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"Adventure Time with Finn & Jake"
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Parents Guide for
"Adventure Time" (2010) More at IMDbPro »"Adventure Time with Finn & Jake" (original title)

The content of this page was created directly by users and has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff.
Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.
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Sex & Nudity


Probably the most perverted show for kids ever made. Episodes are littered with innuendos that are quite hard for a child to understand, but what almost all adults will get.

Lots of references to sex, ejaculation, viagra, sex-positions, sexual remarks and humor. But it's all hidden, and can be solved if you are aware of it, or an adult. Kids will never get them.

In one episode, Finn's clothes are incinerated off of him (we see his butt for an extended time). A character comes over and tells him, "Hey naked kid".

We see Finn in his underwear in one episode (they were torn off and stolen by a girl. The scene is comedic, not sexual).

In one episode, Finn and two other people are naked with logs covering their crotch. The log moves up and down as the characters walks or move.

In one episode, Finn sees a female getting into a shower, however nothing is seen. Although, Finn does blush when he looks up and presumably sees her naked.

Finn is called a pervert and he repeats that he is not, and a man says "My most private parts seen by a boy!" and "my privates!" are said twice in that episode.

Finn tells Mrs. Cow to take the paper bag off her udder. A blue bird and Mrs. Cow take the paper bag off her udder, but it's actually revealed to be an udder with a face on it (PHIL Face)

Lady Rainicorn and Jake are set-up for "seven minutes in heaven" by Finn. He places them inside a closet.

On the gender-switched episode, Prince Gumball takes Fionna to his bedroom, which showed rose petals on the bed, and he was about to remove his shirt (looks like he was about to have sex with her), but it was actually the Ice Queen taking off her cover and wanting to destroy her.

Finn gets excited over Flame Princess beating Ice King up and later has a dream of her shooting her flames at his crotch and he enjoys it 'a lot'. This is the second episode to imply that Finn is turned on by violence.

In one episode, Finn by mistake find a "video" Jake made for his girlfriend, and he skips it over as fast as possible, clearly shocked. It spools to Jake saying "I hope you liked it", and kisses the screen. Nothing is seen, except Jake laying on the floor, in a some what "sexy" position. Kids probably won't get it.

During Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks wedding, they kiss with their tongues shown several times. At the end, in The Candy Kingdom's prison, TT says "We are all alone.." which Mr Pig replied "there might be cameras?" and then Tree Trunks says "i hope so". It cuts to Princess Bubblegum, who's been watching the wedding, jumping away from the screen and shooting it down.

A candy-woman dresses up like a maid, and when her husband comes home she says "will you take me to bed?" He refuses, working on an important case, but later in the episode the C-woman tells him, "that was a great night, baby." She then adds "we haven't danced liked that for years.." kisses him, and then walks to work. It's clearly implied they did more than just.. Dancing.

In one episode, Finn goes around, helping princess out just so they will give him a kiss. This is presumably a confused Finn trying to figure out what 'love' means to him, through the only way he knows how.

In this same episode, Finn and Lumpy Space Princess kiss. Finn interrupts the kiss, but LSP wants more. She wants to go "deeper", and then the scene fades out to LSP's lips. It is not implied either way that they had sex, however it is suggestive.

In a back-story episode, Wyatt has been stealing Tree Trunks' apple pies and wearing tennis rackets on his feet to make it look like the Poisonous Creature took them. When asked by Tree Trunks why he did not just ask for seconds, Wyatt breaks down in tears and says he wants fourths, fifths and sixths, and does not want to ask for Tree Trunks' pies, as they are the best part of his day. Again, most young kids will not get this but its fairly obvious they were going for an innuendo when watching the scene.

Overall, the show has a lot of talk about relationships and some mildly offensive sexual innuendo.

Violence & Gore


Punches, kicks, and swordfights, but all very cartoonish. Sometimes there is blood. Overall still very cartoonish, and not really disturbing. During season 5, it turns more violence than the previous seasons and a little darker.

The opening has a decapitated arm inside a hollow tree. Very fast, can't be seen without pausing.

Finn kills a monster shaped as a heart, red blood sprouts all over. Very brief and the blood have not stained anything.

In a few episodes we see bruises and scratches, but no blood.

Some fights include decapitation of small parts (Nose, hand), but no blood, only flesh wounds. Some monsters have discolored blood when killed.

Several fight scenes are played out for humor. For example, there is a character named: "Ash", who everyone hates, since he is a douche. Marceline kicks his crotch and Finn starts beating him up with her. Finally Jake stomps him with his giant foot. Even the Ice King (Simon Petrikov) in one episode punches him with no good reason.

Finn and Jake start beating up each other, because they are proving themselves who is more resilient. Both of them have lots of nasty looking bruises, cuts and some blood.

The Magic man turns a bird inside out making it show the birds guts, flesh and everything else. He also turned Finn into a giant foot, used magic to sew some Martians hands together and turned the Martians drinking water into hair (which they drank!).

Visible green vomit in some episodes, when the characters are disgusted. Jake explicitly vomits into a Jacuzzi after hearing how his wish can destroy and kill many people

A pale skinned, creepy looking woman in a TV eats her own hair. She gags a lot, and is all the time ready to vomit. Jake and Finn are absolutely disgusted. Must be a reference to shock sites!

Finn has a rash on his leg in one episode. Some kind of disgusting pink liquid/puss drips from it.

Skeletons are seen in some episodes also, walking skeleton get smashed. Some character practice necromancy.

In one episode Ice King stole parts of other princesses bodies and made a monster out of them. Princess Bubblegum got half her face torn-off to set an example!

Sometimes there is actually blood.

A demon gets half his body torn off by a laser. All his insides show, and a lot of blood.

A demon starts vomiting bananas and another one gets his head turned into abdominal muscles!

When Hunson Abadeer (The lord of evil), appears from The Nightosphere (Hell), he reconstructs himself to the real world in a gory manner. All his organs, blood and skin stick together, and create him in a brief scene!

Castle Lemongrab has rooms filled with guts, a room with a giant heart and a room with a monster that peels it's skin off to reveal it's skull...

The Lich has skin peeling off his ancient, rotten flesh and what seems to be veins hanging from his arms. He looks very disturbing indeed, to the point of vomit inducing.

Finn presumably "kills" the Lich by shoving a sweater inside his (the Lich's) eye socket, and proceeds to pull through the other socket so that the sweater comes out between the sockets. And it does, breaking the Lich's skull.

The episode "The Enchiridion!" the original title card showed Finn in a dark place holding Jake down on a table with a dagger stabbing him, with a lot of blood and Jake's guts being showed in a very gory style and his eye socket completely mutilated, but Cartoon Network found that image too scary. Subsequently, three versions of the title card were made. The final title card had several changes to be less scary. This title card alone could have brought this category to an 8/10!

Goliad squashes an innocent bee.

A demon sucks up almost all of Jake's blood. The blood is shown. A sword is made out of a demon's blood.

The episode "Too Old" depicted cannibalism, and on-screen murder of 'lemon people' (who look like more or less humanoid creatures, and live in a society, etc)

In the episode "Lady And Peebles", Lady Rainicorn gets beat up by Ricardio, all the while she is pregnant. She also gets shot by lasers, and twisted into knot by Ricardio. The same episode has Ice King lying on his own guts, with tendons and insides coming out of his stomach. Ricardio presumably built his muscle-tissue body from Ice King's endless supply of tissue, insides, bones etc. And then proceeded to punch his way through Ice King's belly.

The Lich disintegrates Prismo's body into ash. We see Prismo's eyes explode into ash, and ash comes out of his mouth.

At one point, a Guardian's laser fries off part Finn's father's leg. Bone is visible. Finn's father then applies this weird sap (that can heal anything) to the wound. When the sap is applied to the wound the regeneration process is graphically detailed. You see nerve endings, muscle tissue and fat all reform and then fuse together into a new leg.

This same thing happens to the Lich's entire body, reminiscent of the final act of Akira (including turning into a giant baby afterwards)

Finn's arm is engulfed in a huge vine growing from his blade of grass, but when stretched to snapping point it breaks off, taking his arm with it. A flower grows on the stump, where he lost his arm. No blood is visible though.

Finn sings about his father, and how he wants to rip off his arm.

A surprisingly violent show, even if meant for kids 7+. Sometimes the show is mostly for teens! (PG-13)



The language is tame. Words such as butt can be heard. In some earlier episodes, "crotch" is used. Also in the episode "Rainy Day Daydream", there is one use of "crap".

One time, Finn said "Oh shi..." But he's interrupted

One use of dyke.

Sometimes characters censor profanity by themselves, for example: "You son of a bleebloop!!!"

In "Mystery Train", Finn says "son of a *****", but the trainhorn blocked the final word.

Finn also makes a reference to male genitalia by saying, "Balzaks!"

In one episode Ice King continuously says in a fit of rage "Mother, mother, mother!" which can be interpreted as: "Motherfucker". He even tells little Marceline to close her ears.

Some "damns", "hells" and a couple of "craps".

1-2 uses of "ass".

In one episode a worm rises up behind a statues fist. It looks like the statue is giving the middle finger, and Treetrunks gets offended by it.


Nothing in particular.

Ice King sees magical creatures and spirits with his "wizard eyes". Probably a reference to LSD.

Some references to smoking and drinking. Princess Bubblegum pours herself a glass of alcohol in one episode.

The show can be rather psychedelic/trippy.

7/10 (Sometimes even an 8/10)

Some things that happen are more creepy/bizarre than funny.

A murder episode where a jelly filled bun is killed. A scene where Finn finds him is very disturbing, with the murdered guy smattered all over the closet. He gets really shocked. But, of course, it was just an illusion.

The Nightosphere is essentially hell. The creator himself even referred to it as "one of the coolest depictions of Hell on TV."

Any episode involving The Lich can be a little intense, to the point where it might even freak out some adults. The Lich himself has a terrifying face, but he's even more scary than he appears on the surface. Whenever there is even mentioning of The Lich, the show turns dark.

After Season 3, the show got more and more progressively dark and creepy, especially because of The Lich!

The Magic Man is a psychopathic jerk, who doesn't feel anything! Even when he remorselessly disfigures an innocent bird!

Lemongrab can be quite terrifying, since he is ax-crazy insane, and cannibalized Lemongrab 2. In one scene Princess Bubblegum opens up Lemongrab's brain and we quickly see a glimpse of what is inside. A lot of text, which reads for example: "Call me crazy, but I think it's time for us to die." Others read unsettling, bold, all-caps things like "RAGE" and "SUFFER." Others imply that Lemongrab is legitimately paranoid and insane, and others imply that he is a pyromaniac who wants to set things on fire.

The castle where the two Lemongrabs live is like a reference to the Silent Hill games! It is a very terrifying and twisted place.

Xergiok the Goblin's torn-out eyes. And his empty sockets are somehow even worse.

In one episode the whole world of Ooo is glitched, and much nightmarish stuff happens, for example: A pale skinned woman eating her own hair in a TV, people disappearing out of nowhere and a monster that eats data of the whole world, bringing forth lots of death. Actually the scene with the woman eating her own hair is like straight from The Ring! It's utterly disgusting and disturbing, probably because her physical reactions (gagging, glancing at the camera) are portrayed realistically, which is seriously out of place for this show. This in turn makes this scene an easy 8/10!

The "messages" in this show are incorrect and somewhat funny, though this show is obviously not for preschoolers.

A few very weird or disturbing episodes push the boundaries for a kids show. For example: Freak City, It Came from the Nightosphere, Mortal Folly, Mortal Recoil, Jake vs Me-Mow, Return to the Nightosphere, Goliad, King Worm, No One Can Hear You, Lady and Peebles, The Lich, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, All the Little People, All Your Fault, Simon & Marcy, Wake Up and Escape from the Citadel.

The mutated zombies in "Simon & Marcy". To make matters worse, they are implied have been the human inhabitants of that city. It becomes even darker, when Simon keeps on using the crown and becoming more and more insane.

In one episode Lemonhope has a nightmare, in which Princess Bubblegum screams her lungs out at Lemonhope, whilst a guy with half of his face torn off says: "Buddy" over and over again, until Lemonhope drowns inside some kind of pink goo.

A few episodes are centered around zombies and dark magic

Deaths are seen onscreen during season 5 - 6. Not disturbing, or bloody, but you might be moved emotionally.

Overall content: 26/50. A weird and rather creepy show with lots of comedy, action and slapstick throughout. Sometimes the show turns very dark, and is genuinely creepy.

suggested rating PG for fantasy action violence, scary images, crude and suggestive humor and mild language.

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