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Ignore the Bad Press - This movie is pretty good!
vikascoder8 November 2010
I know this was "from the mind of Manoj Night Shyamalan" and it was riding on a wave of pretty bad press, but strangely enough, I found the movie to be pretty good.

This movie delivered what it promised, a solid taut thriller which can keep one on the edge of the seat for the optimum 1 hour and 20 minutes of running time. The acting was surprisingly consistent and good throughout by all the actors involved (tough for a low budgeter to achieve), the screenplay didn't indulge in unnecessary Boo moments to propel things forward, the script was solid and everything tied up well at the end.

I mean cmon critics, for once please give Shyamalan a break! Far better return on my money than the steaming goo pile called the "Due Date".
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A Nutshell Review: Devil
DICK STEEL15 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe it's because M Night Shyamalan is finally coming to terms that he no longer is the toast of the town, that he has decided to focus his energies on producing and writing suspenseful thrillers for his project known as The Night Chronicles, with the first film Devil off the blocks, and others to come including his original story idea from his planned sequel to Unbreakable. We know how Shyamalan of late likes to direct and include himself as one amongst the cast, though this time it probably took a lot of effort to vacate that director's chair and quash that acting bug, to allow someone else to helm what is essentially a film that's right up Shyamalan's own territory. It's almost like putting a candy jar in front of a kid, but not allowing him access at all.

Enter directors Drew and John Erick Dowdle, who I thought made a decent effort in bringing to life Shyamalan's story set around the confines of a claustrophobic lift, where five strangers happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, each of them being trapped inside the lift and sharing some common traits that will be revealed as the story wore on. The film addresses the notion that nothing is ever coincidental, especially if powerful negative forces like the devil decide to walk the earth and claim a few souls, while at the same time having fun toying with their prey. Weaving in a folk tale like what he did for Lady in the Water, Shyamalan's tale here involves the full works of how the devil operates, and comes with a method to defeat the supernatural forces seen in the film.

The directors managed to steer clear of the usual clichés for a fright fest, and rightly so as well because this is not that film. Granted that there are a few well crafted scenes to suggest that there are spiritual elements involved in how the victims - a mechanic (Logan Marshall- Green), an old woman (Jenny O'Hara), a young woman (Bojana Novakovic), a guard (Bokeem Woodbine) and a salesman (Geoffrey Arend) - the real draw is how visually arresting this film is in capturing fear from within close quarters. The opening sweeping shot of the city of Philadelphia upside down will bring about some disorientation, before reducing that spatial distance down to within the lift, mirroring that view through a CCTV camera back to the building's security control room, which to me is where some of the best instances of the film shines through.

I'd actually preferred what went on outside of that lift, since what's going to happen within is more like a done deal, with one of the five already revealed through marketing that he/she is someone who doesn't belong. There's more fun in following Detective Bowden (Chris Messina), who has to make sense of what's going on, balancing his deductive prowess against something that cannot be explained by logic, and watching how his due diligence and process get blown to smithereens when at first he thinks this is a simple open and shut situation, until he realizes that he's up against something that's inexplicable. It's one thing to swagger in with a plan, before fear sets in that one can be so helpless when trying to save the lives of others.

The strength of the film lies in Shyamalan's story, which is deceptively simple, yet highly effective in weaving all the plot threads together, and the linking up of the characters so crucial in providing a satisfying finale. Fans of Shyamalan's stories will find that he still has more than enough gas in the tank to come up with suspenseful tales that others now have a chance to helm on the big screen, something like what Luc Besson does these days. My interest is now piqued to see how the rest of the Chronicles will present themselves.
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Very nice cinematography
msanjelpie17 September 2010
I enjoyed the cinematography. Especially the opening scenes and the scenes inside the elevator shaft. The music was typical string instruments going back and forth... could have been more eerie and composed with more feeling.

I was pretty shocked to be sitting in an empty theater on opening night. Guess MNS has sort of blown his reputation.

I didn't try to guess the ending, I decided to just enjoy the ride. It did end rather abruptly, as if it was a TV show that had to end by a certain time. They could have fleshed out certain scenes longer and made a more comprehensive experience.

I went to see this alone as nobody I knew was interested... I'm glad I went, it was enjoyable, more so than I expected it to be.
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Pretty Darn Good.
Daleylife25 September 2010
This film had a lot of bad rep. Everyone kept saying it was going to be horrible. However, I still went to see it, as the story and the concept interested me.

Now, in my opinion, the film is right up there with The Sixth Sense. It's engaging, keeps you guessing, and you leave feeling like you just saw a darn good movie.

The film doesn't rely on gore heavily. Instead, the film wants you to guess just who is the devil in that elevator. The story is fresh and makes a clear connection between all characters.

The bottom line is-- sure, it's not the best film ever, but it is a pretty darn good one. 8/10.
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The elevator equivalent of Lifeboat and Ten Little Indians
Craig McPherson18 September 2010
M. Night Shyamalan is one of those love him or hate him directors for whom there's no middle ground, so it hasn't helped that he's given his detractors a lot to crow about with his recent downward spiral with successively poor to abysmal movies ranging from The Lady in the Water to 2010's biggest stinker, The Last Airbender. It's been a critical pile-on for the one time golden boy who wowed audiences and critics alike with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

Things have gotten so bad that when the trailer for Devil hit theatres with the on-screen tag line "From the Mind of M. Night Shyamalan", guffaws were reported from audiences and on-line gadflies like Perez Hilton had a field day posting viral videos mocking the promos.

All of which is too bad because not only is Devil a compelling, riveting bit of movie making, but Shyamalan's involvement was limited to writing the story and co-producing, which, given his recent track record, was probably for the best.

Smartly directed by John Erick Dowdle, whose last effort was Quarantine, the equally tight and faithful remake of the Spanish horror REC, Devil marks the first instalment in a trilogy of films dubbed The Night Chronicles, which revolve around the supernatural in modern urban settings (the second film is tentatively titled Reincarnate, about the jurors of a murder trial who are haunted by a supernatural being, and Unbreakable 2 rumoured as the third instalment).

In Devil's case, the plot could easily function as a textbook case of film school 101, tasking a writer and director to fashion a small story, restricted in scope, set in the cramped environment of a stalled elevator. You can almost hear film school professors saying "if you can pull this off, you can do anything". Happily, Dowdle succeeds with flying colours.

Devil is as compelling as the story is confined. It's smart from beginning to end, almost like the hybrid elevator equivalent of Hitchcock's Lifeboat and Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians. A disparate group boards a Philadelphia office tower elevator, only to become trapped between floors and mortally victimized by someone among them who clearly possesses supernatural ability every time the lights flicker and momentarily go out.

Don't look for spoilers here as I won't be providing any. Suffice to say that Devil is one of the most smartly written, acted, and directed films I've had the pleasure to enjoy this year.

Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of Shyamalan's road back to respectability. If nothing else, it shows that he still has the chops as a top notch story teller.
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Many reviewers missed the point
dentrex4 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There's an old saying in show business: Bad press is as good as good press. Seems to me many people went to see this film to find out if it was as "bad" as this M. Night Schmegegy (or whatever) guy's other films. I knew not of this individual until I saw this film, so I came in dead cold. No pun intended :)

Nice work indeed. Tense and action-packed, it delivers on a lot of levels. Much light has been made of the security guard's ramblings but its part of the suspension of disbelief and provides a loose narration. Well put together and cohesive, and an 80 minute film to boot. This forces the story along no matter what, and that's what you want in a film, to keep the viewer engaged at all times. Tough to achieve but done wonderfully. Camera work is subtle, yet more aggressive where its needed, no shaky-cams or dizzying hallways, but nice perspectives of the elevator, needed to divert the mind from the cubical enclosure for 15 seconds. Nice chills when the elevator lights go out, NOT overdone at all.

An underrated film, with underrated performances by all. Carefully constructed and a welcome addition to the genre. Highly recommended.
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The 'Night' chronicles!
sravanth gajula17 September 2010
I say Night Syamalan is back with a bang. After watching 'The last Airbender', I took a pledge that would be the last time I'm ever gonna pay to watch any movie, Night Syamalan is involved in. But today I broke my promise as I watched 'Devil'. And actually, I was not at all disappointed. In fact, I liked it. All right, I would say it...I loved this movie.

Night Syamalan has come up with a strong and interesting story. The plot looks so simple at the beginning, but it moves on, suspense unveils in a scary, yet logical fashion. The linking between all characters is portrayed in a very effective way. Nothing is ever a coincidence.

Direction is good. Acting is decent. Cinematography is appreciable, especially the wide variety of camera angles and frames attempted to portray a simple elevator as some claustrophobic scary machine. Sound effects are captivating.

I'm already waiting for the next 'Night' chronicle!
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Good movie
dawsoncat2000-875-27538419 October 2010
I thought this was a really good movie, it definitely kept you guessing until the end.

Should have been longer though, it ended very suddenly. Would have been an excellent movie if it would have lengthened a bit. Although it had the drawback of being more like a short story it was definitely a movie worth watching. The special effects were really good and the story line was great. I would recommend everyone give it a chance.

This was definitely one of the better movies he has directed. The music could have been a little more eerie though.

After going to watch the last exorcism, I started to give up on the horror movies. I'm glad I went and seen this one. It was not disappointing.
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Guard your jelly sandwiches, when the devil is around it lands jelly side down!
Kristine7 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ah, good ol' M. Night Shamalamadingdong, as I like to call him. I feel so bad for this guy, when he created The Sixth Sense, he made one of the best thrillers of all time with a twist ending that set the bar so high that others would always try to succeed it. Ever since then, Shamalamadingdong has been trying to outdo himself with a ton of twist endings and scripts that my Pomeranian could write. When I saw the trailer for Devil, I got excited because it looked really creepy, then I saw the director's name and just sighed, it's pretty much likely that the movie will flop and will be horrible. I just caught it on a movie channel, actually I have to give Shamalamadingdong some credit, this is an improvement over his last films. However, it's still one of the most ridicules movies I have ever seen.

Five strangers board an elevator, which becomes stuck between floors just shortly after starting up to the upper floors. The five don't introduce themselves right away, but when security finds them, they notice that other than the CCTV and a radio which they can communicate into the elevator. Lustig, the head of security, sends repair technician Dwight to investigate the elevators while Bowden tries to ascertain the identities of the individuals. Things turn from strange to frightening when there is a freak power outage in the elevator, and the girl in the elevator is wounded with what appears to be a bite. Dwight attempts to rappel down the elevator shaft via a pulley to try and fix the elevator, but security guard Ramirez says that the Devil would stop any attempts to help his victims as more supernatural things occur; this proves there is a demonic entity in the elevator haunting the passengers.

There's this line that nearly killed me with laughter, the religious nut Ramirez says that everything goes wrong when the devil is near, he throws a piece of pizza and it lands on the cheese side and says that the jelly side always lands up, oh, my God, seriously?! So all those times I was cooking in the kitchen when my chicken burned, it was the devil! All those times I fell down, it was the work of the devil! How could you ever take that line seriously? I also was watching the movie with my friends and once again we took the classic bet 10 dollars for who would guess the devil, I won, again! My opinion is, a lot of old people are the devil, they cling onto the god skirt later in life claiming that it's because they are about to die and they need to get into heaven, no! They are covering something else! I digress, anyways, when the devil reveals herself, the guy that she's after confesses to his sin and she's like "damn, I really wanted you"….really? You went through all this trouble and all he has to do is say his sin out loud and all is forgiven? Also the whole religious factor was silly in my opinion, why not just make it a demon entity in the elevator? It's hard to believe that the devil doesn't have better things to do than haunt a couple of dead beats.

However, my review isn't all complaints. Shamalamadingdong actually does a decent job with atmosphere and the story. Even though the script needs some major work without the clichés, there was some incredible potential for a great story, even an excellent franchise that we need since the Saw series came to an end last year. I like the whole idea of a demon haunting those who have done wrong in life waiting to confess and get the punishment they truly deserve. The characters were interesting, except for Ramirez who can easily get on a lot of people's nerves, and the effects were actually pretty good. I would say this is definitely an improvement over Shamalamadingdong's previous works. He's come a long way and hopefully he just chooses better scripts or learns how to edit, we need the tension still, he knows he can do it, we believe in you Shamalmadingdong!

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A very solid psycho thriller
kluseba12 October 2010
After several weaker movies, Shyamalan begin to work on a new trilogy about the presence of supernatural evil in big cities. He concentrated on the script and preferred to let other people direct the movie and so you might expect that this first part of Shyamalan's renaissance must be a well elaborated and twisted masterpiece. Well, this is absolutely not the case, there are no major twists or surprises in the story. But that doesn't mean that this movie is without the glimpse of a doubt a very well done psycho thriller.

Let me mention the negative points first. The movie isn't really long. There are only two minor twists and the first one is not that much surprising while the second one is an interesting turning point of the story but also a little bit predictable towards the end of the movie. The story is not really innovating and this time, Shyamalan really delivers what he announces in the previews. Because of the short running time, not every character is extremely well developed and profound. The critical and philosophic influence that many movies of Shyamalan had is not very present in this movie.

But there are more positive points about this movie. There is a high tension present throughout the whole length of the movie and this is what makes the watching experience breathless and intense, you don't see time pass at all. The movie spares out the unnecessary and goes straight in your face which isn't that usual for Shyamalan's earlier works. That is something new, fresh and innovative coming from him and a little positive surprise for many but maybe also a little deception for some of his more purist fans. The interactions between the characters in the elevator are intense and very interesting. Every character has a very unique and special behaviour and something interesting to hide even if the characters could have been more developed if the movie had maybe twenty minutes more running time. The actions in the movie become more and more intense towards the finish and end up in a well done finale that leaves you with no open questions.

All in all, this is surely not the best of Shyamalan's movies but way better than the last stuff he has done before this movie. It is not a very surprising and philosophical movie, but rather a short and intense psycho thriller. It is a very good movie but far away from being the best movie of the year. It is worth watching it at the cinema or at home, but i wouldn't recommend buying this movie at the full price without having seen it before.
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a cleverly executed exercise in fear and hysteria
rivertam2617 September 2010
Let me first start off by saying that I am in no shape, way or form a fan of M. Night Shylaman. From the get go with sixth sense I called that twist ending in the film;s first ten minutes and what remained for me was highly over rated. He followed that up the unintentionally laughable Unbreakable, and than with signs which was overly generic but executed well. Than came the questionable attempt lady in the water, the mega let down but nicely executed village and finally the big kick in the face the happening. Without a doubt one of the worst films ever made. But he should not be a deciding factor when it comes to this film because he's only come up with the story outline and he produced under his new production company. The main people responsible for this film are Brian Nelson who write the brilliant Hard Candy and John Erick Dowdle of The Poughkeepsie Tapes and Quarantine. So with that combo I had some expectations going in and the stylish and effective trailer and TV spots had spiked my interest to say the least. And here's what I thought. It just blew me away. This tightly executed psychological horror thriller left me speechless. From the opening credits which feature a reverse Philadelphia and an astounding classic thriller score I was intrigued. And as the film introduced it's story line and characters I became completely engaged. And as the film moved into it's main agenda I was on the edge of my seat with ample anticipation. And the finale well I'll just keep my mouth shut. But here's what I have to say with solid performances, suspenseful pacing, a clever and original story line and really good direction Devil is without a doubt one of the most effective genre pieces to come out in some time. Like it's characters you are held captive for it's entire running time. It's one of those classic suspense thrillers thats character based and just keeps working its angles and keeps you guessing until the very end. Sadly the movie is not without flaws but you should know to truly enjoy it you must succumb to the goofiness of its plot and some of the scenes that need to be inserted to move the film along. That being said what remains is a nifty, clever, sweaty palm inducing, intelligent exercise in fear and hysteria well worth the price of admission.
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Sorry, I just couldn't go there.
eyecandyforu19 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking forward to this one, the trailers seemed to promise some tight thrills and scares. Honestly, as is the case with many films now, the trailer was better than the overall film. The story is ridiculously simple. People trapped in an elevator may or may not be terrorized by Lucifer. I suppose it would help if the concept of the Devil was somehow relevant to you personally, but I've never been able to buy it as a legitimate horror vehicle. As is the case many times with God, why Satan would take the time from what I can only assume is a very busy schedule to play out a scenario that the movie presents left me with more questions than I would like to have trying to be entertained. Many of the "set-ups" which come via narration are new to me: Suicides bring him out of hiding, he likes to have an audience, and surprise of surprises, he doesn't like to make deals. Huh. The production is fine, the acting was fine, it was the story itself that I found lacking. What could have been a good half hour on television is stretched to feature length. We know very little about anyone, so caring about anyone is difficult. Characters behave strangely from the very beginning. Even when we find out a tiny bit of information about a character it only serves to justify the story, not build a character. Overall, typical Shyamalan. Take a simple concept and stretch it, and stretch it and....
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Next time....... take the stairs.
alex (doorsscorpywag)1 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
To start off it's not as bad as The Happening, a term which may well become an International measurement of awfulness in movies if this man is allowed to make any more films.

But it is utterly pathetic.

Plot goes like this: Bloke jumps off a roof and in true comedy fashion falls on truck whilst another bloke with ear defenders buffs the pavement. Truck then trundles off on it's own round corner without bothering the buffer. Five people then get in a lift and none of them are what they seem. Lift mysteriously stalls. Then some religious maniac working as a security guard sees weird face on video feed in lift and declares that the Devil, not a devil mind but THE Devil is in the lift disguised as one of them. Cop with dull back story investigating comedy jumper does not believe, then for no apparent reason does believe. Lots of really boring stuff happens in the lift and the passengers die but the survivors seem really calm that they are in a lift and people keep dying every time the lights go out. The acting is as poor as the script and the rare attempts to show any emotion seem forced and badly done. The tension is racked up by using the lights in the lift. Light go out somebody die. Light come on cue bad acting in reaction to lift filling up with dead people. The ending is really stupid and surely in this day and age the Devil can occupy his time more fruitfully than playing a dull game with people in a lift. If I was the Devil I would have to be really bored to bother doing this.

MNS has made some rubbish films and this though not his worst, see Happening measure of awfulness, is among them. Not remotely tense or scary or even interesting. Five people trapped in a lift with the Devil should be terrifying but in the hands of MSN is reduced to an absolute absurdity.

Perhaps MSN is actually the Devil and his fiendish plan is to bore the human race to death with crap movies? Now that seems more plausible than the lift idea.
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beatleblack3 October 2010
Maybe 7 out of 10 is generous but I mark it highly perhaps because I had such low expectations which were thankfully unnecessary.

This film's credits open with the title The Night Chronicles 1 which suggests to me his fan-boy homage to Spielberg has stretched to emulating the guru's Amazing Stories phase. This film does feel rather like one of those episodes rather than a full-blown movie: no stars, little location etc.

However, as a story, it's rather good (suspension of disbelief taken for granted).

And, it's rather well handled directorially. For instance, the upside-down sklyline speaks volumes without costing any extra.

The film is ultimately a whodunnit. Maybe I'm stupid but come betting slip time, I didn't get it. If you do, you may hate it. I didn't so I don't. Besides, I haven't seen this Christian propaganda in a while & it made me kinda nostalgic for those Omen days.
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Wow this movie is almost terrible
peterlane59 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I knew this was going to be bad but I went anyway. The dialogue is awful and at times laughable. The characters are bland and I didn't really care about any of them. The writers need to go back to go back to writing school or read Robert McKee's "Story" and get a better sense on how to make better characters. I know in horror movies characters are the least of the writer's worries but come on! M. Night Shyamalan should have done a rewrite before he handed this in to be made into a script.The movie at times is clichéd(i.e. guy who knows whats going on but everyone thinks he's crazy). I won't ruin anything but its pretty frigging obvious who the devil is which is another cliché I wont say because it would ruin the movie. But the biggest problem I had with this was that it wasn't even scary. I'm a big fan of the horror movies that make you jump, but in this you can see the next jump scene coming from miles away and it's also obvious when the next person is going to die. The lights go out followed by about 20 seconds of a completely black screen, then the lights come back on and a character is dead. Now this movie isn't all bad. I liked the idea and overall moral of the movie. And Geoffrey Arend brings some comic relief to the movie but he is the only decent actor in this movie. The others are bad. If you really want to see this movie, wait a few months till it comes out on Netflix or something like that. Don't pay money to see this!!
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One of the most terrible movies of 2010.
ZombieMcQueen31 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Recently, I finished watching Devil. I say 'finished', because at one point I literally had to stop watching. It got to be just too dumb and awful for me to take at the late hour I had been watching it. By the end, I honestly felt as if the filmmakers had been laughing at me behind me back the whole time.

The basic 'plot' (what there is of it) revolves around a small assortment of people who become trapped in an elevator. After security guards and the police become involved, we learn that The Devil is actually amongst them in the elevator. And that's pretty much it.

To be fair, this isn't such a bad concept - even with little actual plot, this could have been an entertaining story with the use of implied plot occurrences and extensive character development. But Devil offers neither of these.

Nothing is shown to ever actually happen in Devil, nor is anything really implied. The cause of this is the quickly-tiresome methodology of turning off the lights in the elevator and supplying the pitch darkness with barely audible shuffling. And when the lights come on, we see that either someone is dead, or they're not. If that sounds lazy, it's because it is. This sort of thing happens constantly throughout the movie, removing all sense of tension from it and making it an expected thing (the exact wrong thing to do in a suspense film), and after the third time, it just becomes tedious. Aside from that, the plot never really goes anywhere, or has any sense of succession. People die, the cops are trying to get it but can't, people die, and on and on and on.

And even with those flaws, the movie could still have been salvaged a bit if the character development had just been well done. But again, Devil fails horribly through laziness. Throughout the movie, we learn snippets about the characters through throwaway dialogue between policemen, concerning crimes they've committed. None of this is very memorable, however, as these pieces of character information seem to become irrelevant. We spend so little time with the police, who figure these facts out and then seem to promptly forget they matter, and most of the time with the elevator folk, who don't know these facts about each other and just act against each other out of fear and spite as they die off one by one. The movie doesn't care why these people are bad (aside from the final person), and doesn't give us any reason to.

Other aspects of the film fail as well. All of the acting feels like performances out of a student film. There's no musical score to speak of, and when you do hear any music, it's usually very monotonic or exploitative. The cinematography of the film is often uninspired and repetitive, and it lacks any sort of visual flair whatsoever.

And then there's the ending. This is perhaps the point of the movie that causes the worst taste in my mouth. Some may remember that the story was written by M. Night Shyamalan, famous for his 'surprise-ending' movies, such as The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village, and The Happening. As such, one would expect Devil to have a twist ending. But no. Oh, no, my friends. Devil, in point of fact, has about six ending 'twists' from what I can judge. I won't spoil them for you, but suffice to say that each 'twist' becomes more senseless and silly than the previous one.

Overall, Devil is a poorly, poorly made movie. It's boring, it's dumb (Jelly toast landing jellied side down is used to establish that The Devil is in the elevator. Seriously.), and it's far too long for its lack of substance. If The Devil ever comes for me, I hope to God he picks a way of doing it that won't put me to sleep.
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Awesome movie!
ZombieSteak .com28 July 2011
Great acting, funny, thrilling, edge of your seat fun. I am not a fan of M. Night Shylaman, but I have to admit I really enjoyed this movie. I went in with very low expectations being that as I said I'm not a fan and really, how much action can you put in an elevator? I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie had me hooked from the very beginning. The cinematography was amazing. The swooping shots of the city, the creepy elevator shaft, all set the mood for shivers as it reminded me of my fear of extreme heights and confined spaces.

As the story progressed and you learned more about the characters I found myself completely engaged and sitting at the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. - Discover a new world of horror films, designed just for you.
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Narration kills it
jimlivingston10 December 2010
What is the point of watching a movie when the narrator tells you the story before it happens? How about instead of telling me the story at the beginning of the movie LET ME WATCH IT.

I get the sense that MNS was worried people wouldn't understand the movie was based on a bedtime story some grandmother told a kid, like some did with Lady in the Water.

The actual movie itself was good. The acting was pleasant. I thought the writing was above average. I would have enjoyed it more had I not known what was going to happen, before it happened, because the narrator told me it would happen.

And another thing, we don't need to be told it is a story about the Devil. We can figure that out on our own from the title of the movie!
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For Once A Good Shyamalan Movie
TVGuy316 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Devil is not necessarily an actual Shyamalan movie because he only wrote the story, but two other people in the director's chair and a twist that isn't dumb make for a good movie that Shyamalan was involved in. I think that's enough for people to go see his next project after this. Now this may be a PG-13, but it's a hard PG-13 so think twice about taking your kids, but if you're 14 or over or something like that, you're in for a best horror flick since Last Exorcism (which sucked, but it's the only horror flick that's come out in a while). And for those you who keep saying on the message board for this movie that there's a dumb twist, like the elevator is the devil or something, you're wrong. The devil is actually somebody on the elevator. Devil isn't gonna win any awards for, well, anything (actually maybe a couple of Saturns) but if you're bored one night, have at least 12 bucks (including popcorn) and wanna get scared at the theater, give Devil a shot. You won't regret it.

Grade: B+ I'll be back on Saturday when I review "The Town".
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Devilishly good!
Remy_Azhary17 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
DEVIL is a very interesting film. For one thing, it served as a cautionary tale of repentance and redemption. As the title suggests, it is indeed story of supernatural elements and was the brainchild of M. Night Shyamalan.

Although M. Night was not at the helm of directorship of this film it did somehow had its own scary moments. However, do not expect any twist in this one as we saw in other films that was the trademark in other M.Night's films. Yet, he led us in on his fascination of the unknown.

Ultimately, as much as it is to be viewed as just another movie, it also reaches out to the audience as to how the power of forgiveness would yield light into corners of darkness.

One important point from a filmmaker's analysis is the angle of opening scene is in reverse in contrast to the closing scene which clearly reflected the victory of good over evil.

Another interesting trivia is that M. Night Shyamalan had created DEVIL as the beginning of his supernatural series called THE NIGHT CHRONICLES. As such we can definitely expect the second installment, 12 Strangers, slated to be released in 2011.
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With some help, Shamalyn drinks some mild recovery drink into his name.
jjnoahjames10 October 2010
I have to say. I wasn't blown away by this movie like I was the first time I watched 6th sense but I would watch this again. To me that's far more important. I think this is actually M Night's best writing to date. If it just wasn't for some obviously bad a certain female character this movie would be great, by the way she is a great actor she makes up for her bad performances later on in the movie.

A movie that I could watch a couple more times is worth buying you see...this really is like an Alfred Hitchcock film, not like an old M. Night film.

I think these two should work together more often! Keep it up! It will take time to regain the old title set by M.
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downward spiral
Christopher Leary24 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Just another movie with no twist as you were expecting one of them to show themselves at the end.Keeps you watching to find out though.At least that is something.Not a film that you can watch more than once.Characters were OK, but no depth and not really anyone with a profile that stands out.Shyamalan needs to find a new topic that he can exploit that no one really knows anything about, intricate stories that have it that you are only shown so much and it keeps you guessing and guessing and guessing but you never really find out the absolute truth until right at the end.Titles such as The Game and The Usual suspects have that effect and have enough thrills and spills throughout the film to make you want to watch them more than once.
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Devil always plays around
chantellestoichkov17 September 2010
I heard some good things about this film before viewing it, and now that I watched, I loved it! It's all about opinion and experience, and in my opinion, this experience was more than worth it.

As you might have guessed the movie is called "Devil" because it is about guessing who could be the Devil. Five strangers get trapped in an elevator and you may think that it is all about them but the truth is that you do not know who of the other characters (outside the elevator) could be the Devil. That's how good M. Night Shyamalan is. You never know what going to happen and it is reveal to you just until the very end.

Having said that, I do recommend "Devil" - especially if you're a genuine suspense film fan (like me). This movie has well-drawn characters, a proper sense of time & place, attention to detail and well-timed shocking surprises!
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Surprisingly good
babypuddings17 September 2010
I went to watch this movie with my friends who were really bored and have nothing else to do at that moment.

Of course, we all went into the cinema expecting nothing more than another film with a weird twist at the end, but surprisingly, this one turns out to be really good. I'll give it a 7 for originality.

The show managed to instill fear and doubt among the watchers as the plot progresses. Well, the show obviously ends with a twist, as from any other M. Night Shyamalan shows, but this show's twist is somehow acceptable and less repetitive. I can say that no one could have guessed the ending.

As for the acting, each character in the show played their role well which made the whole show worth watching. Geoffrey Arend's acting really made me hate him in the show, good job.

As a conclusion, I'll give this show an 8 overall, which is really good. Some might not like it though, it's really up to the watcher. Something like Marmite, it's either you love it, or hate it.
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Sort out your sock drawer in preference to wasting time on this movie
Graphics Guy23 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Words fail me in describing just how disappointed I was with the time I wasted on this movie.

The omens were initially good. The movie publicity was convincing. On paper, everything pointed towards an exciting, spooky movie, one that the wife might enjoy. Instead, we were inflicted with standard Hollywood formulaic spooker clichés (Oh-oh, the lights are flickering, that means something really bad is going to happen...) along with the contrived who-is-the-killer character-building so that (of course) we are supposed to be fooled by the obviously nastiest personalities, according to the highly detailed crime sheets the detectives manage to magic up from the bowels of a remote building in record time (from which it is difficult to get a cell phone signal).

Led by the nose and an uncannily correct superstitious Mexican security guard fueling our worst fears, we are force-fed the inevitable "twist" which came not on tippy-toes but driving a tractor to astonish us by revealing that - stand by for more clichés - the least likely person you might suspect HAD TO BE the culprit. Puhleease. Even the wife didn't go for it.

At the end, I really had to check whether some conservative Christian fundamentalist organization had bankrolled this crap. The final spoken line (I won't spoil it for you because that is utterly impossible) is up there with John Wayne's "Surely he was the son of Gawd". I wanted to throw myself in front of the Evil One and shout "Take me, take me!" to end the pain.

Do yourself a big favor. Avoid, avoid, avoid. No need to thank me.
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