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The Most 'Scrambled' Pay Per View of the Year

Author: jts0405 from United States
3 January 2009

WWE usually has a certain significance for different Pay Per Views throughout the year. One Night Stand is all about having extreme matches, Night of Champions is about every title in WWE being put on the line, Summerslam is about having high profile matches which the same goes for Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble is about 30 men fighting for a title shot and Survivor Series is about different elimination matches with oddly mixed teams. Well we finally have a significance for Unforgiven and that would be the first show in which a scramble match was introduced.

Dark Match: Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison - A friend of mine, who went to this event, was able to tell me about this dark match between two of ECW's best high flyers. He told me that the bout went back and forth with Bourne scoring the shooting star press win in the end.

Match 1: Mark Henry vs. The Miz vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero in the ECW Championship Scramble match - Mark Henry dominated the ECW ranks in the summer of 2008. From June to September it was really Mark Henry's biggest push throughout his ten years in WWE. This match had the privilege of being the first ever championship scramble match ever presented. This was a new concept to the fans, so this delivered. After a long grueling battle with a total of 5 title changes we see a champion crowned. 20 minutes and 4 seconds later Matt Hardy was entitled the new ECW Champion after nailing The Miz with a twist of fate minutes earlier. I can predict a strong title reign for Hardy. Let's face it, what else is their for him to do on ECW?

Match 2: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Cryme Tyme for the World Tag Team Championship - The World Tag Team Championship division really has sucked and still does suck at the moment. Every tag team that Raw acquires is released months or a year later with only saying they got one title shot. Anyway Rhodes and DiBiase stole the titles from Hardcore Holly at Night of Champions and then lost them to Batista & John Cena for a week before regaining them. So Cryme Tyme earns this shot and does make the most of this. This was an average tag title pay per view match at best. After a very competitive contest we can say that Cryme Tyme won't be holding the titles anytime soon when Rhodes & DiBiase retain over them.

Match 3: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho in a Unsanctioned Match - An unsanctioned match is really, to me, a different term for a hardcore match. Michaels got the best of Jericho at Judgment Day in 2008 while Jericho avenged that at the Great American Bash. These two tore it down once again with weapons involved this time. This match really went on almost a half hour with Michaels constantly beating Jericho with whatever he could find. In the end we see Michaels take the win as he avenges the attack on his wife from Jericho at Summerslam a month earlier.

Match 4: Triple H vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Jeff Hardy vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin in the WWE Championship Scramble match - This was really the unlikeliest paired scramble match of the evening. It was a shock to see guys like MVP, Shelton Benjamin and The Brian Kendrick compete for the WWE Championship. Of course everyone was on Jeff Hardy's side. Jeff can say he was an interim champion three different times, but it was Triple H in the end keeping his gold once again. After a nice total of seven title changes we see Triple H retain his championship gold.

Match 5: Michelle McCool vs. Maryse for the Divas Championship - This match was a match I could have done without. The match was an alright one at best with a few nice show of moves. McCool is basically defending for the first time, so you know she is retaining for the most part. In the end she shatters Maryse's dreams and retains the title.

Match 6: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Batista vs. JBL vs. Chris Jericho in the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match - This was the shortest Scramble match with the most problems behind it. Earlier in the night we see the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk get attacked by the returning Randy Orton along with Manu, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. So with CM Punk out of the match, who do you think is replacing him? Well my guess would've firstly been Shawn Michaels because he was still probably able to carry a match after beating the hell out of Jericho for a half hour. But in the end it's not, instead it's the man he was beating the hell out of. How does a man that got beat around the arena for a half hour come back and win a title? Well either way this didn't live up to what fans would've liked to see. This turned out to be 17 minutes when it was stated that all Scramble matches are 20 minutes. Added onto that we only see 3 title changes. Kane holds the title after choke slamming JBL, Batista holds it after hitting Kane with a spinebuster and then surprisingly Jericho wins in the end after pinning Kane following Batista's spinebuster. In a strange turn of events we see Jericho as the new World Heavyweight Champion of Raw.

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"Unforgiven" is forgettable

Author: gridoon2016
21 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's begin with the most important thing here: the "Scramble" gimmick that this PPV introduces and uses in three title matches does not really work. Although the time limit and the countdown clock do lend some suspense to the action, the fact that a pin or a submission won't even give you an elimination, much less the title, renders all pins (and submissions, not that there are any of them anyway) except the last one pointless. A more logical strategy for the contestants in this type of match would be to sit around and have a chat and maybe a cup of coffee for the first 18 minutes or so (as anything they accomplish until then inside the ring will only tire them out without awarding them anything permanent), and then start wrestling in the last 2 minutes. Besides, you can spot the winner of the last match (for the World Heavyweight Title) the moment he appears. The rest of the matches are largely forgettable; Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels has some stand-out moments, but on the whole it's an overlong, masochistic spectacle. ** out of 4.

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Really good WWE PPV

Author: kyle-mcdonald from Canada
4 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Unforgiven had to be one of the best because every match was flawless and really fun to watch. The only one that was not so good was the divas match but the divas are hot so that is good. The best matches were the scrambles all of them were awesome. So make sure that you see WWE unforgiven because it is awesome.

Match Ratings:

(ECW Championship Scrmble) Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry vs. The Miz vs. Chavo vs. Finlay ***** out of *****

(World Tag) Dibasie & Rhodes vs. Cryme Tyme **** out of *****

(Unsanctioned Match) Shawn Michaels vs. Y2J ***** out of *****

(WWE Championship Scramble) HHH vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kendrick vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP ***** out of *****

(Divas Championship) McCool vs Maryse ** out of *****

(World HeavyWeight Title Scramble) CM Punk vs. JBL vs. Batista vs. Mysterio vs. Kane ***** out of *****

Match Results:

Matt Hardy Defeated Mark Henry & The Miz & Chavo & Finlay (ECW Championship Scramble)

Rhodes & Dibiase Defeated Cryme Tyme (World Tag)

Shawn Michaels Defeated Y2J (Unsanctioned Match)

HHH Defeated Jeff Hardy & Kendrick & Shelton Benjamin & MVP (WWE Championship Scramble)

McCool Defeated Maryse (Divas Championship)

Y2J Defeated JBL & Batista & Mysterio & Kane

Overall Score: ********** out of **********

***** out of *****

CM Punk was going to be in the World HeavyWeight Championship Scramble but was unable to because he was kicked in the head by randy Orton during a backstage interview, so Y2J Chris Jericho was his replacement and Jericho ended up winning the scramble.

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