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Literary Adaptation Biz Heat Up in France

Paris– Underscoring producers’ appetite for tried-and-test material, the French film industry has warmed up to literary adaptations.

Today, one out of five Gallic movies is based on a book, and nearly 40% of the films that sell over 500,000 admission in France are based on books, according to Unifrance, the promo org which hosted a roundtable with author David Foenkinos (“Delicacy”), producer Anne-Dominique Toussaint (“French Kissers”), literary agent Francois Samuelson and editor Paul Otchakovski-Laurens during its annual Rendez-Vous market in Paris.

The spike in popularity for literary adaptations has led many French producers to launch divisions dedicated to scouting for book rights, as it’s done in the U.S., pointed out Samuelson, who added that U.S. execs are more and more inclined to acquire rights to novels before they even get published.

“Deals are done differently in France, however, due to the fact that authors here have a bigger status than American ones,
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Second Wave of Fantasia International Film Festival Films Announced, Including Abel Ferrara’s Welcome To New York!

The Montreal-based Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to run again this year from July 17th-August 5th, and having already boasted a very impressive first wave of films (including a special presentation of James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy), the second wave of films has now been announced, making the festival sounds like an even more impressive place to be next month. We’ve combined the two announcements into one, just to give you fright fiends a glimpse at the awesome list of titles coming to festival goers next month.

First Wave:

Opening Film: Jacky In The Kingdom Of Women (Jacky Au Royaume Des Filles)

Fantasia 2014 will launch with the Canadian premiere of Jacky In The Kingdom Of Women (Jacky au royaume des filles), a sharp political satire from comic book genius Riad Sattouf (Les Beaux Gosses) that took the Rotterdam Film Festival by storm.

Set in
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Fantasia 2014 Announces First Wave of Programming

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival will be taking place once again in Montreal and the first wave of programming has been announced, revealing an eclectic mix of genre films from around the world:

“Montreal, June 19, 2014 – The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. Our full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s an early First Wave Announcement of several selected highlights and info to whet your appetite.

Unveiling Our 2014 Poster Art: Fantasia Pays Tribute To Three Legendary Figures Of The Fantastic

On May 7 of last year, Ray Harryhausen, filmmaker and stop-motion special effects pioneer, passed away at the age of 92. Mr. Harryhausen created some of the most beloved and innovative fantastic film imagery of all time in such classics as The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad
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Fantasia 2014: New Artwork; First Wave Titles Include Among the Living, Monsterz, Predestination, Cybernatural, The Harvest, Suburban Gothic, Killers, and More!

The grandaddy of all film fests, Fantasia 2014, is set to kick off on July 17th, and we have this year's artwork to share along with the first wave of event and film announcements.

From the Press Release:

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. Our full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime here’s an early First Wave Announcement of several selected highlights and info to whet your appetite.

For this year’s edition and onwards, Fantasia will be returning to the freshly renovated Concordia Hall Cinema as its main base, which now features an even larger screen, new seating, and upgraded projection and sound.

Unveiling Our 2014 Poster Art: Fantasia Pays Tribute To Three Legendary Figures Of The Fantastic

On May 7 of last year,
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Fantasia Film Festival Announces An Astonishing First Wave of 2014 Programming

It is that time of the year again in which we start preparing for our favourite film festival in the world. For the unfamiliar, Sound On Sight has delivered some of the best coverage of the Fantasia Film Festival since we first launched back in 2008. In the past we’ve published up to 55 reviews, dozens of features and recorded six podcasts dedicated entirely to the three and a half week long event. So be sure to come visit us again and again throughout the months of July and August, as we will surely be all over the 2014 edition. The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is taking Montreal by storm, starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. They’ve just released their new poster and along with the first wave of films, and as expected, Fantasia’s programmers aren’t disappointing. Here’s the press release. Enjoy!


Montreal, June 19, 2014 – The 18th annual Fantasia
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Rotterdam 2014 Juries Award Films

During today's Awards Ceremony in de Doelen (Rotterdam), the winners of Iffr’s nineteenth Hivos Tiger Awards Competition, as well as of the second Big Screen Award Competition and of the Netpac, Fipresci, Knf, and MovieZone awards were announced. Tomorrow Saturday, 1 February the festival audience favorites will be awarded the Upc Audience Award for best festival film and the Dioraphte Award for best Hubert Bals Fund-supported film.

Hivos Tiger Awards

Fifteen first or second films by talented filmmakers from around the globe competed in the 2014 Hivos Tiger Awards Competition. The Jury consisted of distinguished filmmaker Elia Suleiman; celebrated Dutch filmmaker Nanouk Leopold, Indonesian filmmaker and former Tiger Award nominee Edwin; Violeta Bava, Bafici programmer and film producer from Argentina and Japanese actress and producer Kiki Sugino. Each Hivos Tiger Award comes with a prize of €15,000 for the filmmaker.

The winners of the three equal Hivos Tiger Awards 2014 are:

Anatomy of a Paper Clip (Yamamori clip koujo no atari)

by Ikeda Akira (Japan, 2013)

“Challenging narrative form with precision and economy, this film elevates observations of the absurd in human behavior, and brings it into the poetic domain.”

Ikeda Akira (1976, Japan) began to make his own short films while studying English literature at Bunkyo University. After being involved in various fields such as theatre, music and dance, he directed his first feature-length film The Blue Monkey in 2006. Anatomy of a Paper Clip is his second feature.

Something Must Break (Nånting måste gå sönder)

by Ester Martin Bergsmark (Sweden, 2014)

“A free-floating personal voyage traces the pains and pleasures of intimacy, recounted in a tender depiction of characters, with a sincere and playful use of cinematographic language.”

Ester Martin Bergsmark (1982, Sweden) trained at the Swedish University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Together with Mark Hammarberg he made the award-winning documentary Maggie in Wonderland

(2008). In 2010, he made Fruitcake as part of the experimental feminist porn suite Dirty Diaries. She Male Snails (2012) won several awards at the Gothenburg International Film Festival.

Han Gong-Ju

by Lee Su-Jin (South Korea, 2013)

“A skilfully crafted and highly accomplished debut – deviating from classicist structure, this film lures the spectator to participate in the pleasures of storytelling through an extraordinary and intricate narrative puzzle.”

Lee Su-Jin (South-Korea) is a screenwriter and director. He made several award-winning short films in his homeland. His roll of honour continues with his debut feature Han Gong-Ju, which won two awards at Busan, plus the top prize at the film festival of Marrakech.

Hivos director Edwin Huizing:

“Hivos aims to give young filmmakers a voice. To inspire us; to push boundaries. Their work has the potential to break open societies, so thoughts and creativity can flow more freely. The Hivos Tiger Awards give them the recognition they deserve.”

The Big Screen Award

Iffr introduced a new competition in 2013: The Big Screen Award Competition, aimed at supporting the distribution of films in Dutch cinemas. Ten very recent films with no Benelux distributor confirmed were nominated for this prize. An audience jury, chaired in 2014 by Christine de Baan, chose the winner. Iffr will connect a prize of €10.000 to the award in 2014. The money is for the distributor to support the costs of publicity for the releases of the winning film in cinemas in the Netherlands.

The winner of The Big Screen Award 2014 is:

Another Year

(Yeshche odin god) by Oxana Bychkova (Russia, 2014)

“At a time when Dutch media abound with negative news about Russia, Another Year

takes us straight into the daily lives of the young people who will shape its future and makes us open up our hearts to them. More than just a simple love story, it shows us how globalization meets tradition in present-day Russia, how they clash, and how they might be reconciled. Pitch perfect, beautifully acted and choreographed, modest, subtle and utterly convincing.”

Oxana Bychkova (1972, Ukraine) is a screenwriter and director. She studied journalism in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, graduating in 1995. After a career as a radio journalist, Bychkova began studying directing in 2000, focusing on filmmaking. Another Year is her first feature film.

Netpac Award

The Netpac Jury (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) awards the best Asian film in the Iffr 2014 Official Selection. The Jury consisted of Paul Agusta, filmmaker, filmcritic and poet from Indonesia; Defne Gursoy, film critic and writer from Turkey; and Anu Rangachar, programme director of the Mumbai Film Festival, India.

The winner of the Netpac Award 2014 is:


by Prasanna Jayakody (Sri Lanka, 2014)

“A well-measured and crafted film that emotionally engages the audience through poetic storytelling of a critical subject.”

Prasanna Jayakody (1968, Sri Lanka) was born into an artistic family strongly rooted in traditional Sinhala values, and grew up in a Buddhist environment. This became a major inspiration for his productions. He made his debut at the age of 21 with the stage drama Shadows and Men, which was a critical success. He then started directing television dramas that were loved by the masses and won him numerous television awards. His earlier films Sankara (2006) and Karma (2010) have also screened at Iffr.

Fipresci Award

The Jury of the International Association of Film Critics Fipresci (Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique) awards the best film among the twenty-two world premieres in Bright Future 2014. The Jury consisted of president Blagoja Kunovski, Macedonia (Mrtv, Kinopis, Sintheses); Maria Fosheim Lund, Norway (Aftenposten, Wuxia); Guilhem Caillard, Canada (Séquences, Panorama-Cinéma, Cineuropa); Alberto Castellano, Italy (Il Manifesto, Segnocinema) and Sasja Koetsier, the Netherlands (De Filmkrant, Tijdschrift Lover).

The winner of the Rotterdam Fipresci Award 2014 is:

The Songs of Rice (Pleng khong kao)

by Uruphong Raksasad (Thailand, 2014)

“Fully relying on its strong cinematography, it creates an immersive sensory experience that makes us part of a vivid community revolving around the cultivation of a tiny grain.”

Uruphong Raksasad (1977, Thailand) studied film and photography at Thammasat University. After graduating in 2004, he worked as an editor and post-production supervisor on several Thai feature films. Since 2004, he has focused on his own career, returning to the region where he was born and shooting his feature debut Stories from the North (2006). The Songs of Rice is his third feature.

Knf Award

For the Knf Award, The Dutch Circle of Film Critics (Knf) Jury chose the winner out of the ten films in The Big Screen Award Competition 2014. The Knf Award consists of a subtitled Dcp. The Knf Jury consisted of Kees Driessen (Vrij Nederland); Paul van Es (Troskompas/TVKrant); Jelle Schot (Vpro/Cinema.nl); Nienke Huitenga (Lola/Filmtab) and Quirijn Foeken (Biosagenda).

The winner of the Knf Award 2014 is:

To Kill a Man (Matar a un hombre)

by Alejandro Fernández Almendras (Chile/France, 2013)

Read the review by Carlos Aguilar Here

“A compelling film with great visual style, impressive acting, and exactly the right length. The story is both simple and challenging. We follow the humiliation of the protagonist step by step and are confronted with our own fears in the process. This unremitting psychological thriller deserves to be seen on the big screen.”

Alejandro Fernández Almendras (1971, Chile) has a degree in journalism and worked as a film critic, photographer and journalist. Since 2002, he makes short films and video installations. His award-winning feature film debut Huacho (Alone)

premiered in Cannes in 2009.

MovieZone Award

MovieZone Jury gives young people the opportunity to fully experience a film festival and present their opinions on film. The MovieZone Iffr Jury consisted of five members between the ages of 15 and 18: Hanneke Bijker; Dzifa Kusenuh; Mauro Casarini; Moeddie Sherif and Floris Detering. In Rotterdam, they selected the winner out of eighteen eligible festival films. The winner of the MovieZone Iffr Award 2014 receives € 1,500 for promotion of the film among young people. The film also has a chance to become part of an Eye educational film programm.

The winner of the MovieZone Award 2014 is:

Jacky in the Kingdom of Women (Jacky au royaume des filles)

by Riad Sattouf (France, 2014)

“It was like a classical fairytale but with a completely different point of view. The makers of the film created a whole new world with the art direction and costume design and the film had a theme that everyone can relate to. The film was really funny but also had a great message.”

Riad Sattouf (1978, France) is a French writer, comic book artist and director with Syrian roots. He has successfully published various graphic novels and has a weekly comic in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. In 2009, he made his directing debut with the award-winning film Les beaux gosses. Jacky au royaume des filles is his second film.

Iffr previously announced winners of the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films

and Arte International and Eurimages for best CineMart 2014 projects
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In the Works: Mia Hansen-Love Heads Into Production on 'Eden,' Starring Greta Gerwig and Brady Corbet

In the Works: Mia Hansen-Love Heads Into Production on 'Eden,' Starring Greta Gerwig and Brady Corbet
French director Mia Hansen-Love ("Goodbye, First Love," "The Father of My Children") is currently at work on her next project, "Eden," which centers on the electronic music craze of the early '90s.  American indie darlings Greta Gerwig ("Frances Ha") and Brady Corbet ("Simon Killer") are set to star. They join an international cast including Pauline Etienne ("The Nun"), Golfshiteh Farahani ("My Sweet Pepperland"), Vincent Lacoste ("Les beaux gosses") and Vincent Macaigne ("The Rendez-vous of Deja-vous"). According to Cineuropa, "Eden" follows teenager Paul as he runs away from home and gets swept into the burgeoning dance and garage music scene. After a few years, Paul and a friend begin to establish themselves as deejays in Paris, a move that brings both success and plenty of trouble. Hansen-Love and her brother, Sven (who himself worked as a deejay in Paris in the '90s), co-penned the original screenplay. Hansen-Love's cinematic sensitivity for the complexities of young.
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2013 Cannes Film Festival Predictions: Riad Sattouf’s Jacky In Women’s Kingdom

#35. Riad Sattouf’s Jacky In Women’s Kingdom

Gist: Similar in theme as something akin to Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg, Sattouf’s film is set in the gender role reversed world known as the Popular Democratic Republic of Bubunne, where women have power and fight wars and men wear veils and look after the home. Jacky (Vincent Lacoste) has one desire, and that’s to marry the Colonel (Charlotte Gainsbourg), daughter to the land’s female dictator (Anemone). However, things may not quite go as he wishes when the General throws a ball to find the Colonel a husband.

Prediction: Sattouf’s first film, 2009’s The French Kissers, was selected to play Directors’ Fortnight and went on to win a Cesar for Best First Film. Sporting a cast that includes Charlotte Gainsbourg, director Michel Hazanavicius, Vincent Lacoste, and Noemie Lvovsky, we’re predicting this will land as a selection in Un Certain Regard.
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International Film Festival of Kerala announces line up

The 17th edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala (Iffk) has announced its lineup. The festival will run from 7th to 14th December, 2012 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Some of the highlights of the lineup are festival favourites of the year Amour, Chitrangada, Samhita, The Sapphires, Drapchi, Miss Lovely, Me and You, Celluloid Man, and Baandhon.

Fourteen films will screen in the Competition section while seven contemporary films will be screened in “Indian Cinema Now” section.

Complete list of films:

Competition Films

Fourteen feature films from Asia, Africa and Latin America will compete for the coveted “Suvarna Chakoram” (Golden Crow Pheasant) and other awards.

Always Brando by Ridha Behi (Tunisia)

Inheritors of the Earth by T V Chandran (India)

A Terminal Trust by by Masayuki Suo (Japan)

Shutter by Joy Mathew (India)

Today by Alain Gomis (Senegal-France)

The Repentant by Merzak Allouache (Algeria)

Sta. Niña by Manny Palo (Philippines)

Present Tense
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The Artist Director Turns Actor For French Comedy

Clearly as the maker of a 2011 silent film, Michel Hazanavicius is a filmmaker drawn to risky endeavors. After winning worldwide acclaim for The Artist its writer-director is now taking a new risk, pursuing acting with the satirical comedy Jacky au royaume des filles, which translates to Jacky in Women's Kingdom. Though he's previously appeared in such French comedies as Yvan Attal's My Wife is an Actress and Alain Chabat's Didier, Jacky in Women's Kingdom--which is what we'll call it until U.S. distributors bestow it a flashier title.will mark his first major role. Variety reports comic book artist turned filmmaker Riad Sattouf, who made his directorial debut with the 2009 coming-of-age comedy The French Kissers, wrote and will helm this funny feature which is set in a world where gender roles are reversed, and women reign in a military dictatorship. Hazanavicius will reteam with My Wife is an Actress
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Casting Call: Diane Kruger and Lea Seydoux to Star in Les Adierux A La Reine; Richard Gere Joins Arbitrage

We have two pieces of casting news for you this afternoon.  First up, Variety reports that Diane Kruger and Lea Seydoux (Robin Hood) have joined the French period drama Les Adieux a la reine. The film is based on the novel by Chantal Thomas and centers on "the three decisive days of the French Revolution in July 1789, told from the point of view of Marie Antoinette's reader."  Kruger will play Antoinette in the film, which also stars Gerard Depardieu and Noe­mie Lovski (The French Kissers).  Benoit Jacquot will direct. Hit the jump for news on Richard Gere joining Arbitrage. According to Deadline, Richard Gere is close to signing on to Nicholas Jarecki's debut feature film Arbitrage.  When we first reported on the story in November, Al Pacino had signed on, but since there's no mention of him in Deadline's story, I assume that he's dropped out and Gere is replacing him.
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Your Winter Indie Film Preview: Anywhere But a Movie Theater

  • IFC
If it's too cold to leave the house for your local theater, there's plenty of options if you stay inside online, on demand and on DVD. What follows is your guide to all the new releases coming your way between now and April.

Online and On Demand

My French Film Festival

Thanks to bids for Oscar consideration, the winter is traditionally one of the rare times foreign films get plenty of attention in the States, particularly at West Coast festivals such as Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. However, Francophiles in particular will be excited to know you won't have to go to California or New York -- or even Paris for that matter -- to be able to catch some of the most recent cinema from France since uniFrance is unveiling My French Film Festival, which is being billed as the "first exclusively online film festival celebrating French talent" that
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First online French Film Festival by Unifrance from Jan 14-29


Indian viewers can now enjoy a festival of French films on the internet for a small fee. The Unifrance agency, which promotes French cinema abroad, is breaking new ground internationally for it is organising the first edition of online fest MyFrenchFilmFestival from January 14-29.

The selected films can be viewed via video-on-demand for a charge of €1.99 (Rupees 120 approx.) per feature outside France (where the price is aligned with national VoD sites) with the exception of Latin America and Russia where access will be free. Pacs systems are also offered.

The films will be available in ten languages (German, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian; there will also be a Korean version on the website of partner KT) and the website includes film trailers and interviews with the directors and actors.

There are some top-quality flicks in the feature film selection, including Nassim Amaouche’s Goodbye Gary
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This week's new film events

Bradford Animation Festival

The UK's largest and longest-running animation festival brings the usual cornucopia of creativity – but this being a competition, instead of swamping us with everything out there, they've mercifully sorted it into categorised shortlists, each the size of a single screening (ie: student, music, children). There are features, too: Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal's Chico And Rita harks back to 1950s Cuba, while Vincent Gallo and Juliette Lewis-voiced Metropia fast-forwards to an Orwellian 2020s Sweden. Plus a gaming-oriented offshoot and guests including the visual effects supervisor from Inception and Pixar veteran Paul Mendoza.

National Media Museum, Tue to 13 Nov

Bath Film Festival

Despite the city's refined status, there's nothing snobbish about this festival. Yes, it gives you previews of forthcoming big hitters such as Never Let Me Go and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, but it's not above rounding up decent films released earlier
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"A Prophet" Wins 9 Cesar Awards, Harrison Ford Honored

"A Prophet" from director Jacques Audiard won nine awards at the 35th annual Cesar Awards. The Oscar nominated film for best foreign language took home best French film of the year, director, screenplay, editing, cinematography, production design, best actor, and most promising actor (best male newcomer) for Tahar Rahim. Niels Arestrup won best supporting actor also for "A Prophet."

Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" was named best foreign film of the year, beating out last year's Oscar winner "Slumdog Millionaire" and this year's blue contender, "Avatar."

Meanwhile, "Avatar's" Sigourney Weaver presented Harrison Ford with a Cesar of Honor award. Aw...

Here's the list of nominees and winners of the 35th annual Cesar Awards (winners are highlighted):

Best Film

A l.Origine, Xavier Giannoli

Le Concert, Radu Mihaileanu

Les Herbes Folles, Alain Resnais

La Journee de la Jupe, Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

Rapt, Lucas Belvaux

Un Prophete, Jacques Audiard

Welcome, Philippe Lioret
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35th Cesars: A Prophet Sweeps the Cesars with Nine Wins

No surprises at the 35th Cesars, as A Prophet cleaned up in all major categories it was nominated in: Best Film, Best Director (Audiard), Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography (Stephane Fontaine), Best Editing (Juliette Welfling), Best Art Direction (Michel Barthelemy) and last but not least, one of my top 5 performance of the year, Niels Arestrup won for Best Supporting... - No surprises at the 35th Césars, as A Prophet cleaned up in all major categories it was nominated in: Best Film, Best Director (Audiard), Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography (Stephane Fontaine), Best Editing (Juliette Welfling), Best Art Direction (Michel Barthelemy) and last but not least, one of my top 5 performance of the year, Niels Arestrup won for Best Supporting -- he of course won best supporting in The Beat that My Heart Skipped. The revelation of the year Tahar Rahim won a pair of awards
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'A Prophet' scores nine Cesar Awards

'A Prophet' scores nine Cesar Awards
Paris -- Jacques Audiard's prison drama "A Prophet" (Un Prophete) won nine awards, including French film of the year and best director, during the 35th annual Cesar Awards ceremony.

"Prophet" star Tahar Rahim won the best actor and most promising actor prizes Saturday at the Chatelet Theatre for his role as a young Arab man sent to French prison who eventually gains power among the reigning Corsican mafia. "Long live French cinema," Rahim proclaimed as he accepted his second prize.

French actress-singer Vanessa Paradis presented the director prize to Audiard, who thanked the Academy before launching into a politically charged talk about France's immigrant population.

Niels Arestrup, no stranger to Audiard's films, was named best supporting actor for his performance in "Prophet."

Nominated in 13 categories, "Prophet" -- which Sony Pictures Classics opened Friday in the U.S., where it has been nominated for the foreign-language film Oscar -- also won Cesars for original screenplay,
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'Welcome' sticks for France's Lumieres

'Welcome' sticks for France's Lumieres
Paris -- Philippe Lioret's immigrant drama "Welcome" was named best French film of the year Friday night at the Lumiere Awards.

Director Regis Wargnier presided over the ceremony, held in Paris' City Hall, the Hotel de Ville.

"Welcome" stars Vincent Lindon and Firat Ayverdi in a story about a Kurdish boy from Iraq and the middle-age swimming teacher who tries to help him despite harsh French immigration laws.

Jacques Audiard was named best director for "A Prophet," and the film's leading man, Tahar Rahim, was named best actor for his role in the prison drama.

Both winners are on the Golden Globe Awards circuit stateside, and weren't in town to accept their prizes.

Veteran actress Isabelle Adjani took home the best actress prize for her performance in "Skirt Day," and newcomer Pauline Etienne was named most aspiring actress for her role in Lea Fehner's "Qu'Un Seul Tienne et les Autres Suivront.
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Candidates for France's Best Hopes at the 2010 César

Ok, I know that I'm almost one month late. After all, the list of the candidates for the Best Male and Female Hopes has been public knowledge since November 25. Anyway, I just want to post the information since I'm a lover of French culture. Enjoy.

The 2010 César for the Best Female Hope:

Marie-Julie Baup in Micmacs à tire-larigot

Astrid Berges Frisbey in Un barrage contre le Pacifique

Agathe Bonitzer in Un chat un chat

Sophie Cattani in Je suis heureux que ma mère soit vivante

Judith Davis in Je te mangerais

Anaïs Demoustier in Sois sage

Mati Diop in 35 rhums

Pauline Etienne in Qu’un seul tienne et les autres suivront

Alice de Lencquesaing in Le père de mes enfants

Florence Loiret-Caille in Je l’aimais

Sara Martins in Mensch

Lola Naymark in L’armée du crime

Vimala Pons in La Sainte Victoire

Soko in A l’Origine

Christa Theret
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A Prophet wins 2009's Louis Delluc Prize

With only Alain ResnaisLes Herbes Folles and Bruno Dumont's Hadewijch as possible upset win scenario's, Jacques Audiard’s A Prophet was the logical winner for France’s Louis Delluc prize of best French film of the year. - With only Alain Resnais’ Les Herbes Folles and Bruno Dumont's Hadewijch as possible upset win scenario's, Jacques Audiard’s A Prophet was the logical winner for France’s Louis Delluc prize of best French film of the year. Other nominess in the category included: Xavier Giannoli's A L’Origine, Christophe Honore’s Non Ma Fille Tu N’Iras Pas Danser, Claude and Nathan Miller’s Je Suis Heureux Que Ma Mere Soit Vivante, Philippe Lioret’s Welcome and Alain Cavalier's Irene. A Prophet will probably duke it out versus The White Ribbon this year at
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