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‘Family Weekend’ Trailer Brings a Family Together with Duct Tape

Remember House Arrest? Of course you do. Everyone does. Kevin Pollack and Jamie Lee Curtis made an excellent comic couple, especially after getting kidnapped by their children. That sort of thing makes an impression. There are definitely shades of that movie in Family Weekend, although it doesn’t look like the method catches on with the rest of the neighborhood children here. The film stars Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine as crappy parents, and even if it has a similar blueprint (they get kidnapped by their children), the tone absolutely feels different. At least from the trailer. The script comes from Matt K. Turner, whose only other credit (for story on a home invasion thriller called The Truth) might be telling here. Guy is really into taking hostages. At least in Family Weekend, there’s a pint-sized homage to A Clockwork Orange. Call me easy, but that’s enough to sell it. Check
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Erin Cardillo: "Truth" Or Consequences

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Sneak Peek the latest posters supporting the independent thriller "The Truth", written/directed by Ryan Barton-Grimley:

"...When a couple is taken hostage in their home by an intruder, a simple home invasion robbery turns into something much more complicated. The wife may, or may not, know the intruder; and the intruder may, or may not, have previously crossed paths with the husband. Can a couple survive once they have been exposed to each other for who (and for what) they really are? Is the intruder actually there just to rob them? What are they each trying to hide from him and from each other?..."

Cast for "The Truth" includes John Heard, Brendan Sexton III, Erin Cardillo and Daniel Baldwin.

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The Truth Previews Here

The Maverick Entertainment Group is launching a couple thrillers in the month of August and the latest is called The Truth. Pre-orders on this DVD release begin July 23rd with DVDs available August 24th. Daniel Baldwin (Grey Gardens), Emmy nominated John Heard (The Pelican Brief) and Brendan Sexton III (Black Hawk Down) will star in a story about a hostage taking in an "upscale home by a volatile intruder" (Maverick). Tis good to see Baldwin in a larger performance after his cameo in Nine Dead. More details below.

The synopsis for The Truth here:

"When a couple is taken hostage in their upscale home by a volatile intruder, a simple robbery turns into something much more complicated. As deeply guarded secrets are revealed and trusts are betrayed true motives become clear. This tortured night of lies and truths threatens to expose everything" (Maverick).

Director/writer: Ryan Barton-Grimley

Cast: John Heard,
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