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Franz Norstein, Thomas' father, ignores the ban on air travel and stubbornly insists on flying back to Austria with the ever sickly, Relena and her doctors in tow on his private jet. Of course, they are immediately attacked. Thomas shows up to save them but his father's arrogance opens up old memories and they quarrel. Thomas' past is revealed to be full of rejection and pain. His mother was never welcomed into the family by the matriarch of the Nordstein family, Franz' mother. She made no attempt to hide her scorn for her and young Thomas, telling Thomas he would never really be part of the family. Franz never said a word in defense of his son or his son's mother. But with Relena so sickly, it became clear that she would never be able to carry on the family name. So Thomas was a second option. Their dismissive treatment at the hands of their grandmother, bonded the two siblings. Under attack by Loadknightmon, Thomas' dedication to his sister causes his father to regret his actions - ...

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