Season: 1
Year: 2008

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: New World

12 October 2008
Erudite British actor and stand-up comedian Stephen Fry starts his idiosyncratic tour of the USA like mainstream immigration and pioneering, on the East Coast, in New York. He tastes both the capital Washington D.C. and the Yankee countryside. He searches for vestiges of the Civil War but also meets Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and similar worldwide-user-run websites.

Stephen Fry ... Himself - Presenter
Bari Biern ... Herself
Laurie Cabot ... Herself
Oatsie Charles ... Herself
Bob del Papa ... Himself
Jim Getty ... Abraham Lincoln

Peter J. Gomes ... Himself (as Rev. Peter J. Gomes)
Angus McPhail ... Himself

Mitt Romney ... Himself

Sting ... Himself

Jimmy Wales ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 2: Deep South

19 October 2008
Stephen visits the US region most appealing to him, traditional Dixieland south of the Mason Dixie line, which he physically finds between Pennsylvania and Virginia. In the Virgianias he visits the coal mines which power half of US electric current. In Kentucky, horse breeding, whiskey distilling and Bluegrass, also the link to Tennessee and an angle to break his British tongue on the Dixie accent. Forensics for real prove gruesome. Trough Smokey Mountains into the Carolinas, for a balloon flight and Southern hospitality in Georgia. South of Dixie to 'Yankee-like' Florida, not to Fry's taste except the Everglades. Finally Alabama, back in Dixie, to the Board of pardons and Parole and the elaborate show in Auburn's college sports stadium.

Stephen Fry ... Himself - Presenter
Chris Morris ... Himself
Anita Singleton-Prather ... Herself
Griff Van Meter ... Himself
Tom Van Meter ... Himself
Velinda Weatherly ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 3: Mississippi

26 October 2008
Stephen travels through the basin of Old Man River, Northern America's greatest. This spans the Rockies to Appalachians and from the Great Lake to its Gulf of Mexico delta. Stephen starts in Louisiana, visiting New Orleans, site of Mardi Grass frivolity and superstition as well as the paternalistic Angola state penitentiary. Meditations about river-love, the restless nature of the American dream and immigration alter with visits to towns and cities in the vast Midwest plains and Minnesota sources. Included are the San Louis homeless, Vedic 'trans-meditational yoga' guru's Iowa commune HQ, second US economic city Chicago, Scandinavian and Hmong communities in the icy north.

Stephen Fry ... Himself - Presenter
Burl Cain ... Himself

Morgan Freeman ... Himself
Sally Ann Glassman ... Herself

Buddy Guy ... Himself
Brenda Jensen ... Herself
Tim Lesmeister ... Himself
John Manoogian ... Himself
Mee Moua ... Herself
John Ruskie ... Himself
Fred Travis ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 4: Mountains and Plains

2 November 2008
Steven explores from Canadian to Mexican border the spine of North America: the Rocky Mountains, which also constitute the continental divide between river systems flowing West to the Pacific or east, to the Atlantic, where he also visits the prairie plains. Stops include nature reserves and media magnate Ted Turner's bison farming as well as the German immigrants in North Dakota, a virtual ghost town, Texan socialites at a Houston benefit dinner.

Stephen Fry ... Himself - Presenter
Ramiro Cordero ... Himself
Daniel Faber ... Himself
Shelby Hodge ... Herself - Society Columnist, Houston Chronicle

Russell Means ... Himself
Diana Peden ... Herself
Ed Peden ... Himself

Ted Turner ... Himself
Kaz Ziolkowski ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 5: True West

9 November 2008
On a tour of the Southwestern US, Stephen Fry visits Los Alamos National Lab, speaks with architect Michael Reynolds, dines with a Navajo family, attends a Mormon calendar shoot, and learns about legal prostitution.

Stephen Fry ... Himself - Presenter
Susan Austin ... Herself
Rob Big Horse ... Himself
Michael Reynolds ... Himself
Terry Wallace ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 6: Pacific

16 November 2008
In California, Steven adores the old-new and social melting pot San Francisco. In the same state, which would be the world's 7th economy, stops include marijuana growing and bust, a forest reserve, as in Oregon. In Washington, innovative Seattle and a seal care center, end of the London cab's tour of 48 contiguous states. In Alaska, the northernmost and largest, the stories of sea otters, natives, Russian orthodox missionaries. On Hawaii, the southernmost and youngest state, a real P.I., Polynesians, shark cage swimming, astronomy and the 29 volcanic islands.

Stephen Fry ... Himself - Presenter
Tom Allman ... Himself
Alex Filippenko ... Himself
Jonathan Ive ... Himself
Matt Johnson ... Himself
Carmen King ... Herself

Titus Kinimaka ... Himself
Joe Pavsek ... Himself
Terry Pennington ... Himself
Lee Robinson ... Himself
Christoph Snell ... Himself
Hannah Weeks ... Herself

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