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Suranne superb
beresfordjd26 January 2009
Suranne Jones shows what she can do in this TV drama. A little predictable in plotting but Suranne's performance is excellent. You are always involved in her character and she makes Ruth believable. To go from a soap like Corrie (which must have been a marvellous learning situation for a young actor) to proper drama like Unforgiven is a leap which many do not manage. Suranne chose fairly wisely, with the exception of Harley Street, and was always watchable and credible. The supporting cast are pretty good too, some playing against their usual type. The three part series is one that appeals to me if one cannot watch it in its entirety.Itv seem to do this format well and in these more austere times they are still championing good intelligent drama when the mood takes them. The BBC still do period stuff better but credit where credit is due.
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simontlarsen26 January 2009
Absolutely outstanding drama mine series. Best piece of TV I have seen for quite a long time. Really shows what can be done as long as the story is good enough and the actors are up for the job - there are several incredibly good performances here. Suranne Jones is fantastic in the lead role and Matthew McNulty also really stands out - but generally everyone puts in top drawer performances. The last episode has a bit more action in it than the first two but it continues to build on the story and doesn't let anything else get in the way. The ending is very, very touching as well and it is a brilliant way to conclude the series. Overall 10 out of 10 and a huge thumbs up to British ITV.
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drama, tense in parts, excellent acting...
damiensbride66611 February 2013
excellent casting in this revenge crime ex prison ( yep multi genre ) drama. Suranne Jones wonderful as ever, simple loving and maligned young woman just released from prison for double police murder. Peter Davidson Plays sympathetic legal eagle willing to help her find her sister, after fifteen years apart. Plenty of back ground story from family of the victims and a twist in the tale to boot. Awfully tense in parts, touching in others, Suranne plays vulnerable yet with seemingly hard exterior. A thirty year old who has had little experience in an adult world since she had been locked up since she was a minor. We see in the character how she is still very child like and delicate despite spending fifteen years in prison and the reasons behind the madness that caused the actions that put her there in the first place... Interesting story I give it a seven out of ten. Suranne is always very watchable...
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Great but then disappointing
digitalrep7 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was very pleased with this depiction of life for an ex con for the first two episodes for several reasons - it was very realistic in that some people are ready to offer Ruth Slater a second chance, feeling that she's paid the price and suffered enough, while others are determined to continue to make Ruth pay forever. Obviously some people waver and change their minds but all in all it's a fairly accurate portrayal of the situation. When someone says to Ruth, "... she would take one look at you and not know what to say to you. She's never met anyone like you," it shows just how people think about certain people, how they dehumanise them. In Britain it seems to be a lot worse than other places, but still, even everywhere else, there is that prejudice that is always present, always there. There is, in reality, no real way to 'pay the price', to 'serve the time' - as Ruth says, she 'served her time and paid her pound of flesh'. But honestly no one will really ever let her forget it for the rest of her life. And I think that would have been enough; it would have made compelling viewing. Switching between thinking she's a bad person who deserves her fate and she was a messed up kid with a messed up life who deserves some kind of redemption - it would make for good viewing. And this is the problem I have with the third episode, where we find out that Ruth is actually a Saint. I was disappointed, to say the least... It gives the viewers a nice sense of closure, sure; hey, this woman who we spent two episodes watching being treated like trash because we thought she deserved it suddenly turns out deserving of a medal. I don't know, I felt tricked. It's like, even in 'serious' fiction, as someone who broke the law and paid the price, you just can't get any representation. Ruth was innocent after all, and therefore totally deserving of a three episode melodrama. It's so neat, so tidy. Imagine, though, if it hadn't been the case - if she'd been guilty after all - the drama still would have held up, right? So was it really necessary to reveal her 'innocence' after all? I don't think so.
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Entirely unbelievable plot with good acting
stairways13 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately the good acting can't help this badly plotted piece of sensationalism, in which, after 16 years in prison for a double murder, the main character gets out of prison and, despite being incognito, almost immediately comes into contact with the son of one of her victims -- when he happens to be sent out to service the boiler in her flat. If this was Midsomer Murders, where the population of the village appears to be about 20 person, then we might go along with it. That it happens in a contemporary British city, makes it ridiculously convenient.

And therein lies the problem. If a writer has to base the pivotal element of a script on a coincidence (and a mighty big one at that), well, then the work of even the best actors won't be enough to save the day.

For a really good contemporary British TV thriller, check out Unforgotten. And don't be like me and imagine that the similarity of the names means they're of even vaguely similar quality.
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