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Can you afford to miss this? Yes you can...

Author: demetrius11 from Athens, Greece
2 March 2010

Is there a movie where they use prop replicas from the movie 300? Is there a movie where they attempt to imitate the power strikes of Brad Pitt-Achilles from Troy...and fail miserably ? The answer to both these questions is yes, and that movie is called Hellhounds. This B movie is a combination of some OK actors, some of the worlds worst actors, some of the worst cg ever created, and some quite nice splatter scenes. It has some nicely directed scenes, some terrible scenes, some OK scenes. In general this movie looks like it was made by whomever came through the door of the studio by chance and just grabbed the camera and directed a part of the movie. There is no other way to explain why some parts look great and some are ridiculous.

Can you afford to miss this movie ? Yes you definitely can...but go on and watch it (on DVD) :D

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Let Slip The Dogs Of Tartarus

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
27 March 2010

A couple of brothers back in those Greek olden days take on quite an assignment. The newlywed, but as of yet unconsummated bride of Scott Elrod, Amanda Brooks is murdered and her soul instead of going to the Elysian Fields is taken to Tartarus, the province of Hades where all the bad people get sent.

This bridegroom is hot to trot so Elrod and his more scholarly inclined brother Adam Butcher lead an expedition to go cross the River Styx and rescue his lady love from the dead where she's been earmarked to be the bride of Hades.

The title Hellhounds comes from the fact that Hades has some trained attack dogs that make pit bulls look like cocker spaniels. They look a whole lot like Taylor Lautner and his friends from New Moon when they're in their werewolf mode. Of course the special effects aren't even half as good.

The special effects aren't up to par and the acting frankly is on a level of some stock companies I've seen perform.

Unless you're a glutton for bad Greek mythology I'd let this one slip by. The Kevin Sorbo Hercules series was far better done than Hellhounds.

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Typical bad fantasy flick

Author: stephenpthomson from United States
11 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you are not a fan of bad fantasy movies with caped heroes running around in the weeds shooting arrows at each other, this movie is not for you. The movie is played straight, there is no camp and no humor at all, so you really gotta be hardcore into fantasy to appreciate it.

The movie's weaknesses are difficult to get around; first and foremost the dialog is terrible. The actors are not very good and are unable to pull off their goofy lines. Editing is wobbly with scenes that jump from place to place making it seem a bit uneven.

If you are willing to see past all that, you might be able to enjoy the mythic Greek-style storyline.

Spoiler alert: here is a brief synopsis with several details glossed over:

Just after the hero Kleitos marries the princess Demetria, Demetria is secretly poisoned by a jealous childhood friend of both of them named Theron. Kleitos takes the body of a bridesmaid who was blamed for the poisoning of Demetria to a local Seer who tells him that somebody else killed the bridesmaid and Demetria , and also that the spirit of dead princess Demetria didn't go to Elysium but instead to Tartarus where the god Hades intends to marry her because she is still pure as her marriage had not been consummated yet.

Kleitos vows to go into Hades and save Demetria, and does so with a special elixir given him by the Seer he and a band of buddies (his brother Nikandros, 'best' friend Theron, stout war buddy Andronikus, and several proverbial red-shirts) who take a portal into Hades, cross the river Styx by bribing Charon with water, and then enter the maze of Tartarus to find Demetria's lost spirit. Eventually they do find her.

Several action scenes later, Kleitos is betrayed by Theron who tries to feed Kleitos to some hell hounds so he can have the princess for himself. Kleitos manages to escape and kills Theron, who's soul goes to a torture machine back in Tartarus where Hades gives him one last chance to get Demetria back for him; Hades gives Theron a special staff for controlling Hellhounds and he follows Kleitos and Demetria and the remaining band of buddies back out of the Portal to Hades.

Our band of heroes think they have saved the day, but it turns out that Demetria is dying and their friend Theron has risen from Hell to hunt them down. So they go back to the Seer who tells them that to keep the princess alive she has to drink water from a special spring mixed with Hades blood. Several action scenes later, most of the remaining band has been eaten by hell hounds.

Finally, its down to Kleitos and his brother Andronikus and a limp Demetria who's spirit is on the verge of leaving her body. Nikandros figures they can mix the blood of the Boss hell hound with the spring water to save Demetria, all they have to do is kill it. They do that, she drinks the water, happy ending.

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A new 'Sinbad' vibe! A Greek Warrior must rescue his Virgin Bride from the evil God Hades.

Author: mesamood from Barclona Spain
5 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Sinbad movies we're cutting edge in the 70's and this movie Hell Hounds has definite similarities to those films. The movie was made in Romania in 15 days with a budget of two million. when you take that into account, it's a wonderful accomplishment. The story is solid and the special effects are good enough to tell the tale. Some of the fights are extremely well choreographed and exciting. the cast does a good job and production values are 1st class. Ricky Schroder's second film shows a lot of growth and has a strong sense of pacing and action. The music was well done and not distracting. The Romanian country side where it was filmed is beautiful and haunting. The one sequence where they cross"The River Styx" looks like a Tim Burton sequence, on a smaller budget of course. All in all I give the movie an 8 out of ten. Its the best SyFy movie in awhile.

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Great Movie

Author: csix from United States
22 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a great movie to watch. If it comes on DVD I would buy. The acting is okay I like the way they mades hades also the river stix wasn't half bad If you like the dark side of Greek mythology this movie is great Not a movie for kids. But it has some flaws for one when the dog bites the guys leg A few second later he is walking perfectly doesn't make sense Before they get to the maze the explain how hard it is but yet they figured in out in a matte rof days it cant be that hard. Also the movie could have been a little longer. Also if hades controls hell The only thing he did was make it rain he couldn't do anything else more threatening if that was true they would have made it out

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