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Mandy Moore Shows Off 'The First Milo' in Her Life: See the Adorable Throwback Pic!

Mandy Moore Shows Off 'The First Milo' in Her Life: See the Adorable Throwback Pic!
Move over, Milo Ventimiglia!

Mandy Moore introduced the world to the original Milo in her life by sharing an adorable flashback photo on Friday. In the vintage snap, a young Moore is pictured with a huge grin on her face, lying on the ground and cuddling an orange cat.

"Me and the first Milo in my life," she captioned the pic, noting that the furry feline was "named after the movie Milo and Otis, duh." Moore hashtagged the post with "#CatsForLife" for good measure.

Watch: 'This Is Us': Randall and William Absolutely Wrecked Us in the Most Gut-Wrenching Episode Yet 

The This Is Us star doesn't exactly reveal which Milo is her favorite, but she did recently call Ventimiglia her "other half" in a sweet interview with Et.

"At this point, it's like he's my other half," she said in January. "I saw him this morning and I was like, 'I haven't
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Drive Productions launches in La, Vancouver

  • ScreenDaily
Producers Kyle Mann and Michael Risley have launched development, production and financing company Drive Productions focused on elevated genre.

Mann and Risley are based in Los Angeles and Vancouver and say they have raised closed to $2m for development funds.

“The quality of the script is paramount, however there has been a dangerous decline in development financing for projects with unforeseen potential,” said Mann, whose latest comedy Teen Lust (pictured) premieres in Toronto.

“Drive is looking to invest in innovative pitches, books and scripts and is seeking to build relationships with distributors and talent agencies in order to help fill the development shortfall in the marketplace.”

The development slate includes college-set comedy The Arrangement, dark comedy TV series Blackcomb, thriller Beyond The Stars and WWII thriller Undaunted.

The partners are in pre-production on psychological thrillers Backcountry and The Estate.

Mann’s credits include Wrecked. Risley produced Toronto 2011 selection Revolution #9, among others.
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Watch Susan Sarandon track small-town serial killer in The Calling

Watch Susan Sarandon track small-town serial killer in The Calling
Susan Sarandon plays a small-town detective tasked with tracking down a serial killer in a new trailer for The Calling.

Sarandon portrays Hazel Micallef, who faces the biggest investigation of her policing career after stumbling upon a brutal murder.

Susan Sarandon: 'Thelma & Louise sequel ideas were ridiculous'

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis recreate Thelma & Louise 'selfie'

Hazel soon finds that a serial killer is on the loose, and his murders could be religiously motivated.

Topher Grace plays one of Hazel's deputies, while Donald Sutherland is a priest who helps her discover the religious symbolism that the killer is using.

The Calling has been directed by South Africa's Jason Stone, who has previously produced This Is the End and Wrecked.

Stone's latest movie will be released on August 29 in the Us and on October 10 in the UK.
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Blu-ray, DVD: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: June 17, 2014

Price: DVD $29.98, Blu-ray $39.99

Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

King of quirky films Wes Anderson (Rushmore) wowed critics and moviegoers with his comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The film gathers a bunch of stars, led by Ralph Fiennes (The Invisible Woman) as Gustave H., the legendary concierge at the famous European hotel. Inspired by the works of Stefan Zweig, the movie follows Gustave’s many adventures with the lobby boy (Tony Revolori, The Perfect Game) who becomes Gustave’s most trusted friend.

Together they must hold the hotel together amidst the theft of a priceless Renaissance painting, battle for an enormous family fortune and a changing Continent between two wars.

Rated R, the rest of the cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel also includes F. Murray Abraham (Inside Llewyn Davis), Adrien Brody (Wrecked), Willem Dafoe (Platoon), Jeff Goldblum (Morning Glory), Harvey Keitel (The Last Godfather
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Blu-ray and DVD Round up 19th July 2013

Each week we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the home entertainment offerings, reviewing and rating the films and the special features packed onto the discs.

Release of the Week

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie


The BFI have been working hard on their Masters of Cinema collection, a British equivalent to the Criterion Collection. This is their fifth and final introduction into the John Cassavetes collection which includes Shadows, Faces, A Woman Under the Influence and Opening Night. The story of Cosmo Vitelli (Ben Gazzara – mesmerising), a small strip-club owner who gets in too deep with some murky characters because of his consuming gambling addiction which leaves him $23,000 in the red. The mob then use this as a handle to blackmail him into murdering someone to wipe off some of his debt. It goes behind the scenes of a seemingly successful man
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‘Kill For Me’ Review

Stars: Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Donal Logue, Adam Dimarco, Shannon Chan-Kent, Torrance Coombs, Leah Gibson, Ryan Robbins, Colin Lawrence | Written by Christopher Dodd, Michael Greenspan, Christian Forte | Directed by Michael Greenspan

The writer and director of the Adrien Brody film Wrecked re-team for a new take on a familiar theme with Kill For Me, a “Single White Female” meets “Strangers on a Train” tale with a twist that follows two young women, both of whom have suffered abuse at the hands of men in their lives.

Following the disappearance of her college friend and roomate, Amanda (Cassidy) has to look for a roommate to help pay the rent. In walks Hailey (Spiridakos), who has just moved to college to get away from her own abusive past. Both girls find comfort in their friendship and make a pact to help each other overcome their pasts. No matter what the cost. When
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Review: ‘Detour’ Finds Its Way

The critical success of 2010′s Buried didn’t exactly cause a wave of claustrophobic copycats, but a few similarly structured films found their way into production in the past few years. Wrecked saw Adrien Brody trapped in his car after an accident, and Stephen Dorff was stuffed in a trunk (hurray!) for Brake. All three films, for better or worse, had storylines “outside” the single location (car, coffin) that offered additional narrative momentum beyond a simple survival story. Director/co-writer William Dickerson‘s feature debut, Detour, forgoes that additional layer to focus almost exclusively on one man trapped in a confined space and desperate to escape. Is that enough to keep viewers’ attention for ninety minutes? Yes. And no. And yes. Jackson (Neil Hopkins) awakens at the wheel of his car with the engine stalled and the airbag deployed. It’s pitch black outside his windows, but what he mistakes at first for nightfall is in fact
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Exclusive: Co-Writer/Director Michael Greenspan Discusses His Latest Thriller Kill for Me and More

This week Michael Greenspan's latest thriller, Kill for Me, arrived on DVD everywhere courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Read on for our exclusive interview with the director and co-writer of the film.

Co-written by Greenspan and Christopher Dodd, the film follows two young women who find strength together after both struggling against physical and mental abuse by the men in their lives.

Dread Central recently caught up with Greenspan to discuss Kill for Me and much more- check out the highlights below from our exclusive interview, and look for the thriller now that it's available everywhere on DVD!

Dread Central: What inspired you and Christopher (Dodd) to write the story for Kill for Me?

Michael Greenspan: Well, the movie starts off in some pretty typical territory - two strangers moving in together - so what we were interested in was what happens next? What can we do with that idea?
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Seven Minutes to Help You Decide if You'll Kill For Me

Well, not me personally, but come on, man! What's a little murder between friends? On tap for you right now are seven minutes of clips from the upcoming psycho-driven flick Kill For Me. Check 'em out!

From the Press Release

College roommates bond over a shared violent past and a future which holds deadly consequences in the new thriller Kill For Me, available February 12th on DVD with UltraViolet™ from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Katie Cassidy (TV’s “Arrow”) and Tracy Spiridakos, star of NBC’s new hit “Revolution”, lead a hot, young cast in this suspenseful tale of two young women who bond over their struggles with bad men and realize how far they would need to go to protect each other. Directed by Michael Greenspan (Wrecked) and co-starring Ryan Robbins (TV's "Falling Skies”) and Donal Logue (Shark Night 3D), the DVD will include a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film,
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Katie Cassidy and Tracy Spiridakos Are Ready to Kill For Me

Well, not me personally, or even us for that matter, but hey, hot chicks armed with hot lead ready to go heads-up against a psychotic to keep you alive? Now that's pretty cool, no? Read on for the first home video details and artwork for the new thriller Kill For Me.

From the Press Release

College roommates bond over a shared violent past and a future which holds deadly consequences in the new thriller Kill For Me, available February 12th on DVD with UltraViolet™ from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Katie Cassidy (TV’s “Arrow”) and Tracy Spiridakos, star of NBC’s new hit “Revolution”, lead a hot, young cast in this suspenseful tale of two young women who bond over their struggles with bad men and realize how far they would need to go to protect each other. Directed by Michael Greenspan (Wrecked), and co-starring Ryan Robbins (TV's "Falling Skies
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Rodriguez Back for 'Fast and Furious 6,' Cruise Eyes 'Van Helsing,' Hawkins for Woody's Next and More

Michelle Rodriguez has finally been confirmed and will reprise her role as Letty Ortiz in Fast and the Furious 6, which is set to begin filming in June for a May 24, 2013 release. She joins already confirmed returning cast members Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson with Gina Carano (Haywire) also joining the proceedings. Rodriguez will also return as Luz/She in Machete Kills for director Robert Rodriguez, which is set to begin filming shortly in Texas. In Machete Kills, Danny Trejo returns as the title character as this time around he'll team with the U.S. Government to take on Luther Voz (Mel Gibson), a cunning arms dealer and death merchant who aims to spread war across the planet by launching a missile. [source] Sally Hawkins is set to join Woody Allen's next movie with Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper also circling roles. The film will shoot in San Francisco
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‘Brake’ Trailer – Stephen Dorff Gets Trapped In a Trunk

  • The Film Stage
Perhaps it’s inspiration, maybe some national, unconscious fear sparked it off, but I can’t for the life of me determine why there’s been this glut of “one actor in a tight space” movies for the past couple of years — be it 127 Hours, Buried, or the Adrien Brody vehicle Wrecked. The latest in this line is Gabe TorresBrake, which features Stephen Dorff as a Secret Service agent who gets himself stuck in the trunk of a car, all as the President is under attack from… someone. I don’t entirely know, since the trailer from Apple is nigh incomprehensible, with bizarre editing, poorly-chosen snatches of dialogue, and hints of a premise that’s far more complicated than necessary. Poor Dorff.

Watch the trailer below:

Synopsis: Jeremy Reins (Stephen Dorff) is about to have a very bad day. He wakes up in total darkness, confused and disoriented. The
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Oscar Shock: 5 Surprise Best Actors (And What Happened Next)

With the Academy Awards now just a week away, large doses of scrutiny are being shoved down the collective throats of the twinkling stars standing in line and hoping for their very own statuette.

Odds are that when the nominations are announced every year, there will be at least one somewhat surprising contender, whether he/she be an unknown, or simply dwells in an artistically shunned corner of the film world…no names mentioned, Jonah.

What is more of a startling occurrence is when said unfancied also-ran is announced as the victor, with their Celebrity Square suddenly expanding, and their face contorted with disbelief and unguarded astonishment in front of millions of amazed viewers.

But just how often is the wild card winner the champion of the future? Is the bookie-breaking hero of the night getting the ultimate kick start into superstardom and legend, an easily carried poisoned chalice, or
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The Grey and Fighting Till the End: A Movie Review

Director: Joe Carnahan.

Writers: Joe Carnahan and Ian Mackenzie Jeffers.

Irish Catholic stubborness or that "never say die" attitude is one of the themes in Joe Carnahan and Ian Mackenzie Jeffers' The Grey. The protagonist, John (Liam Neeson), repeats one of his father's favourite poems to make this theme apparent: "[o]nce more into the fray./ Into the greatest fight I’ll ever know./ Live and die on this day./ Live and die on this day." Besides sounding very much like King Henry's Harfleur speech in Henry V, this short poem gives John the heart to keep pushing in difficult situations, while all his comrades fall by the wayside. Do these lines get him through a plane crash, blizzard and circling wolves? Fans of thrillers are encouraged to see this movie to find out.

John is a hunter and assigned to a group of roughnecks in the inhospitable Alaskan climate.
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Bees! Not the Bees! 'Buried' and 'Wrecked' Become 'Brake' in New Trailer

I couldn't help but laugh at the trailer for Brake from director Gabe Torres and starring Stephen Dorff. It may end up being a perfectly fine film, but the lack of originality here is alarming, at least based on the newly released trailer. However, before we get to that first let me offer the synopsis: Jeremy Reins (Dorff) is about to have a very bad day. He wakes up in total darkness, confused and disoriented. The only light comes from the blood-red digital numbers ticking away above his head. Jeremy quickly realizes he's in trouble. It's hard to breath. He can barely move. And no one will answer his cries for help. Then, he hears the sound of an engine and it all becomes clear...he's trapped in the trunk of a moving car. As his captors reveal themselves and their motives, Jeremy realizes he won't be set free until
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Movie News After Dark: Battlestar Animated, Avengers Overload, Steve Spielberg and Siri: The Horror Movie

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly movie news column desperate in its search for the insanely cool links of the day. It will also take movie related news, things about Community and Doctor Who, as well as, on occasion, updates on The Dark Knight Rises. Although after last night’s entry, it’s not sure there is any Tdkr news left to report. We begin tonight with some incredibly cool animated work from an artist named Otis Frampton. On his Deviant Art page, found via Popped Culture, he envisions what a Battlestar Galactica animated series would look like. I would watch this show, and not just because I’m a die hard BSG fan, either. The Smoking Jacket presents us with Stuff You Should Know: Zombies, an article about zombies and all the things they do. In the beginning, it was all about voodoo, if you can believe such a thing. Over
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Mff 2011, Day 4: Hollywood Heavy Fare

When I landed at the theatre around noon, only Wrecked by Michael Greenspan had seats left. Adrien Brody finds himself a victim of a car crash in a dark, foreboding jungle. I felt it was too contrived, did not have enough punch, enough drama, enough, well, Deliverance.

The film ended quickly enough letting me attend a discussion on Independent Cinema. Speakers: Ian Bernie, Aijaz Khan, Sunil Doshi and Madhu Mantena moderated by Meenakshi Shedde. Sunil Doshi turned out to be the best speaker, giving out advice from the Pov of a solid, experienced businessman.

Walked into the theatre that was to play Girish Kasaravalli’s Ghatashraddha. They were testing the DVD. Left immediately. If it was going to be a blown up DVD and not the original print, it did not make much sense; I can catch the film on DVD anytime. The neighboring screen had John Stockwell’s The
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DVD Playhouse--September 2011

DVD Playhouse—September 2011

By Allen Gardner

In A Better World (Sony) Winner of last year’s Best Foreign Film Oscar, this Danish export looks at two fractured families and the effect that the adult world dysfunction has on their two sons, who form an immediate and potentially deadly bond. Director Susanne Bier delivers another powerful work that maintains its drive during the films’ first 2/3, then falters somewhat during the last act. Still, well-worth seeing, and beautifully made. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Deleted scenes; Commentary by Bier and editor Pernille Bech Christensen; Interview with Bier. Widescreen. Dolby and DTS-hd 5.1 surround.

X-men First Class (20th Century Fox) “Origins” film set in the early 1960s, traces the beginnings of Magento and Professor X (played ably here by Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy), and how the once-close friends and colleagues became bitter enemies. First half is slam-bang entertainment at its stylish best,
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Wrecked and Meandering Characters: A Movie Review

Director: Michael Greenspan.

Writer: Christopher Dodd.

Wrecked is a film that had a one weekend premiere in April. Now, the film has moved onto DVD and Blu-Ray (Aug. 30th), making this, basically, a straight-to-dvd release. The film stars Adrien Brody, alone and in the wilderness. Meanwhile, a search party is looking for his whereabouts, as "the man (Brody)" begins to recover from a case of amnesia. Sparse in script, Wrecked is more of an experiment than anything else. Unfortunately this experiment was a failure, due to the film's pacing issues and lack of direction, or focus.

The plot can be broken down into a few words or plot elements: car crash, cougar, and rescue. That is the heart of the film, which drags itself out for far too long. To expand, the man awakens in a wrecked car to find himself trapped in his spot. He cannot wiggle his knee out from under the dashboard.
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There is a segment in the old B-movie Lost Continent, as seen by the Mystery Science Theater robots, where the story disappears and the audience is subjected to a good thirty minutes of nothing but mountain climbing. It's so mind-numbingly dull and repetitive that by the end of it the robots can only whisper to each other, “...mountain climbing.”

Take that, make it horizontal, stick in Adrien Brody, and you've got Wrecked. Never have I spent so long watching one man crawl around in circles. I would have cheered if he'd stood up and walked, broken leg or not, because at least then we'd have a new camera angle.

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