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As a running gag, in every episode (except in Adventure Time: Food Chain (2014)), a small snail is in frame, waving at viewers. The snail is usually only on screen for one shot per episode.
Jeremy Shada was chosen to voice Finn after his older brother Zach, who played the character in the pilot, was unable to reprise his role due to his changing voice.
With Jeremy Shada growing older, the creators decided to age Finn a year older every season so Shada can keep voicing the character.
All of Lady Rainicorn's dialogue is written in English in storyboards of the episodes she is in. Her voice actor Niki Yang translates her lines in Korean during voice sessions.
Unlike most animated series, most of the cast get to record their lines together in one room.
The first series produced by Frederator Studios to not air on Nickelodeon. Pendleton Ward originally pitched it to the network twice after doing the pilot for them which aired on Random Cartoons, but was eventually rejected both times before Ward pitched the show to Cartoon Network and got greenlighted.
Adventure Time: Burning Low (2012) drew over 3.5 million viewers, making it the highest rated episode of the series to date, breaking the record set by the genderbent episode, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake (2011).
BMO is Pendleton Ward's favorite character.
This along with Regular Show (2009) are the first Cartoon Network shows to be renewed past six seasons.
After 6 seasons, Warner Bros green lit an Adventure Time film adaptation, making it the first Cartoon Network intellectual property to make it from the small to big screen since The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002).
During Indy Pop-Con, John DiMaggio confessed that the voice of the Banana Guards comes from his imitation of Pendleton Ward voicing Lumpy Space Princess.
Princess Bubblegum's first name is Bonnibel, but only Marceline calls her by it.
According to Pendleton Ward, Jake's personality is based off of Bill Murray's character Trippier Harrison from Meatballs.
Adventure Time: Everything's Jake (2014) reunites John DiMaggio, who voiced Bender on Futurama (1999), with two of his Futurama cast mates. Billy West and Tress MacNeille lend their voice talents to the episode as "Jake people."
Finn's name was originally Pen, a shortened name of the show's creator Pendleton Ward, but Ward decided against it.
With 9 seasons, this is the most seasons for a cartoon network show. It's the second longest running cartoon network show, after "Ed, Edd, n Eddy".
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Despite princess bubblegum being his favorite princess, ice king has only successfully kidnapped her once, in the original pilot.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Some of the characters of the show are survivors of the Great Mushroom War. Marceline was a child sometime after the war, and the Ice King, who was then known as Simon Petrikov and was slowly changing into his insane personality from wearing a powerful crown he got from a Scandinavian fisherman named Gunther.
The post-apocalyptic Earth in Adventure Time has an enormous hole in its side, caused by a war (known as the Mushroom War), waged around 1,000 years before the series's main timeline.
The Adventure Time video games, one featuring Princess Bubblegum's parent as a boss, are considered canon.
Alan Tudyk, who plays a past candy elemental in this, played king candy in Wreck It Ralph.
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In the episode "Dark Purple" Jake predicts the coming events. Jake says if they go to on an adventure, it would result in them finding a conspiracy, fighting a bad guy, and ruining their favorite drink. It then cuts to Susan Strong, who goes on an adventure that results in exactly that. At the end, Jake says he jinxed it.

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