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When Bonomo meets Kwon in the bar for the first time, Bonomo fills up his glass with his favorite 2 Bullet bourbon. He then drinks about half of the glass. While talking to Kwon he brings the glass back up to his mouth for another drink and the glass is full again.
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Near the end, Bonomo meets Kwon in a bar and he is drinking his 2 Bullets bourbon again. When they finish talking, Bonomo is shown tilting his glass all the way back to empty the glass. But when he puts the glass on the bar, we clearly see a small amount of bourbon left in the glass.

Revealing mistakes 

When Kwon is recording the conversation of the bad guys talking, the cellphone display shows that it is charging.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


After Marcus Baptiste is kidnapped and being questioned, James Bonomo shoots him in the face. When the body is discovered, Baptiste has a small amount of blood on his face and no gunshot wound.


Cop Taylor Kwon is shot twice into his right shoulder. In the last scene his partner James Bonomo meets Kwon in a bar. After Kwon suggests James cease his criminal activities, James gets up to leave. He taps on Kwon's left shoulder commenting 'did that hurt?', even though no harm was done to this shoulder.

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