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Adorable movie, adorable lead actress.
lewiskendell6 October 2011
Who knew that Ziyi Zhang was such a sharp comedic actress? Anyone familiar with her only from her work in martial arts epics like House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will be in for a dramatic change with Sophie's Revenge. 

Zhang plays Sophie, a comic strip artist and writer who has just lost her boyfriend to a gorgeous actress (Bing Bing Fan), and allies herself with the actress's ex in order to break them up. This is an amusing, silly and lighthearted movie that does romantic comedy right. Zhang is so adorable and cute (seriously, try not to fall for her, you will fail) that Sophie's Revenge would be worth seeing for her alone, but the rest of the cast and the movie as a whole hits the right notes and comes off as a wholly charming experience. The story doesn't exactly venture into unexpected territory, but there are lots of little animated scenes and other embellishments that make this more charming and imaginative than the run-of-the-mill movies in the genre being churned out today.
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Good cute fun!
sane121619 June 2010
I liked this movie, not because it was the epitome of originality, but it was fun. I can't recall if I've seen or read something with a similar storyline, but given the amount of creative people in the world...I suspect so. At first I didn't understand the computer effects and off the wall "delusions" as some called them, but as an artist I immediately begin to recognize this as the character's imaginative interpretation of events.

The story stays on track, it's not all over the place. Some revelations are predictable...about 3 minutes before they happen....if you want to call that predictable. Others are...well obvious. It's a romance comedy, c'mon..what do you expect? You go into it knowing someone's going to get together, you shouldn't be surprised when it happens. What should matter is the events in between and whether they make you laugh or care about the characters. This story did it for me. I think Zhang Ziyi (Sophie), Peter Ho (Gordon), Fan Bingbing (Joanna) and So Ji-sub (Jeff) did a great job with their roles and carrying the story.
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Great movie!
jiamingk5 September 2009
I am a fan of both Zhang ZiYi and Fan Bing Bing, so what's it to ask when both of them are featured in the same movie? A great romantic comedy that tells about a touching love story.

I was watching Sophie's revenge with my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it. Some say that Zhang ZiYi and Fan BingBing do not match together in the same film, but i have to disagree. The costumes and cloth used in this film are also very spectacular.

This is a easy going romantic comedy that can surprise you at times and I recommend it to anyone, especially fans for Zhang ZiYi and Fan BingBing!
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Just okay, could have been better
overseer-311 February 2010
There are a lot of romantic comedies like Sophie's Revenge, so there was nothing that unusual about it that would set it apart from others of its same ilk, except for its extremely attractive cast, including Ziyi Zhang (The Road Home, Forever Enthralled, etc) and almost impossibly handsome Korean actor So Jisub (I'm Sorry, I Love You, Cain and Abel, etc). If you have never seen the cast's other work you'll probably not be interested in this film, which borders on the ludicrous, but if you are a fan of one or more of them you'll probably enjoy it. There's no doubt about it though that these stars have far better films under their belts.

I am not sure So Jisub knows Mandarin so I suspect he was saying his (few) lines phonetically. He does better with his natural Korean, but I suppose he was hired here to be eye candy for the females in the audience. ;) There is too much reliance on CGI in this film as well. I quickly lose patience when filmmakers rely too heavily on it for gags and story plot lines, instead of the actors doing natural humor. The best screen comedians in film history did NOT rely on special effects.

The story is about a woman's revenge in trying to get her doctor boyfriend back from a film star he was fallen in love with. She has a huge imagination in dreaming up ways to get him back, but unfortunately her ways do not generate sympathy toward her character. For instance, putting glass shards down on the bathroom floor for her rival to step on? That's going too far. If you can't win him back honestly then maybe he's not for you in the first place.

7 out of 10 on the IMDb.
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Light frothy confection that is utterly forgettable but fun while its on.
dbborroughs3 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
While the movie was on I really liked this film and I hated myself for doing so. This romantic comedy about unreal people in an unreal China is the sort of thing Hollywood makes with regularity (and they are remaking this as well) with say Jennifer Garner or Rene Zelwiger.

The plot has the dumped Sophie trying to get her boyfriend back after he runs off with a well known actress. She is aided by a cute guy who has a past with the actress. Together they try to wreck the relationship and send the boyfriend back to Sophie. Of course there are other complications.

Sue me I laughed. Its unreal and I didn't care. I just sat and laughed and waited to see what happened next. Sure you know the course the romance will take, but how it gets there has some nice twists. Yes the film has a cruel edge with Sophie getting abused, but at the same time the film maintains a really nice charm.

I liked it. Its not high art, and to be honest an hour after its done you'll have forgotten you saw it but for two hours its a nice distraction.
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I normally won't bother to put a review, but this movie is really really awful
sam-wang854 February 2010
I was tricked to see a true "romance" in this movie, however there is not except deception, crazy women and stupid ideas. So this Sophie, an innocent girl? Revenge is good? I don't understand how dare they promote their rubbish and please don't pay to see this movie, unless you are an idiot as them.

what? minimum 10 lines?

OK if I have to say some, I will say the actress Zhang is almost awful and I don't understand why she is still working in this industry. Fan is definitely a better role however still a crazy woman's story I don't know why there is a movie about it.
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The only thing that stood out was Zhang ZiYi's very awkward facial expressions
KineticSeoul28 September 2010
This is a very bad romantic comedy. There really isn't anything positive to say about it, except the neat,vivid and colorful editing stuff with thought's of Sophie's popping out. Never liked Zhang ZiYi and I personally think she is a pretty bad at acting, and it really shows in this film. Her facial expressions were just awkward and stupid looking, like she is retarded or something. Fan Bing Bing did a okay job playing the high maintenance girlfriend though. Some girls that don't know films very well might like this movie though, but besides that I can tell why this has such negative reviews. I can tell what it's trying to do, but fails on many levels. Some reviewers are saying negative stuff about Zhang ZiYi and I agree with what they say for the most part. She is so awful in this, gosh like I said not only is her acting bad, she really needs to work on her facial expressions cause it turns off the mood of what it's trying to achieve. This is about a crazy girl who can't deal with break up and goes bonkers and starts doing retarded stuff and most of it, isn't cute at all. Even for a silly romantic comedy, it just doesn't work. If your into this type of genre, there is better romantic comedies.

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Funny fast story..
sangos12320 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
but the 2 dudes are such big hen pecked pussies chasing 2 unavailable women! Eva Jin you should know that wussies are unattractive to women and reprehensible to real men! Okay am writing the mandatory 10 lines: The Good: Great character build up. Fast paced story. Funny situations. Beautiful women - one sane the other not quite so.

The not so good - are two weak guys who wear their hearts on their sleeves. So from the start its a failed romantic setup for both couples. The high maintenance actress loses both the guys either because she is structured or not interested or both. The saner cartoonist is on the rebound. Or maybe this whole story is just 2 women being bitches but there an't a shred of romance in this flick. Not so funny overall.
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Sweet, Funny and Entertaining
elaineabendanio11 November 2013
It was quite an entertaining movie. The story was a mixture of romance, comedy and there were bits of animation involved too. It's a love story with a light theme, no heavy drama actually. But I assure you, it's totally fun to watch. If you want to watch a sweet love story but you don't want to cry your eyes out then this is totally perfect. The sequencing or flow of the story is quite good. Though I just wish the ending would have had more detail. But all in all, it's good, funny and entertaining. Also the theme song "Very Perfect" by Harlem Yu and Angela Zhang is totally sweet and captivating. Somehow I feel like it would have added more sweet feeling to the movie if the song was played in more parts of the story. Got addicted to the song as a matter of fact. I'm totally recommending this to those who want to watch a light and also funny love story.
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