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One of the best things on TV at the moment
poke_a_polk25 April 2010
I first saw Adventure Time on youtube some years ago. Now it's TV show. I loved it when it was a one-shot video. And I love each episode I've seen on Cartoon Network even more.

Yes, the characters are silly. Yes, there is a fair amount of "OMG, that's so random!" going on. But while shows like Chowder may fail at times using this model, Adventure Time succeeds.

It does so thanks to wonderful voice acting, clever dialog and most of all, unusually mature themes. Not in a risqué sense, doesn't rely on cookie cutter stories and it's comfortable leaving some endings ambiguous. It's also comfortable making characters believable (despite its fantasy setting).

This show is deserves attention.
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Every Bit As Great as We Hoped
Brandon16 April 2010
"It's Adventure Time! C'mon grab your friends. We'll go to very distant lands. With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human the fun will never end. It's Adventure Time!" Adventure Time was an animated short made by Pen Ward and his team a few years back. The short was full of comedy, off the wall jokes, chocked full of hilarious one-liners and even an entertaining fight scene. And now, years later it is a full blown television series. The only thing people were concerned about was that the adaption could never live up to the original.

Well I'm here to say it has. In. Every. Aspect.

The only thing different is the characters and world have been expanded upon, and Penn's name is now Finn.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is Cartoon Network's newest cartoon. Similarly to the pilot, it is full to the brim with humor (some which is directly aimed at the adult audience, THANK GOD) There are still many one liners (most of which have been stolen from the pilot but I'm hoping that as the series goes on this will diminish. The music isn't very memorable, but it isn't supposed to be. It's a show about Finn, Jake and all of their friends and the stupid situations they find themselves in.

Cartoon Network has finally found a gem, and I hope for their sake that they keep this show running and start funding more shows like this instead of obviously cheap-made flash cartoons (Johnny Test anyone?) It is a show like this that was needed to get CN back on top, and I hope it'll stay that way What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!
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One of the Best Shows of This Generation
FilmFreak9428 September 2011
Adventure Time is the story of an almost normal 12-13 year old human boy named Finn, and his magical dog Jake(voiced by John Di Maggio). They live in the enchanted land of Ooo and have many strange adventures exploring dungeons, saving princesses(most commonly Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom)and meeting many strange inhabitants of the world, some friendlier than others.

The plot sounds simple enough, but Adventure Time is one of the most surreal kid's shows to come out of Cartoon Network for a long time. And I love every minute of it.

While I find the earlier episodes of the show ranged from good to OK, the later episodes got really great with the animation and jokes improving as the series went on. The characters are all very likable with unique personalities and quite a few have very memorable and hilarious one-liners. Every time I sit down and watch this show, I am greatly entertained.

That doesn't mean it's for everyone though. While some, like me, may like the surreal appeal others may not. I don't recommend this show to the younger audience(younger then 8) as this show may unintentionally give them nightmares at times. Parents more used to family friendly cartoons may also not like the jokes geared towards the older crowd(and trust me there's a lot of them).

Either way, this show has great writing, animation, voice acting everything to me is near perfection. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a different kind of kid show.
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I love this show.
Th3Cure30 September 2011
Adventure time is a strange animal. It's on cartoon network. Not adult swim; but on during the regular hours. The shows target audience is children. But nonetheless, this show is the best cartoon I've ever seen. I saw the pilot a couple years back and finally saw the show and i was blown away.

Adventure Time does not teach lessons per se. It starts off supposedly trying to teach you something, but instead saysscrew it and veers off into AWESOME. Its random, hilarious, and perfect. The characters are messed up in the best way possible. If any lesson can be taken from this show it's that nobody is perfect; everyone has their flaws. Everyone messes up, a lot. Everyone makes mistakes. Even though Finn is the only human in the show, everyone in the show makes human mistakes. It doesn't matter who or what you are, you're still going to mess up. But no matter what flaws you may have or how much you screw up, at the end of the day your friends will be there for you; especially when you're there for your friends.

If your friend is in trouble, destroy the problem with sword, song, reason, or love. I'd recommend this show for humans 1-200.
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Adventure Time: Inventive, Imaginative, Algebraic, Timeless
cryptastic21 July 2010
A few months ago, a friend of mine showed me a grainy YouTube video of the "Adventure Time" short that was shown on Nickelodeon. I immediately fell in love with the short and we began reading up all about since we just learned it was being adopted by Cartoon Network. What we found out and watched blew us away. The amount of thought and imagination put into this show is astounding. I have never remained entertained for an entire episode of a show before, let alone an entire season! The wild and wacky aspects are quite entertaining but also do not remove anything from the ongoing plot and story. We see how characters develop and even see how moral choices produce themselves to challenge the duo, Finn and Jake, along the way. Though they stumble, this imaginative and amazing (not to mention post-apocalyptic) world always seems to lead back to the path of righteousness which is exactly where this show is.

In short, this show is an anomaly among mediocrity. This is a seemingly limitless world of entertainment that does not merely dance around idiotic humor. This is a show that isn't afraid to have fun and toy around with the absurd to make its point. I applaud Pendleton Ward and his crew for flawlessly producing what I could easily call the most inventive and fun show I've ever watched.
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Not for everyone...but if it's for you, you'll love it
vedasisme20 April 2010
There are some who say punchlines are better if you can't see them coming. One way to achieve this is to employ tangential humor, but you sometimes risk completely losing your audience. Pendleton Ward has proved that he has a formula for tangential humor, and so far the equations are working out.

Adventure Time's pilot aired in 2008, and since has collected a cult following on the internet. A boy and a shape-shifting dog save a bubblegum princess from an ice king...such a setting is delightfully fanciful, even for fantasy! For those who loved the original, there may be some differences that make you uncomfortable. For example, several of the voice actors are different, and the character designs are slightly altered. However, as long as you came for Pendleton Ward's brand of humor, you'll be more than satisfied.

Not everyone is going to like Adventure Time, however. There are many who simply have not been exposed to such an exotic type of humor, and so this show may frighten rather than entertain.

I'm sure, however, that the consensus is that Cartoon Network has improved it's show/success ratio by green-lighting Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.
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It's perfect
yandow_200530 June 2010
I got caught up in this while my daughters were watching it in the other room.

I don't generally watch television, much less cartoons.

I was shocked to find that this children's cartoon is the closest thing to the reality of this existence I have yet seen.

A quantum existence constructed of conscious belief, where everything is nothing more than a test.

This is one cartoon I do not mind letting my children watch. I actually have considered using it to teach adults scientific concepts they have a very hard time grasping. The physical reality of this existence is much stranger than anything fiction can come up with. Gamma wave energy frequencies forming particles half the time, and us creating a reality based upon what we believe, then being constantly tested to learn the lessons we need to.
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Cartoons like this come once in a decade!
Stephen Moir22 September 2010
I very rarely find anything on TV or in film that makes me laugh as frequently and unexpectedly as this show. Adventure Time is a well needed breath of life into cartoons. What impresses me most is that the humour is very mature but unlike other shows of that nature, for example Ren & Stimpy, it's still completely for the children. That's where the magic lies. When watching you become a kid again, immersing you in the imagination all of us shared as a youngster.

The simple, but I think fantastic, hand drawn animation cements the feeling that this is no ordinary cartoon. It oozes with great characters and settings. Everything about Adventure Time shows all the love and care invested it by Pen Ward. I'd recommend this show to any cartoon lover and anyone who's still a kid at heart.
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The greatest TV show on cartoon network
FairlyAnonymous10 June 2011
First of all I really don't like cartoon network... or at least when they keep on showing stupid kid shows. This is what makes Adventure Time so special is that it is pretending to be a kid's show in appearance but in reality it is quite mature and isn't really for kids. All of the episodes I have seen are funny except for one. The characters are all likable and there seems to be a dark side to every character. Finn is the main character and is the ONLY human in the entire show. There are hints that this is the far future, and humanity was destroyed (you see destroyed cities under water, or a river of garbage). Finn is tries his best at being a good hero, but sometimes they he seems to hurt some innocent people. Jake is his side kick dog who is really great because his voice is perfect, and he is just laid back and relaxed. Princess Bubblegum is the good princess who Finn likes, and she is super smart and is ruler of the candy kingdom. She seems to have a dark side that appears every once in a while. The Ice King is a common protagonist. It bothers me that everyone hates him, and kind of attacks him for no reason. It is often seen that he steals princesses because he only wants to be happy, and basically the reason he does anything is because he is so lonely.

Some people may not like this show for its very smooth animation style. The animation is a bit cheap but it is sort of based off of video games and some Japanese animation. It is important to realize this show is trying to be weird. Some people do not appreciate its random and off the wall humor. Like where Finn is offered to run with wolves, so him and his vampire friend start running on all fours chasing wolves at night, and they start to look really scary and foam at the mouth. Finn starts biting the wolves and fighting them, and a whole bunch of random stuff. This entire scene is only about 30 seconds long and seems out of the blue. What makes this show great is also how something insanely funny will happen but it goes by so fast you won't notice it. Like when a friendly Peppermint candy does Jake and Finn a favor, and later he says "Well now I want your skin!" and Jake and Finn laugh at his joke and then he says "I will rip it off of you while you're asleep" and he gives a demonic smile. Their smiles fade quickly. Every episode has a funny ending which always makes you leave even a boring episode on a high note.

I cannot wait to see more of this show since I have seen every episode and it is a great show. Do not judge this show from only one or two episodes. Watch a lot of them and you will realize how great it is.
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This show is awesome
kitliptrot16 April 2010
I love it. I think this show is very creative and imaginative. The characters, the writing, and the setting is awesome. I love the character designs and the dialog is hilarious. This shows not perfect, but I think it's better than some of the shows that Cartoon Network is currently airing.

I can understand that everyone has their own opinions, and I respect that. But the review that was previously posted here I didn't think was fair. I think the one who posted that review didn't either watch the show all the way through, or has no sense of humor or a creative imagination.

This show just started, so I can't really say much about it. But so far I think it's good. And if my review doesn't convince you, there are plenty of reviews out there online about this show that you can read, and so far this show has gotten good ones.
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A great show
Stephen Holmes7 February 2014
At first I didn't get Adventure Time. I was confused, and everywhere I went when I saw the hype, I even got a little aggravated. "Why is everybody worshipping a silly kid's cartoon?!" I wanted to scream. I watched the first few episodes and didn't quite get into it, but then something amazing happened.

I started to enjoy it. Adventure time seems, at first glance, to be a silly child's show, but really it is entertaining to people of all ages. It features many hilarious jokes and good story lines, and it has good continuity. It has an enormous, fantastical world, created by an imaginative and talented mind. It has good voice actors, and is all round a fun show to watch. I am a teenager (or was last week) and I didn't care much for it when I started. But if you stick with it, I find it hard to believe you will not come to love it, and you will have the only complaint with it that I do. Why are the episodes so short, and why aren't there more of them!

Stay classy, people. Steve
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Smart enough for adults
bregund1 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am consistently surprised at how well written this show is; it takes a lot for me to become dedicated to a TV show, to the point where I watch every episode. Though this show is just as bizarre as Pee Wee's Playhouse or anything from Sid and Marty Krofft, its strength lies in its consistency and continuity, its identifiable humanity, its striking contrasts, and its irreverent, multi-level humor.

I wouldn't call this a children's show, since a lot of the one-liners are obviously aimed at adults. There are certain scenes that I have rewound to watch several times because they are so fresh and new, bringing to mind the observational humor of Gary Larson; for example, in one episode, a small bird lands on a window sill. When you expect it to chirp, instead it makes a sound like an alarm clock. This particular episode (about a snow goblin?) it so well written and animated that it should be in the museum of modern art. We see the goblin getting up in the morning, adjusting his eye, putting on a circle of sticks, and eating a bowl filled with a pear and acorns. It sounds strange, but the way the action plays out is such an odd but charming parallel to everyone's morning routine that you can't help smiling.

For anyone who wants to see a completely and fully formed world, filled with characters who develop from one episode to the next just like a non-animated program, and writing better than any reality show, check out Adventure Time. It's not just for kids!
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A children's show that adults can enjoy
Josh Martin15 August 2013
Adventure time is that rare blend of brilliant animation, compelling story, and hilarious(often poignant) episode plots that can elude even the best animated shows. The animation is approachable enough that the youngest viewers will be captivated by the vivid colors and unique characters like the lovable B-Mo, a cute little thing that resembles an old school Nintendo Gameboy. Their parents however will be treated to sly humor such as a character singing the theme song to "Cheers" to keep himself from giving in to the insidious power of his crown. There are some images that may frighten very young viewers, after all, the show is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is eerily similar to our own with the exception that the Land of Ooo is populated with vampires, witches, eccentric kings, and all manner of magical beasts(talking candy and baked goods, unicorn rainbows, your imagination was never so fully realized). Everything that the young adventurer Finn needs to keep me in anticipation of my next 15 to 30 minute journey to Ooo. Creator Pendelton Ward has made one of those rare works that has not only huge laughs but an even bigger heart.
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Adventure Time Should be President.
himynameisanthony3426 May 2012
When i watch Adventure Time, I feel very warm inside like on Christmas morning. Its like totes the best show on the television. Adventure Time is very inspiring and very very awesome. I think that Adventure Time will inspire the newer generation to have fun and go on adventures and save princesses. Adventure Time should be voted president. I do understand that some people will not enjoy Adventure Time and be as passionate about it as I am, but that is mostly because those people have bad taste. I especially enjoy the bright colors and simple illustration in Adventure Time, and I guess that that is something that can turn people off of the show because they want their cartoons to look like complicated video games or Avatar or something. I also enjoy the humor in Adventure Time and its very clever and witty. Sometimes it can be inappropriate but whatevs. I love Adventure Time so much that i am strongly considering marrying it if at all possible.
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Anyone who needs some Understanding, Read this
saintbeacon16 September 2014
There was a time when I disliked this show. Now, I view it as one of the best animated series of all time, and one of the most creatively and boldly non-pandering shows in cartoon history, and this is why:

Adventure Time does not pander to traditional or accessible story structures, payoffs, exposition, or plot constructs. It does not use traditional or accessible cartoon character archetypes. It does not use traditional or accessible humor. It does not use traditional music or voice-acting. It doesn't even always use traditional emotions or dialogue. As a result, the show feels more original than anything else seen on cartoon network since Samurai Jack. Much like Samurai Jack, this show is very immersing and has a style all its own.Also like Samurai Jack, the show takes place in a strange world, where almost anything can happen, or any kind of character can show up, and it will still feel believable and consistent. Recommended for anyone who is into experimental storytelling and music. In fact, most of the soundtrack consists of formless ambient music or IDM.

Nothing about this show feels forced or phony. There are no traditional payoffs or unneeded exposition. There are lots of silent moments and strange scenes that do nothing but establish the characters and their varying types of insanity. There's lots of dialogue that can be taken a number of ways. There are no trumpet-blasts or dinky piano tunes to let the viewer know when he should laugh or be excited. The show makes it YOUR job to be entertained. It's like going to visit another world and have fun watching these characters live their day-to-day lives. No, better yet, it's like being a man from one- thousand years ago watching our daily lives. He finds them a novelty, and is intrigued, but he does not understand everything we do, or the way we talk. The characters in this show will not stop to explain anything for the benefit of the audience. For them, most of the weirdness is just commonplace. They know more than we do, but they have no reason to tell us what they know. If you are used to shows with super-tight writing where everything is conveyed to the audience, look elsewhere. This is a more challenging, atmospheric sort of show.

That being said, this is also one of the only cartoons that has succeeded in making me cry multiple times. As a warning, you will not like every episode. You may not even like every season. I don't, and unless you have very broad tastes, you won't. This show has numerous fans who like it for totally different reasons. Some are their for the back-stories and mythos, some for the adventure episodes, some for the comedy, some for the romance plots, and some for the tragedies. This show does basically everything.

Animation: Minimal, using bright colors and simple, easy designs. The animation may seem lackluster, but it's a pretty immersing style if you give it the chance, and some of the art direction and creativity is admirable. The simple style allows for an endless amount of characters, backgrounds, and stories without too much expense needed. The colors and production value get better over the course of the show. They won't look the best in the first few episodes.

Characters: The characters here are diverse and numerous. Some of the them are annoying, but most of them have depth and dimension that will slowly reveal itself over the course of the show. Many of them are immature, and most of them are insane to varying degrees, but they often have to make hard decisions or go through strange dilemmas. Anyone who SEEMS like typical archetypes will prove otherwise. My expectations were challenged by some of them. Simon Petrikov is my favorite character. Writing and Storytelling: As I said, this is a low-conveyance show. The stories are done in a freestyle, storyboard-driven manner. The writers seem to draw from Nintendo- style fantasy games like "The Legend of Zelda" or the "Paper Mario" series. The early episodes are a bit more focused on simple fun, randomness, and adventure, but things don't get interesting (for me at least) until the show reveals its true colors a bit later on. Pieces start to come together, and the viewer realizes that the randomness actually isn't as random as he might think. Without spoiling much, let's just say that the world of Ooo has a bittersweet back-story to it that makes the show infinitely more interesting once they start hinting at it. Some of the individual characters also have mysterious, semi-disturbing origins. It's what made me curious in the first place. The show deals with its various characters and plot threads at a respectable pace, often juggling many at once and becoming more complex. The "Billy's Bucket List/Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel" three- parter is what I would recommend for people who want to see the show do some more tight, well-crafted writing. This series features passage of time, continuity, and the aging of characters.

Audio: The deadpan, naturalistic voice acting can be either welcoming, or annoying, depending on the viewer or character. I like how the casting is handled. Music is experimental electronica. Musical numbers sound realistically unrehearsed, which makes them more heartfelt when used in episodes like "I Remember You" and "Lemonhope Story".

You don't have to like the show, but I at least want it to be acknowledged for the risks it takes and the creativity it encourages. People who have worked on the show have gone on to make other series like that are good for similar reasons and have helped give Frederator and Cartoon Network more of an identity again, bringing them more respect from longtime fans. Also, to warn you, this show is surprisingly not for young kids. Make sure you're at least around 12 before you watch it. Trust me.
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Fresh & surprising every time
clintonkeep15 February 2011
Since Cartoon Network decided to cancel a lot of really great cartoons, Adventure time really makes up for the loss. Every episode is a psychedelic and humorous. It catches me off-guard every time. The characters are adorable, creative and charming, no two are the same. The simplicity of the animation is overlooked due to the clever humor. Okay sometimes even the humor is simple but placed at just the right moment. I've never enjoyed a cartoon more than this. It's even better than Flapjack which at first glance seems to mimic, but no, it's totally different.

I've loved cartoons since the 70's and I rarely rate them as 10 but this one to me is fresh and surprising every time. I think any age would love this cartoon.
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Strange, but Good
Rectangular_businessman23 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"Adventure Time" is yet another strange show delivered by Cartoon Network, in the same line of "Chowder" and "FlapJack". However, despite being pretty strange and surreal, I liked it, mostly because it parodies many archetypes of the fantasy stories.

The best part of this show was the animation: It might look pretty simple, but it is actually pretty fluid and original, with stylish designs and expressive characters. And that is much better than many horrible shows made with Flash Animation in the recent years, at least for me.

"Adventure Time" is a weird, but in a good way. I liked it, and I hope that Cartoon Network keep making shows as this.
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Fabulous cartoon that effectively has no limits on its creativity.
John William H.24 September 2016
Adventure Time is colourful, fun, wacky as sh##, hilarious and full of sexual subtexts. This is easily one of Cartoon Network's best works to come in recent years; and just like Steven Universe it has lots in store not just for kids but adults as well. The characters and story-lines are so far and wide yet perfect for such an outlandish world like Adventure Time's.

As a fan of animation, Adventure Time obviously lacks some things other shows may have (such as animated nostrils on human[-like] characters), but I can forgive it for creating such memorable stories and characters that stick with you after you've watched just a single episode of the show, and that's what good television is supposed to do for the viewer: leave you wanting more and being absolutely-satisfied.
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Incredible Show! By far the best I have seen in years on Cartoon Network!
pwndclone18 May 2015
I cannot describe in words how incredible this TV show is. In my 17 years of existence have I never been this emotionally wrapped and attached to such as beautiful TV show as Adventure Time.

The show is about a 14 year old boy named Finn Mertens who lives in a treehouse in the middle of nowhere with his talking dog, Jake, who can stretch his body into anything he likes. The two are best friends and go on adventures throughout the Land of Ooo. The Ice King, is their main nemesis and he notorious for kidnapping princesses like Finn and Jake's friend, Princess Bubblegum, the monarch of the Candy Kingdom.

The show is full of so many one-liners, inside jokes, and just plain old slapstick humour which one of the main reasons to why the show has had so much success over the past 5 years. Finn and Jake almost have their own "lingo" of different puns and jokes to express how their feeling whether they're in the dumps or just plain psyched for the upcoming adventure. It saddens me to see now in 2015, that Finn is all grown up like me and never uses those same catchphrases like "Mathematical" and "Shmowzow" and he never sings in computer voice anymore. That is one of things that I would like to see be improved for the better future of the show.

The background and animations of the show are beautiful and very eloquently done, shoutout to the animators at Frederator Studios who have done such a wonderful job with producing this show and to Pen Ward, the creator, for coming up with such an incredible world of imagination.

I have heard a lot of reviews from people and most people say that the show "is for people that are on acid trip" (I do not do any sort of drugs myself). For me it is more than just a show, this is a definition of my childhood. I am seventeen and ever since I was in the fifth grade, I watched the pilot on YouTube and from then on I have been totally enveloped in this amazing show and I hope to see this show succeed even more in the future.
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High re-watch value. From laughter to tears.
pogopuggie9 February 2015
It is abstract and charming, a show filled with innocence and childish ambivalence in a slightly more sinister setting. It is unusual to find entertainment so absolutely fun that lends such detailed consideration to character psychology.

Reigning as one of my favorite shows and instant recommendation to anyone who will listen, I hope Adventure Time will be renewed and in production for years to come.

At the time of this review season 6 was coming to a close, and Adventure Time has long strayed from the joviality that brought it such widespread success. The sixth season contains some of the worst and best that Adventure Time has to offer. Dark and dismal, even the episodes seemingly written to lighten the mood or simply act as c- list character world-building fodder are overcast by trauma. Like a coming of age story gone awry, it is as if we are watching the slow destruction of characters as they sink in to depression while the world around them flickers in a bipolar fluorescence. Those viewers to fall for the spirit of the first seasons are unlikely to last as the heartbreak becomes ever heavier.
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A Soon-To-Be Timeless Classic
LegendaryTater90024 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
There are three kinds of people in the world: People who love 'Adventure Time', people who haven't given it much though or aren't huge fans of it, and people that complain about the "good 'ol days" of Cartoon Network.

I've only gotten into the show quite recently, but I remember way back in 2010 seeing the advertisements of young Finn fighting the villainous Ice King and thinking "Huh, this looks different", and not thinking about it a second more.

As I got older, my tastes in television lied upon the characters, how well-written they were and complex and all that. When a friend told me that the characters of 'Adventure Time' were just what I was looking for, I was skeptical at first, but also curious.

An evening of learning about this "Mushroom War" and watching clips of a vampire girl singing about her true feelings towards an old friend, a rainbow unicorn telling her canine partner that she's pregnant, and a video game device pretending that its human, and I was convinced to give the show a fair shake.

I honestly don't think this show is given enough credit. In just eleven minutes 'Adventure Time' utilizes what its given to craft (most of the time) very fleshed out and clever narratives; I hear all the time how people say there's a lot of "pointless episodes" and only a couple "meaningful" ones, but I'm inclined to disagree.

'Adventure Time' doesn't need to sole narrative to be good; it's more of just a series of sub-plots revolving around different characters, more in recent seasons than early ones (which I'm inclined to say are pretty weak until season 3). And not only that, but there's almost not a single episode in this series that isn't referenced later on; it just keeps building and building a more fleshed-out world, and that's what the recent season 6 has been trying to do. The Land of Ooo doesn't revolve around Finn and Jake, and that's what I love about this show the most I think. Everybody is messed up, from the insanity-driven Magic Man to Princess Bubblegum and her incredibly grey morals and actions.

And the characters change throughout the series too; Finn has gone from a screaming, spastic 12-year-old to a surprisingly reserved but still passionate 16-year-old over the course of the series, and Marceline has gone from an anti-hero with a heart of steel to a girl that's a lot more comfortable about sharing her feelings, at least with her newly-acquired mortal friends. On top of that, the dialogue is also something special. A lot of the time, the show manages to have these characters act and converse with one another in such a way that it sounds like the voice actors are actually having a real conversation with each other, and that really goes a long way for me at least.

As far as the animation goes, I actually loved the simplistic character designs from the start, as I found them to be quite charming; plus it fits the show's overall "growing up" feel, like 'Calvin and Hobbes.' But as simple as they are, this show has a huge cast of character, almost as large as the Simpsons' probably, and each and every one of them looks different from another. That, and the background of this show are beautifully detailed if you ever find yourself looking at them.

This really is one of those shows that only comes around once in a lifetime. It's simple enough on the surface for a preteen audience, but also a little complex and even thought-provoking a lot of the time for the adults, with some subtle writing and character moments that all pile up into one mathematical show.

Give the entire series a watch; you don't know what you've been missing, or at least not seeing when writing it off as a simple mindless show.
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Stupid, but enjoyably stupid
Black-or-White25 July 2014
Adventure Time is very awesome and stupid at the same time. When I say stupid, I mean ENJOYABLY stupid, just like Uncle Grandpa (Even thought I'm a HUGE fan of Uncle Grandpa, I have to say, it's as good as Adventure Time). Adventure Time is probably the highest rated Cartoon Network show (Pretty soon, it's gonna reach a 9/10). The lowest rated episode is only a 5.6/10, like The Cleveland Show got (It's also stupid, but enjoyably stupid). So flip all you haters, you should all be happy this show got an 8.8/10. I can't wait until it raises up to Rick and Morty's rating (It got a NINE POINT THREE out of 10, how is THAT possible?! I had NO idea that much people liked that show).
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My favorite show
laurenblue201128 May 2014
I love this show! It is so crazy, that it works. You'd think that a show on cartoon network, with crazy characters, magic around every corner, and a totally unrealistic storyline wouldn't appeal to audiences above 10, but that's wrong. This show appeals to my 40 year old dad. It is probably the weirdest show that I've ever seen, but it's so much fun and so entertaining, that you forget that it's impossible and unreal. There is never a boring moment in this show. The characters are funny and have funny catch phrases. The characters are all so different and most are magical. Some characters include Finn the human, who happens to be the last human on earth, Jake the dog, a magical talking dog who has stretching powers, Marceline, who is the vampire queen and sings and plays the bass, and Princess Bubblegum, who's an extremely smart princess made of bubblegum. I record this show and look forward to the new episodes every week. This show makes me laugh and just is really entertaining and fun, for all ages. Don't Judge it before you watch it. If you like fantasy and comedy, then this is the show for you. Screw Reality!
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Cartoon Network's Crown Jewel for good reason.
Pikachu6921926 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Adventure Time is responsible for putting a dying Cartoon Network back in a position where it hadn't been in in years. The channel had received massive criticism after it introduced a live action block that tattered it's namesake. It took a massive risk when it picked up a pilot by a man named Pendleton Ward that received viral acclaim after it aired on Nickelodeon.

Airing in 2010, it received critical acclaim, gaining credit for its creativity and nice atmosphere.

However, in four years, Adventure Time has evolved from a silly fantasy to a fantastical coming of age story of out protagonist, Finn.

Adventure Time takes no risk building a massive and surprisingly dark backstory for its world.

Basically, 1000 years before the show takes place, a nuclear war destroyed everything and created the ultimate evil with it. A man named Simon Petrikov had been an antiquarian before the war, and the only thing keeping him alive at this time was a magic crown that enabled him to command ice and snow when it was on. It came with a price, though. Through putting on the crown, he had started a long, but definite loss of his sanity - and his humanity. He had come across a girl named Marceline, and the two journeyed through the wasteland for a refuge.

Finn is one of the only surviving humans. We aren't sure how he's alive, considering that most humans are extinct. (can't talk about some of them because it takes too much explanation) He's currently struggling through some daddy issues and a pubescent relationship struggle. The characters he meets and knows are equally as troubled and complex, and they all share decent story arcs which are interesting to decode and discover.

It's odd that a show that started out so innocent and silly evolved into a nerd's fever dream, (and I mean that in a good way) but it's certainly a marvel.

Check it out for yourself if you haven't already, but make sure you start from Season One.

Hope you liked the review.
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