Bullet to the Head (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

bar lawyer
mercenary police detective
hotel murder
hitman final showdown
opening action scene street shootout
bar shootout police shootout
stabbed in the throat falling to death
slow motion scene breaking a bottle over someone's head
man punching a woman ferry
c4 explosives jumping through a window
underwater scene reference to google
duct tape over mouth knocked out
masked man korean american
punched in the stomach punched in the face
kicked in the face character repeating someone else's dialogue
police officer shot betrayal
switchblade ex convict
police lieutenant stabbed in the side
whiskey flashback
impersonating a police officer cocaine
scene during opening credits freeze frame
black and white scene altered version of studio logo
critically bashed box office flop
female star appears nude bathhouse
night cityscape hit by a car
jazz band parade
autopsy mugshot
stabbed multiple times bare chested male
rifle knife
interrogation fight in the restroom
ex cop blood splatter
blood briefcase full of money
nonlinear timeline mansion
costume party gangster
crime boss organized crime
newspaper headline safe house
lasersight crime scene
ex soldier morgue
corpse murder of a police officer
police station revenge
death of partner police corruption
corrupt cop female rear nudity
topless female nudity abandoned factory
filmed killing cell phone
tattoo parlor tattoo artist
tattoo buddy comedy
silencer machine gun
pistol prostitute
conspiracy assassin
rescue car bomb
bomb explosion
held at gunpoint hostage
kidnapping tied to a chair
bound and gagged stabbed in the foot
stabbed to death stabbed in the back
stabbed in the chest death
shot to death shot in the shoulder
shot in the back shot in the chest
shot in the forehead machismo
exploding house exploding car
axe fight axe
shootout hand to hand combat
martial arts mixed martial arts
stylized violence brawl
fistfight tough guy
one man army anti hero
father daughter relationship new orleans louisiana
voice over narration kung fu
shot in the head violence
based on graphic novel based on comic book
part of the body in title police officer
based on comic title spoken by character

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