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An ambitious, surreal experience. Not for everyone.
Ellie Violet31 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I need to start this review with an important statement: I am addicted to James Duval movies. I have watched 29 of them -- and I am not making that number up. So this review is going to be a little bipolar because the Duval fan in me thought it was great, but the film critic in me thought it was dull. Hopefully you can follow along.

From the perspective of a James Duval fan, this movie was amazing. This is the best acting performance I've ever seen from him. Most of the time, he is typecast as either a) innocent or clueless, or b) extremely (almost comically) eccentric. In BLUE DREAM, he is neither of these things. He is an arrogant, self-centered sex addict - and he pulls it off so well! I thoroughly enjoyed watching his slow descent into madness.

The style is reminiscent of a David Lynch or Nicolas Winding Refn movie. It starts off with a little bit of plot and you kind of see where it's going. As it goes on, it becomes more and more surreal until none of it makes any sense. The last thirty minutes of BLUE DREAM is absolute nonsense -- but unlike David Lynch, the director is unable to pull it off in a way that is interesting to watch.

There was potential here, but I just don't feel Gregory Hatanaka conveyed whatever he was trying to say. Or maybe he wasn't trying to say anything at all, but that's just the problem: The intent and driving force behind BLUE DREAM is unclear.
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Billy Bee7 September 2016
I've decided to check out this movie as of the high score, simple as that…and oh my, I don't think I was ever disappointed with any movie so far as with this. At the beginning I thought, maybe the fact that score is high and my expectation was high, did a thing, but NO. This is the worst movie I have ever seen. If I was at least entertained with the dialogue or picture or anything, but nope…Nothing happened. Story line is stupid, not more nor less, just simple stupid. Somebody compare it David Lynch but trust me, nothing here even resembles to David Lynch movies. Anyway, I do encourage you to see it for yourself and rate it just so it would get the proper score that it deserves.
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I Want An Explication For This Score
nick_beuca11 May 2017
Total rubbish, I've seen thousands of movies and this is my first comment ever, so imagine my disappointment. I would even go as far as to not use if this movie does not get the score it deserves or someone doesn't give me a rational explication to the high score it has.

I was never more disappointed by IMDb in this manner.
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