was watching some terrible cosplay event among amateur roleplayers. Not recommended. Unless that's your thing.

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What a shameful waste of time...

Author: calgarywino from Canada
15 June 2012

I tried to watch this movie because I love the Merlin legends but it's just doesn't ever catch fire much less show a faint spark. With all the good series, mostly Sci Fi, that have come from the studios and locals in British Columbia I had hoped for more but this movie was only mildly more entertaining than watching paint dry.

The acting is wooden and there are no facial expressions or ease in the exchanges between actors and James Callis seems to have taken his character hints from Joe Cocker or maybe it's the directors fault but all the same surely some sort of expression other than a wide eyed stone faced monotone delivery would have been possible ?!

Please, Space Channel, stop showing it frequently (or totally would be better) and find something better even it is a repeat of something that will engage viewers and inspire more than a '?$%* why did I waste my time' response !

It's a pity that someone didn't have a match so set light to the would have at least been pretty to watch the flames of destruction.

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Not as bad as some are saying ...

Author: thelordofexcess from United States
30 June 2010

I think the people who are ranting against this film are missing the point. Yes .. clearly this was a very low budget film. It was a film comprised of about 10 actors ... with two scenes with some extras. The special effects were basically theatrical quality (as in a stage production). However, I would argue that a film with those things running against it ... the acting was far better than the overall production ... as was the script. Was it a "masterpiece" I think that is clearly not the case ... but was it the worst film of all time? Not at all. It was a delightful little film that was entertaining. If you are someone who likes fantasy, sword and wizardry stuff, a geek who likes Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons ... you might enjoy this film. If you are not either of those things ... you probably want to take a pass. Don't expect a big budget epic adventure ... if you go in with modest expectations you might enjoy the film. If your looking for super high quality, big budget Hollywood entertainment ... take a pass on this one. For what it was ... the film was good ...

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Author: corey-cwarrior from United States
19 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think they tried to make Merlin look like Jesus in this movie in hopes of redeeming their own souls for creating something so beautiful and terribly foul. I have composed a small list of why you should/should not watch this film. Who am I to say what tickles your fancy…

1. The most ridiculous writing/acting paired with epically dramatic music to really push it to a level of nonsensicalness I wasn't sure could be possible.

2. Merlin sounds like someone who has inhaled a lot of exhaust fumes and looks like Jesus. His acting in this movie reminded me of the heartfelt and emotional acting Arnold did in Terminator.

3. The princess receives the legendary Excalibur sword not from the Lady in the Lake…but from the sword in the stone in the middle of lake After battling a clone of herself. Huh…? (It was a very Zelda: Ocarina of Time moment)

Finally the director had a shimmer of hope - a decent looking girl in the middle of lake, wearing a white shirt battling her clone in hand-to-hand combat. That's how memories are made! Hormone driven teens everywhere were on the edges of their seats with their fingers poised over the pause button. But no joy on that one…fail.

4. FLY…FLY…FLYYYYYY!!!!! (When you see this, think Fear and Loathing and I believe you will enjoy that insane close up of our diabolical villains face)

And what did he summon from the evil depths of hell?! BLACK Dragons?! Demon HELL bats?! Those creeper wraith guys from Harry Potter?! No, instead he summons Eagles…EAGLES! PUHLEEASSEEE!!! Everyone knows eagles are not for bad guys to use.

I will give you two reasons why; first of all, Gandalf uses eagles in Lord of the Rings and obviously he was a good guy. Secondly, America. If you are a bad guy and you try to use and eagle for gain, as soon as you summon it, it will find an American flag, burst through it and rip your face off. I've seen it a million times.

5. Try to think of something that wouldn't belong in a movie about Merlin and the Knight of the Round. Did you think of gorgons? You know, Medusa? Well if you did good on you, if you didn't welcome to the club.

If you enjoy suffering through B-Movies as much as I do, then sit on down and kiss a piece of your life goodbye. If however, you were hoping to see a really good movie about Merlin then you should steer clear.

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