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  • Lola is the social outcast of the school. She asks Brent out as her date to the prom. Brent already has a girlfriend called Holly so he politely declines her invitation. Lola is a psychopath and decides to seek revenge on Brent for rejecting her.

  • The woman sat at the table in Lola's house is Lola's mother. She has been lobotomized for reasons that are never explained or even mentioned in the film.

  • Brent's father died in a car accident. Brent was driving the car at the time and swerved to avoid a man stumbling out in the road. Lola's father is stabbed repeatedly in the neck by Brent. He is then pushed into a pit with 3 or 4 previous victims who have been trapped there for however long. They have turned cannibalistic and eat the father. Brent is pushed into the pit and attacked by the cannibal victims. Brent bludgeons them to death with a hammer. Lola smothers her lobotomized mother with a pillow. Lola drives a meat cleaver into a policeman's head. Brent and Holly reverse over a severely injured Lola as she tries to crawl up the road to kill them.


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