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Haters gonna hate

Author: reeseslightning from United States
8 June 2011

Let me just start by saying that I love paranormal shows and this is by far, the best one I've seen. If you don't like paranormal or don't believe in it, then why are you watching it? For entertainment? Fine. You'll be entertained. Otherwise, what's the point of watching a show you hate?

Anyway, the reason I started watching GA was because of the Viscilla Axe Murder House. I was a little put off by the men's attitudes at first because that might be the most disturbing thing I've ever researched; it stays with you long after you hear about it and yet, none of the guys were showing any sign of sadness or sympathy for the victims. Then I realized that's just the sensitive girl in me (they can't walk around sobbing now can they? That's just unproductive) so I stopped and listened and before I knew it, I was completely hooked.

Until I saw that episode, I was an avid Ghost Hunters fan. Yet, comparing the two (and you can't help but to compare them) I can see why so many people have switched to GA; their passion really drives their curiosity of the unknown while with GH, it just seems like a hobby. I could be totally wrong about that, but that's how it comes across.

One thing I really appreciate is that the camera crew are also the hosts- and there's only 3 of them! They don't have teams which decreases the chance of contamination, which makes their evidence more solid. Often times during GH, I would wonder if it were the cameramen or sound guys making a sound and not admitting to it but with GA, you don't have to guess because their cameras are often trained on each other; Zak is talking to Nick's camera while Aaron is filming Nick. The guys are quite the characters too.

Aaron is the dramatic one. He can be over the top sometimes and is certainly the most jumpy out of the 3. He can often break the intensity of the situation with a simple open mouth gasp and it can either be annoying or hysterical. He seems timid when in a group setting, like he's more frightened by his co-hosts than the ghosts.

Nick is the experimental one (he's also known as the "Runner" from my friends because of his history of running when things got scary). At the risk of sounding childish, he's definitely my favorite one to listen to. By that, I mean compared to Zak's forceful voice, his is quiet but confident and he can provoke the spirits just as well. You can tell he likes being by himself as it gives him the freedom of having one on one contact with something paranormal-friendly or not. He's the perfect middle between Aaron's dramatics and Zak's ferocity; he's the calm between two storms essentially.

Zak is the leader. Despite his tough exterior, Zak has shown on many occasions that he has quite the sense of humor (for proof, see their Valentine's Day special). He's also gotten extremely emotional during some experiences- not crying, thank God- but they certainly add to overall effect of what I'm seeing. It wouldn't be the same if they have stoic faces during a terrifying EVP session or physical contact. He's the anchor of the show and without him and his tiny shirts, it just wouldn't be the same.

Sure, these guys can sound like they stepped into Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure but in a way, it works. It tells me that these are average guys who have a passion for something and they followed it. The learn experience from on the job and watching their first documentary to their latest episode, you can really tell how much they've grown from their experiences.

Those things being said, there are 2 things that bug me: 1) they don't show much debunking. That doesn't mean they don't do it, because they tell you if it's something non paranormal but I wished they did more debunking in general. Especially with banging and sounds. 2) Zak said on one case, that they don't like to get religious on cases, which I completely understand, but if you're going to say something's demonic...that's religious; "holy" water will do as much good as an umbrella during a tidal wave.

Of course, like any show that has the paranormal in it, you pretty much have to take their word for things. Are these guys trustworthy? If you don't think so, then at least you can be entertained for an hour.

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A solid entertaining paranormal-show

Author: morkulv_athferion from Netherlands
10 October 2009

When it comes to paranormal-shows (or more specifically ghost hunting shows) I think I've seen quite a few of it. Ghost Hunters (which is probably the most popular ghost hunting show nowadays), Most Haunted, and a few others come to mind. However, what I think distinguishes these shows from Ghost Adventures is the fact that Ghost Adventures has a lot more entertainment-value.

A lot of times it seems that people either love or hate this show. Whether they think that the three investigators Zak, Nick and Aaron are annoying, or that the show simply has questionable evidence, it seems that a lot of people have sómething to nitpick about this show. However, when I watch a TV-show I want to be entertained and that is where Ghost Adventures scores the highest I think because usually paranormal-shows get boring quite quickly.

The crew has a interesting approach by locking themselves up at each paranormal site (or at least claimed to be paranormal site), from evening to morning while investigating. This eliminates the possibility that any crew-member besides themselves might pollute their potential evidence, which is quite clever considering that there was never any paranormal-show that took that in consideration until now.

These guys also have a good sense of humor which is a good thing because else the investigation would get repetitive and boring quickly I imagine. Whether Zak's fear of snakes is playing up, or he's getting attacked by a wild cat, there is always something to break the tension. The evidence they get is sometimes interesting as well, but this is of course something that you always have to take with a grain of salt since its a TV-show.

If you thought Ghost Hunters got boring after season 3, then check out Ghost Adventures. If you don't take it tóó seriously, you might enjoy them as much as I do.

Good luck on season 3 guys!

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Great paranormal entertainment, "dude!"

Author: I-Luv-Movies from Ohio
24 May 2009

I'm a huge fan of paranormal television programs and this one has got me hooked! The team locks themselves in some of the most haunted places overnight but first will spend a little time in the town learning about the location and the people there. Even though I feel the trio (Zak, Nick, and Aaron) could do more "debunking" when it comes to many things that occur, this show is raw and is sure to win over the skeptic in you (at least with some of the evidence). You'll find many of their reactions during lockdown humorous. The three can overdo it a bit. You see their raw scripts. Be prepared for some bleeping...these boys hold nothing back...and also hearing the word "Dude" at least a hundred times. I wholeheartedly suggest you check this program out. It pulls you in, regardless if you love them or hate them. You won't be able to wait for the commercials to be over.

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Scary,Interesting and Raw.

Author: smjblessing from United States
13 July 2010

Zak Baggans,Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin are out on a quest to catch proof of paranormal evidence by going to some of the most haunted places across the world from country music bars to abandoned insane asylums. They go in first to learn about the place then they the three are locked down inside for an entire night trying to catch ghosts on video and on audio. This show is really scary and really gets you to wonder about the after-life. Of course one cannot help being skeptical at points in the shows, however they still do hold a very convincing tone to it. I think it tops all of those other ghost shows. Especially the god-awful Ghost Hunters. I think that's what it's called, but it's the one where its the group one thousand British people and all it does is bore you rather than scare you. Watch them jump at barely audible noises, such as creaky floor boards and other non-scary stuff. Some criticism arrives from the show, but the evidence that tries to reveal them as fakes holds very weak and makes me want to see these skeptics locked down in a place ridden with demons. What gives Ghost Adventures a good scary edge is the taunting of evil spirits that mainly Zal Baggans does. In one episode he is physically attacked!! That is something that never happens on other ghost shows. Some deniers claim that they are actors. Well just to be honest, Zak and Nick have tried to become actors, however, that's complete B.S to bring up against them because a lot of people do stuff like that to get noticed. Like reporters who do stuff on purpose to get noticed or movie stars saying outrageous crap to get put in the headlines (example: Owen Wilson's suicidal thoughts. Angelina Jolie trying to become a lesbian.I could go on, but I don't think I will !!). Also to clear stuff up,I can safely say that these three kids aren't the only ones behind the show. I'm pretty sure there are people responsible for selecting the locations, writing the show's narration, and traveling with them. The three do go in for lock downs by themselves though. They also probably have some sort of creative direction behind the show. These guys can't run a Travel Channel show completely!! No one can for any show!! Even if it is reality. This show is really great and can be funny at times listening to their "Woah.... dude, bro" reactions as well as Zak's delightful personality. For instance when they are in the Houghton Mansion in the Masonic Temple part, Aaron bumps into this small altar and Zak jokes, "Woah, dude , that thing might have powers.." And think that's okay, because that's where this show gets it's charm from.

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I'm torn...

Author: suessis
14 November 2010

between wanting to laugh at and being seriously intrigued by this show. When these guys really get into this I feel like I'm watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Ghost Hunting Adventure. "Dude! Dude! Did you hear that? Whoa!". I think that a lot of what goes on here is them (in particular Zac) reacting to their environment. Also the creative editing that is done afterward emphasizes a great deal. Despite that, there are moments when I feel they are actually making contact with the other side.

Since I can't be sure that anything is real here, I can only judge this on entertainment value. For that I can say it is truly entertaining. With the music, editing, and graphics used it's truly an awesome ride through the paranormal.

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Freakin' addicting!!!

Author: harfordamanda from United States
15 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If Ghost Adventures had their own church, I would be there every Sunday and Wednesday service and more than likely every single pie pickin bake sale!! This show ROCKS!!!! Premise is simple: 12 hours, one haunted place and 3 tubular dudes with video cameras who are locked in from dusk till dawn (sweet movie.) It can't get any better. Personally, I don't doubt them one bit. Their not there to prove a haunting or dismiss it, they're just their to capture the legends on film. The locations are credible, you've probably even seen them on other paranormal shows which even makes them more credible! As for their evidence, they break it down immediately after it happens sometimes playing it over a few times or at a slower pace and if they catch anything really spooky like a full apparition, it's analyzed to death because ultimately that's the main goal is to show you that what they get is REAL. It's also nice to have just 3 regular normal guys interacting with you through the show than a bunch of pocket protector scientists whom you can't even understand. Zak, Nick and Aaron are just like you which makes the series even better. They do the exact same thing my friends and I do on the weekends and it's so awesome to know that we're not the only ones who do that crazy crap!! I love them, can't get enough of them and hope it's on air forever!!

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A very fun and entertaining show

Author: Bruce Grazier from United States
15 October 2010

This show appeared on the Netflix Instant watch on XBox live. So i gave it a shot. The very first episode i watched was the Poveglia Island in Italy, and i have to say i thought that some parts were a little "iffy". So i decided to give it another watch and immediately i was hooked on this gem of a show. I have never seen or heard a ghost in my life, but this show really makes me believe in them. Zac pretty much taunts the ghosts to come out and hurt him and his crew, I really believe these guys genuinely WANT to prove the existence of the paranormal, which is very refreshing to see. I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants a good scare, or just something kind of interesting to watch. They tend to get some extremely creepy EVP's on every episode.

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It's pretty good

Author: raynaking0 from United States
20 March 2015

I love the paranormal. I don't know if it's fake or not it just interests me. I've been watching this show on and off since 2008. I love all the stories and experiences. The show does a good job with the history of the places they investigate. They always get a good amount of "evidence" which is cool. I've seen some other paranormal investigating shows and they never get any evidence. Of course when something happens they get freaked out a little. It's fun to watch them get scared. I don't know if the show is fake but even if it was I think it's still entertaining. It's like going to the movies to see a scary movie. You know it's all fake but you still like it. The only thing I do not like about the show is Zak. He's a total d*****bag. He thinks he's so cool. He's one of those guys who wears tapout and affliction (yeah one of THOSE guys) and honestly he can be really rude sometimes to the people they interview. He's even rude to the ghosts! I think if the show dropped him it would be so much better. Nic (nik?) and Aaron could definitely keep the show going without him.

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Author: xtina-97415 from Las Vegas, NV
17 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I believe and watched (past) this show and then it came apparent they are clearly using Power of Suggestion. What is their background, Where did they do their studies to become "professionals" of the supernatural? If the cow chips they are serving was any deeper they would be professional Dairymen. Zak is so full of himself its laughable. Goofball, the new 3 Stooges (along with whomever they pull into their show). He is a perfect example when describing somebody that has let their success go to their head. And who picked out his frames? Somebody should tell him. And in order to comment on this show it has to be 10 lines well its definitely not all that to say that many. They should take it down a notch and try to be a little more believable, professionals. So people really do have abilities and they are not them. Just Sayin'

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Why bother debunking?

Author: wardkristen87 from United States
26 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is very good when you need a really big laugh. These cast freak over everything they hear or see. Last night i watched this show and could not stop laughing. I thought Zak Nick and Aaron were way to serious. It seemed every noise they heard they thought it was paranormal. I've watched ghost hunters and they seemed more professional and they are very good at debunking. This show is horrible at debunking and being professional, like i said last night i watched it they thought this noise was a moaning and clearly it was an owl. Zak and his crew need to calm down.They can make you laugh and smile, but they will not scare you.overall I gave this 5 stars because it was entering funny not scary and exciting.

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