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#1 Best Paranormal Show so far.

Author: Matt Benton from United States
22 April 2015

This show is the best paranormal show on TV right now. And that is saying a lot because I watch pretty much all of them! They know what they are talking about most of the time and they are not afraid to speak their mind on the show. They are way more open to the spiritual world than let's say Ghost Hunters (TAPS). Ghost Hunters are in denial when it comes to the Demons. But this show isn't. Their reactions are more genuine. And so far every episode I have watched looks like none of their evidence looks faked and this is coming from another paranormal investigator that tries to debunk the fake evidence. I also like how they usually look for haunted locations that have a darker history. It makes it more interesting. And since they don't use a whole camera crew it helps them gather more evidence. Which is the main problem with most of the other paranormal reality shows. That is my opinion for this show.

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Great and Exciting with Few Flaws

Author: Ivey-Rose from Georgia, USA
13 April 2015

I think this is the best ghost hunting show out there. There is a lot of humor and very human reactions that really make the show exciting to watch; it makes it more evident, I believe, that what they are finding really is paranormal activity.

I find that the equipment they use to try to communicate to spirits are incredibly innovative. This team clearly puts in a lot of effort to get accurate results in their investigations, and as a viewer I really appreciate that. I like that they ask questions and attempt to follow up on the answers they might receive. I think, however, that they do not always follow up some EVPs and supernatural events as thoroughly as they ought to. Granted, in the heat of the moment it may not be the first thought on their minds, but there are times when I wish they would stop yelling and use their brains.

Also, Zac's grammar is horrendous, but quickly becomes a point of humor.

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Season 3 Episode 1

Author: secretone18 from England
1 February 2015

If any of you have watched season 3 episode 1 when I suggest you do watch it as it explained more than the other episodes as it was done live not like just tape the scenes mash it together and there you go you got an episode. Many of you think that what Ghost Adventures are doing is rubbish or not true but I will tell you it is 100% true. What Ghost adventures are doing is showing us what is out there and there might be something more than we see. To tell the you the truth from all paranormal investigators this one is more appealing than others because they show what they really can capture for us viewers to watch it. If you say you don't like these shows, you going to love this one.

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It's pretty good

Author: raynaking0 from United States
20 March 2015

I love the paranormal. I don't know if it's fake or not it just interests me. I've been watching this show on and off since 2008. I love all the stories and experiences. The show does a good job with the history of the places they investigate. They always get a good amount of "evidence" which is cool. I've seen some other paranormal investigating shows and they never get any evidence. Of course when something happens they get freaked out a little. It's fun to watch them get scared. I don't know if the show is fake but even if it was I think it's still entertaining. It's like going to the movies to see a scary movie. You know it's all fake but you still like it. The only thing I do not like about the show is Zak. He's a total d*****bag. He thinks he's so cool. He's one of those guys who wears tapout and affliction (yeah one of THOSE guys) and honestly he can be really rude sometimes to the people they interview. He's even rude to the ghosts! I think if the show dropped him it would be so much better. Nic (nik?) and Aaron could definitely keep the show going without him.

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Why bother debunking?

Author: wardkristen87 from United States
26 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is very good when you need a really big laugh. These cast freak over everything they hear or see. Last night i watched this show and could not stop laughing. I thought Zak Nick and Aaron were way to serious. It seemed every noise they heard they thought it was paranormal. I've watched ghost hunters and they seemed more professional and they are very good at debunking. This show is horrible at debunking and being professional, like i said last night i watched it they thought this noise was a moaning and clearly it was an owl. Zak and his crew need to calm down.They can make you laugh and smile, but they will not scare you.overall I gave this 5 stars because it was entering funny not scary and exciting.

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Interesting, often terrifying

Author: dorotka24 from United States
9 June 2009

I had sampled a number of reality haunted location shows in the past, such as Britain's "Most Haunted," and found them generally unappealing. Several of late have been more interesting, and "Ghost Adventures" is one of them.

The formula for each show is similar - a team of paranormal investigators spends time in a purportedly haunted location in the hopes of capturing evidence of activity, whether audio, video, personal, or other experiences. Much infrared and night vision camera work ensues, with many dramatic moments and even a few expletives. Afterwards their footage is reviewed and replayed to note any unusual anomalies, like EVPs, "orbs," noises, or occasional visual phenomena including apparitions.

Since I have a great interest in history, the highlight of the show for me is the fact that the crew visits a wide variety of locales throughout the United States that have long and storied pasts. Most of them are unknown to me, boosting my interest substantially. The host does a fine job of providing background for the locale and the purposes of the many rooms or buildings within, not to mention possible reasons for the hauntings. Some of the locales are buildings which have been long abandoned, and are private property not opened to the public. Much of the furniture, layout, and years of dust are preserved for all to see.

The supernatural phenomena captured by the crew is fascinating, and often disturbing. The show relies on the trust and belief of the viewer to convey the fear and drama, and unfortunately much of what we see could be explained or reproduced with special effects technology. But even if the supernatural phenomena could be explained away, there is a certain ambiance to large, spooky, and historic buildings that is in itself fear inspiring.

There are a few flaws that sometimes detract from the experience. The investigators themselves do not carry themselves as professionals, and are apparently amateurs. Although they are brave to spend the night in such places, the show oftentimes reminds me of a juvenile dare, as opposed to a serious investigation. The host can often be downright obnoxious, and his antics sometimes cut into the atmosphere of the surroundings. The focus for the crew is to create tension, and they clearly inject drama in an attempt to make the show more interesting to the audience. This is all right, but for me further reduces their credibility as investigators.

In the end, though, the show's strong points make up for its flaws in my opinion. I will always try to catch it whenever possible, and find it to be generally fascinating and terrifying.

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Author: Man99204 from United States
10 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler Alert... this is one of the all time STUPIDEST programs ever to appear on Americans Television. It has even less journalistic integrity than Fox News.

I live in Portland Oregon. A recent program was on "Shanghai Tunnels".According to the producer ""this City has a problem with human trafficking and prostitution.

What kind of drug is this man on?

There MAY, and I repeat MAY have been a problem OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO with seamen being "Shanghaied" , (put involuntarily on board a ship to fill out the crew). This was ONLY men. They were used as SEAMEN - At no time were they used as "prostitutes". The "Local Expert" who gave the Producer the background information on these tunnels is a TOUR GUIDE. He makes a living out of promoting these tall tales. So, obviously, there is a strong incentive here for him to exaggerate the situation for his own financial benefit.

Truth and Historical accuracy do not seem to have phased the producers of this STUPID STUPID series.

Do I believe in Ghosts? I will reserve judgment on this question. But one thing I do know is that this series is NOT the right venue to probe this controversial subject!

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Decent Show that died itself after Season 4!

Author: Sam_Jr from United Kingdom
8 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a non-American i caught this show on cable one night and quite enjoyed it so started DL'ing it from the beginning but after Season 4 the show becomes ruined mostly due to ego and bad editing. Although it has 3 ghost hunters it becomes clear the pecking order, with Zak Bagans the self-imposed leader and presenter of the show with his fellow editor Nik Groff next and Aaron who started off as a techy but evolved into co-star with the other two. The three visit "Haunted" buildings from around the world trying to capture any evidence of the paranormal using night vision cameras, digital recorders to capture EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) from ghosts and various gadgets said to help ghosts communicate. As mentioned the first few series have a novelty value and are quite interesting but it's clear with popularity comes ego and bad editing decisions which become more profound when stars of the show edit their own shows.

As the Seasons progress the interesting "Ghost Hunting" in the so-called haunted buildings become an after thought at the end as most of the show is background investigations. Suddenly as the show got more popular Zak spends long spells massaging his ego with minute long soliloquies with cringe-worthy, badly scripted garbage with the guys trying too hard to "entertain". Also as the seasons progress the actual ghost adventure is 10 minutes at the end of the show with the other 32 minutes made up of meaningless witness statement after tedious statement with Zak and Nik trying their hands at both acting and comedy and failing miserably on both counts. Whether it was their decision or the Travel Channel's orders is unclear but it has the feel of using filler to buff out a bare shell of a show with un-entertaining background noise. For a team of guys who constantly reiterate their goal of evidence based paranormal research and investigations they fill each episode with a constant stream of hearsay, legend and "witness" accounts from people who seem to be really into the paranormal.

With Aaron always being given the so called scary rooms, roles and jobs etc i was surprised to read all the comments about Zak being a bully and thought do these people not realise the good-cop bad-cop routine from the presenters once they realised it was popular with Zak getting the laughs to begin with and Aaron getting the "AWW poor Aaron" from the fans although the shine wore off quite quickly as Zak was labelled a bully on virtual media. Unfortunately when stars of reality type TV who just happen to also edit the show begin to read the fan mail the ego's expand and the substance and show withers and dies.

Pros Interesting subject prompting strong views from both believers and sceptics.

History of folklore spanning all continents containing some interesting tales and events.

Presenters (seasons 1-4 only) who show respect and interest in the field and search for evidence based proof.

Cons Shows popularity balloons the presenters egos so much that the show becomes more about them posturing and performing than ghost hunting.

Team's scientific evidence mantra becomes an afterthought as most of the show is based on legend, hearsay and endless witnesses which gives the impression of time fillers with little substance to reach 42 mins per episode.

Zak plays the leader sending Aaron to scary places and gets labelled a bully on social/reality media despite embarrassingly telling "evil" ghosts that he was bullied as a child and won't stand for bullying.

Whenever the guys interview someone who mentions a history of possession or exorcism, yes you've guessed it, that night Zak or Nik becomes possessed by an evil spirit, or convenient spirit as the case may be! lol

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Ahhhmazing show!

Author: eacovelli from United States
29 November 2010

This show is incredible! It is by far one of the more believable ones that are on TV and it makes you feel like you are there when they do the interviews! It is easy to keep up with and the three guys are absolutely hilarious! Every Friday night me and a group of friends goes out of the way in order to watch this show, we have a big party and we always are just speechless at the end of the show! The guy in charge, Zak Bagans, is just really real and good at this he found what he was meant to do and he does it well! Nick Groff is the one who is able to take a step back and keep things in a clear picture for the audience! Aaron Goodwin is good because you know it is real by the way he reacts! The three of these guys have the most amazing chemistry and it makes for an enjoyable show! If you haven't seen it you have to watch it and if you have you understand exactly what i am saying!!

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Eeeeek...A Mouse, No - A Ghost

Author: PartialMovieViewer from United States
12 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ghost Adventures – what can I say? I watch TV for entertainment and not for reality. Why should Ghost Adventures be any different than any other show? For this reason there is no reason to give this show a bad grade. Do I believe any of the stories – no! Do I get a good laugh - yes! The job these guys have is so cool and they get paid for it. I envy what they do and truly enjoy watching them eat every little scrap of haunting up - like a four year-older eating candy on Halloween – pardon the scary reference…yikes! They need to adopt a motto like, 'My "I Believe Button" is Always Pushed – No Skepticism Aloud.' When these shows bring in E.M.I. (Electromagnetic Interference) sensing devices I often wonder what part of the E.M. spectrum they are looking at. Where in the frequency spectrum are these ghosties hiding? To get a more accurate reading - I would suggest a hand-held spectrum analyzer with a small directional antenna, instead of some cheap plastic box with flashing lights. Lend some credibility to the show - please. This would also give 'researcher' Zak more chances to use key lines like: 'What in the hell was that?', or 'Stop running!' or 'Did you hear that?' This kind of information would help with in new phrase longer would you hear over and over, 'DISEMBODIED VOICE'. They could incorporate 'disembodied squiggly line on spectrum analyzer.' What the heck - sounds official to me. Anyways…my skepticism drags me into the realm of negativity and I refuse to wander down that dark and stormy path. This is a very enjoyable program with a whole lot of fun stuff going on. Zak and his team are a true 'hoot'. Next time the show is on, pop some popcorn, turn off all the lights and get ready for the ride of your life. You may never get scared, but it is so funny and entertaining watching each of these characters scare each-other – you may end up spilling your popcorn. Keep up the good work and I enjoy every minute. I have decided to come back and haunt master plan

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