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As for Grant, who hasn't been this sharp since "Love Actually" six years ago, he is once again the prime minister of cute comedy.
The Hollywood Reporter
Not even the estimable comic chops of Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker can lift it above the level of ordinary.
Miami Herald
Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker are supposed to pass for a married couple, but they have all the chemistry of two actors who just met and shook hands moments before the cameras rolled. They don't even seem to like each other much.
You should hear instead about Sam Elliott and Mary Steenburgen, who whip up cowboy fun as married U.S. marshals assigned to protect the pair in Wyoming.
What possible reason was there for anyone to make Did You Hear About the Morgans? Or should I say "remake," because this movie has been made and over and over again, and oh, so much better.
Everything about this fish-out-of-water romp is tired.
Here is a movie with everything going for it and nothing working.
Did You Hear about the Morgans? Yes and, to be perfectly frank, I wish I had been spared the experience.
Grant and Parker's talents are wasted on a boring, made-for-TV story punctuated by a contrived, throwaway third act.
Sometimes it's unpleasant, sometimes it's insincere, and for long stretches it's boring.
The loping pace, inconsistent tone and lack of imagination are all deadly.

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