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Pope asks J to steal a car, preferably a Holden Commodore. Victor Pierce, the real life gangster responsible for the Walsh Street police shootings favored using Commodores.
This movie now holds the record for the most number of nominations--18--garnered by a feature film at the Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards.
Writer/director David Michôd said he often relented to Ben Mendelsohn's request for additional takes of his scenes because his respect for the actor's 'wild, unpredictable' contributions. In fact, the very first scene featuring Mendolsohn's 'Pope' character took about 15 takes.
Filming began not long after one of the longest heat waves ever to hit Eastern Australia lasting for approximately two weeks. Melbourne, where the film was shot, recorded it's hottest temperature ever during this time.
The film is loosely based on the Melbourne crime scene in the 1980s, and the Pettingills crime family. Also, the random revenge murder of two patrolmen recreates the 1988 Walsh Street police shootings.
In an interview on the radio program "Fresh Air," Jacki Weaver explained that her interpretation of her character included the unspoken fact that all of Janine's children had been fathered by different men, most likely criminals themselves.
Two of the film's principals--writer/director David Michôd and supporting actor Joel Edgerton --are members of Australia's Blue-Tongue Films movie-making collective.
Still a high school student, James Frecheville plays a character the same age as himself, though he was much bigger and more adult-looking than the character originally imagined by writer/director 'David Michôd. But Michôd very quickly realized that Frecheville's alpha-male look brought an extra credibility as well as tension to the drama.
On the day of his audition, James Frecheville was one of 15 young actors who read for the lead role of J.
This was the major film debut for both male lead James Frecheville and his on-screen girl friend played by Laura Wheelwright.
On some of the exterior shooting days, the wind was so strong that the Steadicam cameras could barely be operated, and occasionally broke down.
Both editor Luke Doolan, and the director's mother, Ann Michôd, briefly appear in the film.
David Michôd explained that among the unplanned, unscripted elements he felt compelled to add to the film's opening moments for clarity, after shooting was complete, were the stills montage of bank robberies and the voiceover by protagonist Josh/J.
David Michôd says his intention was to create a crime drama that was "sprawling and grand... bigger, darker and meaner" - a film that quickly departed from the bleakness of its initial drug-addicted, working-class milieu.
Writer-director David Michôd wrote the part of Janine Cody for Jacki Weaver.
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This film represents the third of three Australian Film Institute (AFI) acting awards won for a feature film by Australian actress Jacki Weaver. Weaver's first was Best Actress (as the Hoyts Prize for Best Performance) in Stork (1971) and the second was a tie for Best Supporting Actress, with Melissa Jaffer, both for Caddie (1976).
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Joel Edgerton won an AFI award (the Australian equivalent of the Oscars) for his role as a character that dies only 23-minutes into the film.

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