The Cove (2009) Poster


Plot Keywords

dolphin japan
cetacean whaling
expose dolphin meat
cove japanese government
whaling industry heavily guarded
taiji japan activist
international whaling commission dolphin trainer
environmental issue remote village
unethical practice dolphin parks
animal activist group ignorance
hidden camera contaminated food
direct action commercial fishing
animal cruelty surfer
pretext environmentalism
human dolphin relationship minamata disease
fishing industry suffering
illegal operation concealment
government coverup call to action
killing an animal animal blood
surveillance mission ocean conservation
mercury poisoning recruiting
nationalism cover up
anamorphosis underwater
fake research time lapse photography
anthropomorphism reference to flipper the dolphin
animal campaign animal slaughter
government conspiracy actual animal killed
what happened to epilogue save the dolphins
deception deniability
animal activist fishing boat
dolphinarium mercury levels
blood fishermen
bribery held in captivity
political corruption anamorphic
sea food infiltration
profit motive human nature relationship
sea world school lunch program
followed by police night vision goggles
swimming with dolphins world fish market
animal rights activist fish market
subterfuge environmental activism
west indies culture clash
mass death japanese citizens
swim with dolphin programs slaughter
denial activism
obscene finger gesture environmental activist
animal suicide massacre
whale night vision
animal death cetacean meat
aquarium industry lying
bloodbath questioned by police
sea of blood dead animal
covert operation secret
non violent resistance

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