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I hate soap operas
Rectangular_businessman3 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I was kid, the last thing that I wanted to see on television were soap operas. However, some people think that is good to make "soap operas" aimed to children, despite the fact that most kids hate soap operas, mostly because they all are generic, bland, boring and stupid.

I can't see why this show would have appeal to any kid. It just plain lame, boring and stupid. If I were a kid, I never would watch this crap. "Isa TKM" or "Sueña conmigo" are awful, poorly made shows filled with many bad examples for children, such as frivolous characters that constantly lie (Among other things) and also, those shows are both stupid and boring.

I give this worthless piece of trash zero stars, because I can't give it a zero.
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Strangely addicting
NanaKumo9 March 2013
When I first saw commercials for this show on MTV3 I thought it look stupid but I gave it a chance because I was bored. When I watched it I thought the acting was cartoonish and the plot to be silly so I didn't like it. However as I watched it more and more I found it entertaining. Its far from realistic at times but I don't think this series was meant to be taken serious. Its like a mushy fanfiction of a teenage girl's fantasy. Isa reminds me a little of myself at times because like her I tend to daydream a lot and get totally obsessed. I enjoy the other cast of colorful characters who are your stereotypes in all soap operas but toned down a bit. The music is also a joy to listen to. I always find myself singing along. I do think at times they over play them to sell the soundtrack which is annoying. The show isn't perfect but its like Mc Donald's addicting and yummy at first but if you eat too much you'll feel sick later.

I give it a 7 1/2 outta 10. Pros: full of mushy gushy loveyness , drama packed music sensation Cons: Ridiculous, over acting , over musical corny mess at times
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