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The Hide and Mysterious Pasts: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: a screener of this film was provided by Breaking Glass Pictures.

Director: Marek Losey.

Writer: Tim Whitnall.

The Hide is one of these films where this reviewer would love to jump right into the spoilers. However, this would ruin the film for others. As background, The Hide was produced in 2008 on the Isle of Sheppey. Then, this title was released in the United Kingdom in 2009. Initially The Hide was a stageplay titled "The Sociable Plover" and now this material will find itself on DVD September 6th in North America, through Breaking Glass Pictures. This is a tense thriller. Starring Alex MacQueen as Roy and Phil Campbell as Dave, The Hide utilized the three unities of Aristotle, while providing some mysterious interplay between the two characters. There are only a very few film details that hamper the enjoyment of this film.

Roy is an ornithologist (bird watcher), who is
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Tragedy in Marek Losey's The Hide on DVD September 6th

Breaking Glass Pictures will distribute Marek Losey's thriller, The Hide on DVD September 6th. This is a film from across the shores and this English film puts one loner and a mysterious man together and on the run from the police. Tragedy is the end result.

The film poster for the release is almost colourless, while the tagline suggests "no crime stays hidden forever." Receiving good reviews thus far, The Hide is for film fans with a desire for mystery. Check this one out in a fews days, through Breaking Glass Picture's sister company, Vicious Circle Films. More release details are below.

The synopsis for The Hide is here:

"Roy Tunt is a quirky loner who spends his days in a 'hide' – a secluded seaside shelter where he watches and documents the many species of birds that pass over the shoreline. One gloomy day, his meticulous routine is interrupted by the arrival of David,
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Vicious Circle Films Bringing The Hide to DVD in September

Breaking Glass Pictures’ Vicious Circle Films label will release director Marek Losey’s The Hide on DVD September 6th. The taut thriller follows a lonesome birdwatcher who encounters a man on the run while in the isolated mudflats of Suffolk.

Synopsis: Roy Tunt (Alex MacQueen) is a quirky loner who spends his days in a “hide” – a secluded seaside shelter where he watches and documents the many species of birds that pass over the shoreline. One gloomy day his meticulous routine is interrupted by the arrival of David (Phil Campbell), a mysterious man on the run from the police. Though Roy is at first hostile toward the intruder, the two men gradually let their guards down and find themselves engaged in deep discussion through which they form a strange bond. But as the police draw near, both Roy and David unleash their dark sides, and the escalating tension pushes them to a tragic conclusion.
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Jason Solomons's Trailer Trash

Alex MacQueen scores a hat-trick, and the zest of youth that has nothing on the teachers

Hat-trick hero

It's a feat even Zelig couldn't pull off. English actor Alex MacQueen is not just appearing in Woody Allen's latest release, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (as publisher Malcolm Dodds) – he also has cameos in two other British films that hit the screens last Friday. He pops up in Chalet Girl, as a lecherous hedge-fund manager getting an embarrassing ski-sunglasses tan. Plus he makes the final cut in one scene of Adam Deacon's Anuvahood, playing a posh man living in a big house opposite the west London council estate where the action takes place.

Appearing in three films in a single week is possibly a record for a British actor. There must be a multiplex somewhere showing all three and it may seem that MacQueen is there in person,
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Electric Sheep, Brooklyn Rail, Fests and Events

"Confined Spaces" is the theme of the new issue of Electric Sheep. "The concept of strangers engaging in a combative, yet subtly humorous, game of psychological cat-and-mouse in an enclosed location is by no means new, but with its barely concealed class warfare, Marek Losey's debut feature The Hide makes for a particularly British addition to a rapidly growing sub-genre." And that's John Berra's way in. He's got a map.
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This week's DVD and Blu-ray releases


DVD & Blu-ray, Nouveaux

Film is a visual medium. That fact should have you slapping your forehead saying "Well, duh!" but it's nevertheless something that many film-makers forget as they churn out flat visuals and deliver something more akin to a stage play caught on CCTV than anything truly cinematic. Dario Argento's 1977 classic horror Suspiria takes things to such extremes visually, it often pushes away such trifles as dialogue and logic to blow the mind and assault the eyes and ears. Before this film, Argento had made stylish "Giallo" murder mysteries that, while often dealing with dreams and fractured memories, were based in the real world. For Suspiria he freed himself completely from such shackles to deliver a truly nightmarish tale of witchcraft. Using an outmoded Technicolor film printing process, and inspired by such moody and atmospheric non-horror films as Disney's Snow White and Powell and Pressburger's The Red Shoes,
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opening in the U.K. June 5: ‘Terminator Salvation,’ ‘Last Chance Harvey,’ ‘Sugar,’ more

Terminator Salvation: Robots bad. Humans good. That is all. Last Chance Harvey: The routine romantic comedy is greatly elevated by the elegant presences of Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. [trailer] Sugar: Drama about a Dominican baseball player recruited to play in the Major Leagues. I’ve got a screener of this around here somewhere that I keep meaning to watch -- I’m a sucker for baseball movies. [official site] Pour elle: French thriller about a man trying to spring his wife from jail. Paul “Million Dollar Baby” Haggis is getting ready to remake this. [official site] The Hide: Homegrown British thriller about a crime on the windswept mudflats of Suffolk. Star Alex MacQueen is appearing in that Sci Fi Channel thing Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. [IMDb] W.C.: Drama about the toilet attendants in a Dublin nightclub. No, really. [official site] Shadows in the Sun: Family drama set on
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