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Rising Filmmaker Patrick Boivin Wins Openfilm's Competiton! He Gets to Make His Full-Feature Film! Congrats!, an online destination serving the independent film market (I also have an page, check it out here), has announced the winner of the company's second "Get It Made" competition.

Rising filmmaker Patrick Boivin was crowned and given the $500,000 award which will help the Canadian-born talent to produce his full feature film!

More than 100 online submissions were received, and in the end, Boivin's zombie flick, "Le Queloune," emerged as the winner! According to OpenFilm, "Boivin returns to his roots in horror movies to re-explore the zombie genre and give the zombie what other filmmakers never have: feelings. Shot on location in Normandy in only three days, the film follows a clown through his transition into a zombie in a manner that is as gruesome as it is funny."

The top 10 highest-rated films, six of which were selected by Openfilm's member and fan base, were screened by the
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Casting Bits: James Franco Finds His Sal Mineo, Kiefer Sutherland in ‘Sleight of Hand’, Rachel Weisz Being Considered for ‘Thin Man’

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Casting Bits: James Franco Finds His Sal Mineo, Kiefer Sutherland in ‘Sleight of Hand’, Rachel Weisz Being Considered for ‘Thin Man’
[1] We reported a few months ago that James Franco had optioned Michael Gregg Michaud's biography of Rebel Without a Cause star Sal Mineo, with the intention of writing and directing (but not acting in) a biopic about the actor. Now it looks like he's found his star. Val Lauren has been cast as the lead in the film, which is currently going by the title Sal. Michaud's book Sal Mineo: A Biography deals with Mineo's rise to fame, his conflicted sexuality, and his tragic murder at the age of 37. Lauren expressed his excitement about the role to The Hollywood Reporter: Sal Mineo himself was an extraordinary and super complex guy... People know him for Rebel Without a Cause, but he was technically the first actor who came out of the closet. He was very brave. Lauren's past credits include Dallas 362, The Salton Sea, and the short film Help,
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James Franco Picks Lead for Sal Mineo Biopic

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Sal Mineo is finally going to get his due.

Last year James Franco optioned the rights to Michael Gregg Michaud's 'Sal Mineo: A Biography,' and he's now moving ahead with the production -- tentatively titled 'Sal' -- having adapted the script and, now, having picked an actor to play the lead: Val Lauren. Lauren's credits include the 2003 indie film 'Dallas 362' and 'Help', a short film he wrote, directed and produced.

The film tells the story of the sensitive actor best known for his role as John "Plato" Crawford opposite James Dean in 'Rebel Without a Cause.' Mineo was nominated for an Oscar for that 1955 film and for his role in 'Exodus' in 1960. He was murdered in West Hollywood in 1976 at the age of 37.

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James Franco Finds Lead For His Sal Mineo Biopic

James Franco played his look-alike James Dean in Mark Rydell‘s 2001 TV biopic and now he is taking on another related project. Though, he won’t be starring in the film and it won’t be focused on James Dean. Instead, he will direct a biopic on one of Dean’s most memorable costars, Sal Mineo, who starred in Rebel Without a Cause with the famous actor. THR now lets us know who will play Mineo.

Val Lauren has taken on the role. The relatively unknown actor will appear on the Hawaii Five-0 season finale and has also been seen in Dallas 362 and his short film Help, which he is turning into a feature. The Mineo biopic will be based on Sal Mineo: A Biography by Michael Gregg Michaud and adapted by Franco himself. Like Dean, Mineo’s life was also ended early, being murdered at 37. The gay actor
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Criminal Minds Preview: Tracking a Suburban Serial Killer (Dec. 8)

A new episode of Criminal Minds will be airing tonight (while the mid-season finale will be airing on December 15). In tonight's episode the Bau searches inside a gated community to track down a serial killer that's targeting women. Below are promo photos, a synopsis and a trailer for the episode.

Tune in to Criminal Minds tonight at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.

The Bau Searches Inside A Gated New Mexico Community For A Killer Targeting Women, And Hotchner Looks To An FBI Cadet With A Unique Past For Help With The Investigation, On "Criminal Minds," Wednesday, Dec. 8

Rachel Nichols ("Star Trek," "Alias") Guest Stars as Agent Ashley Seaver, An FBI Cadet with a Haunting Past Who Assists the Investigation

"What Happens at Home..." - The Bau searches inside a gated New Mexico community for a killer targeting women, and Hotchner looks to an FBI cadet with a unique past for help with the investigation,
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